my anon, every week: idk, Graham looks creepy

me: I think he has good intentions! He’s just being good at his job!

I have to say, anon, that I’m eating my words and they taste awful.

  • Tamar episode!! That’s always good, that being said…
  • No. just… no.
  • I want to claw out Graham’s face with my nails. Don’t FUCKING touch MY TINY NUCLEAR CUPCAKE. Get your lips away, you unethical, controlling asshole.
  • me: wants to trust white cishet guys in shows, gets disappointed, repeat
  • I never learn LOL
  • “And that boy at the coffee shop gave me his phone number. Ahh!” that LITTLE SCREAM WAS EVERYTHING, THANKS CARA GEE. So fucking relatable.
  • Again, emphasizing the “with me!” and breaking my goddamn heart all over again. Michelle can you fucking work on her self-esteem with her a little??? that’s what therapists are for???
  • “I’d have to be there with you” Let’s Get Tamar A Therapy Dog So She Can Ditch Graham 2k16. Who’s with me?
  • This is gonna be a textbook case of abuse. He has complete control over who she can see, what she can do, etc. It’s probable that the Center decides if she gets more freedoms based on his reports, so he could technically declare her unfit to get a job, go out, etc, without consulting anyone. He could threaten to make her go back to the Center if she doesn’t comply. This is fucking disgusting.
  • (i’m not saying I don’t approve of the writing, though, I think it’s a story that has potential)
  • “Do you really want to put this boy in harm’s way” WHAT SORT OF EMOTIONAL BLACKMAIL IS THIS. WHAT THE HELL. FUCKING GROSS. And talking to her about how she has a responsibility, like she doesn’t already know, like she doesn’t feel guilty every day oh gods someone please PUNCH GRAHAM IN THE FACE
  • I nominate Clara for Graham-puncher. That would be Fun.
  • Good for Tamar for calling him out on his bullshit, though.
  • And then that kiss, gods, no, I can’t believe Tamar’s first kiss was with that asshole and not with me someone worthy of her :(
  • Also the whole “they’d never let me see you again” sounds like the kind of bullshit that predators use on underage victims to keep them from reaching out. Tamar is not a minor, but she’s heavily controlled, in a situation of great vulnerability, and he’s already grooming her to keep the secret. This is a disaster waiting to happen.
  • LOL the opening took a bit too long to come out and I was like “WHAT THE FUCK IS IT FINISHED ALREADY???”
  • Look at the difference between the Tamar of earlier episodes, who was smiling so much when she talked about her crush on Graham and the butterflies in her stomach, and the sad, weary look in her eyes when she talks about the day they had their first kiss. You’d think she’d be more happy about it. But no, she already feels trapped, like she cannot escape him. Honestly her crush might have more to do with stockolm’s syndrome than real feelings.
  • “Is everything ok between the two of you?” i was like please, Tamar, tell her the truth so she can get him thrown into the darkest, deepest prison this world of theirs has to offer.
  • AND SHE WAS GOING TO SPILL THE BEANS, if Kessler had allowed her the time to do it, but she misinterpreted it as Tamar having used her powers and it derailed the conversation. I get that Kessler was trying to help but I’m! frustrated.
  • Tamar noticing that Kessler is scared is also breaking my heart. She is one of the two people in the world that she trusts, and she feels that she might have ruined that by telling the truth about the “accident”. I’m so sad.
  • “I’m terrifying, I understand.” kill me now. bullet to the brain, please, make it quick.
  • The Arm Touch. Ok full disclosure i’m writing a Tamler fic that has a lot to do with touching so I was like!!!!! ESPECIALLY bc she had approached Graham exactly the same way when she kissed him. Tamler lives. Tamler is real.
  • “You’re not alone, I’m here.” “You’re shaking.” “But I’m here.” TAMLER LIVES
  • “I could kill you.” I almost started laughing bc I thought about that post that was like “so could a regular human. so could a dedicated duck. you’re not special”
  • “It would take less effort than swatting a fly” One day I’ll write a dark!Tamar au, one where she embraces her powers and uses them to rule the world or burn it to the ground. 
  • “I know.” She’s STILL HERE FOR HER. SHE’S IN HER CORNER. SHE WILL LOOK AT DEATH IN THE EYE IF IT CAN HELP TAMAR seriously what kind of soulmates bullshit
  • I hate that ending though. I think Kessler should have said “not yet”, should have given her some hope, because I think Kessler believes that Tamar will be able to reenter society at some point. that is, if her rotten egg of an aide doesn’t smash that hope in an urge to control her.
The Persistence Of Memory

An Inhuman Condition fanfic on Ao3

Summary: Tamar can bend reality, not just send things away. She can make them come back. And she can make so that they never existed. Even if the thing is a moment. Even if it’s the most precious moment of all.

Parings: Tamar/Dr. Kessler, Tamar/Graham

Tags; First Kiss, Mildly Dubious Consent, Reality Bending, Memory Alteration, Unrequited Crush

Guess who’s a no good piece of shit?? This guy!!!!

This is super short but will be expanded with more chapters. 

Where’s my Tamler crew at? All two of you… enjoy!