It all keeps crumbling - Feysand (Modern Time AU)


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It all keeps crumbling - Feysand fluff (Modern time AU)

chapter one - Date night

After all the time of not talking Feyre had hoped Tamlin would show up. He promised. Then again he had promised to come to her house a couple of times a week. He hadn’t done that either. He had broken so many promises over the last few weeks and made so many new ones. He wasn’t willing to let her go out even if it was with him and he wasn’t there.

She did not remember how long ago she had walked into the restaurant, she did remember the drop of her heart when he handn’t been there already. Tamlin must be busy with his job. He was the big lord. Maybe one of his meetings had taken longer than expected, That was possible right?

She sighed and leaned her head on her hand. This was the first time Tamlin was making time to go out with her since the accident. He was so set on making everything safe for her that he hadn’t realised how choked she was beginning to feel. The appartment he had bought for her had to many locks on the windows and doors. She felt locked in a space that should be safe. Nowhere was safe, not as long as she was with Tamlin but with all the protection her mob lord had put in place she was surprised that he didn’t show up in the restaurant. Although it must be safe, she noticed one of his minions sitting a couple of tables away although he was eating. Why wasn’t Lucien just coming to sit with her, or was that another one of Tamlins rules, don’t engage with Feyre when he isn’t there. Her life was flowing away from her like a river.

Ever since that kidnapping three months ago she hadn’t felt safe even though Tamlin did everything in his power to keep her safe. He gave her another minion every day to keep her safe but never company. She was lonely in that appartment. Pretty to see but not a home, not to her. Letting Feyre pick the restaurant was the first sign that he trusted her. It would have been if he didn’t also order her to pick a restaurant he owned. He owned a lot of them. This was all for her own safety, she had to remind herself. But it could also be considered safety to tell her who actually got her out of that building. She knew that Tamlin knew who got her out. She knew Tamlin wasn’t it. He couldn’t show up with all that police, he couldn’t risk being caught. She didn’t want him to be caught. She just wanted to see that he cared about her. Words weren’t enough anymore. Words had got her into that restaurant, alone. When did they last have a real conversation?

The waitress looked over what seemed to be the hundreds time tonight. A sad look in her eyes. A couple more minutes, Feyre promised herself. Only a couple more minutes than I’ll get the check and leave. She grabbed her phone. He was fortyfive minutes late. She sighed again and downed her glass of wine. That was it. She was leaving and she’d talk to Tamlin tomorrow no matter what. If he wouldn’t answer the phone she’d go and search for him. She knew where his office was.

The door opened and closed, the soft bell chiming. A handsome man had walked in. The most handsome man she had ever seen. His violet eyes looked around the room until they found hers. That’s not Tamlin what does he want? A lazy smile creeped up the guys face before he loudly exclaimed: “Hello, Darling. Sorry I’m late. Traffic is crazy right now.” He sat down in the chair in front of her. Quitly he added “I’m Rhysand. Just go with it, okay? Whoever didn’t bother to show up is a tool? Who would waste such a beautiful girl and such a beautiful dress.” A small smile krept her way onto Feyre’s face. She looked around and crossed eyes with Lucien. He shook his head and grabbed his own phone. Later hers buzzed. The message on screen read a simple message: Tamlin hates this man. Send him away before we get a brawl and or Tamling fires/kills me.  Feyre scoffed and didn’t bother answering it before she put it in her purse. She wasn’t going to waste a beautiful dress, like the man before her, Rhysand, had said. This dress was expensive and if that man wanted to have dinner with her she would. The violet eyes where familiar but not familiar enough. She would remember if she saw a man like Rhysand on the street, not?

“I’m Feyre,” she quietly said. “I hope you like white wine, I ordered a bottle at the beginning of the evening.” Rhysand nodded and waved the waitress over.

“How long ago was the beginning of your evening, Feyre?” She blushed as the waitress reached the table. She took a long time looking Rhysand over, not even looking at Feyre, but Rhysand wasn’t looking at the waitress, he was focused on the young woman in front of him. “You’ve already read the menu. I’ll just have what you’re having.”

Feyre ordered for both of them before looking the man over once more. “Why are you doing this?” She asks. Rhysand looks taken aback before regaining his posture.

“I saw you sitting on your own when I walked towards the store next door, you’re still sitting here now. If I could I’d punch the guy. If only cheff didn’t restrain-” He stopped mid sentence when the waitress came back. He thanked her before looking down at his food. “Good choice,” he said.

“Do you need anything?” The waitress asked. Rhysand looked up for a second to witness the straining buttons on her blouse and the battering eyelashes than his gaze shifted to Feyre. 

“No, thank you. Would you like anything, darling?” She shook her head and watched as Rhysand waved a hand to send the waitress on her way.

“What is your job?” Feyre asked raising an eyebrow. She took a bite of her chicken but her eyes didn’t stray from the muscular man.

“I don’t know if you want to know.”

“If you had finished your sentence I wouldn’t have to ask.” Rhysand shrugged and took a swig of his wine. “Please, it’s important to me to know what you do.” It’s important to know if Tamlin would kill you for sitting at this table but since you seem to know him…

“You’re Tamlins girlfriend, right?” Rhysand asked. Feyre nodded. She should break up with him but she didn’t know what the consequences would be. If she would be killed for it or if he would let her go at all.

“Lets see for how long he still wants me,” she murmured. “If I could though.” 

Rhysand smiled and than frowned. “It would be dangerous to quit.”

“I know.” She looked him right in the eyes. “I’ve been through worse.”

“I know.” 

“But how do you know, Rhysand?” She sat straighter up. How does he know all of that? He doesn’t looks like a mob lord. He didn’t even seem dangerous. How does he know all that about her.

“I know that you’ve lost even more weight since I’ve last seen you. Don’t understand me wrong, you still look beautiful but you’re getting too thin.” Feyre shook her head. He wasn’t telling her. Why would she stay with him. She was going to raise her hand for the check when he spoke up again.

“I’m sorry for the other girls in that building but I’m glad that I at least got to save you. You deserve to live and you deserve better than that tool. You deserve all the riches he promised you but never gave.” She gulped and look down at the table cloth. Her blue eyes refused to meet his till he raised her head with a finger under her chin. He squeezed her fidgeting hands with one of his callused once. “You deserve this, Feyre and if you want to get out I’ll make sure you’re safe.” She pulled his finger away and looked at her food again, stoicly eating. 

“Thank you, Rhysand but I love him. I’m staying.” For her sisters and for herself. As long as she stayed with Tamlin they would be taken care off. Another deep breath and she saw Rhysand was also eating again. “You can be my company tonight, but tomorrow I’ll be his again.”

“You are nobody’s property, Feyre. You are your own person with your own choices.” She snickered.

“Do you have siblings. He doesn’t only takes care of me. He takes care of all of us. I’m grateful to Tamlin.”

“It sounds like your in debt.” She glared at him and dabbed at the corners of her mouth with her napkin.

“If you can only insult my lifes choices you can always leave.” Feyre ignored the fluttering in her heart. She ignored the blood rushing near her ears. She loved Tamlin but this was living. “Or you can stay and live the night with me, if that’s okay wiht you.”

“Do you ever feel alive, darling?” He took her casting her eyes down as a no. “I’ll make you feel alive. I’ll keep you safe tonight. I wouldn’t want anything to happen to you.” They smiled and the conversation shifted. To hobbies, none for Feyre since she was kidnapped and family, Rhysand had lost his whole family. They talked about everything that came tonight and not once did either Tamlin or Rhysand’s job come up again. At the end Feyre felt her heart beating faster in her chest and if she hadn’t loved Tamlin she was sure she’d kiss the violet eyes man. She wanted to see him again after that night. Needed to see him again.

After a small discussion Rhysand paid for their meals, helped her into her coat and led her outside, all the way to her appartment. 

He stood half a foot away. “Be sage, Feyre and if things with Tamlin go awry you can always come to me. I’ll help you.” Feyre smiled and looked into his violet eyes. His hair as dark as the night shining in the moonlight. 

“That would be great, Rhys. I’ll call you tomorrow.” She opened the door but stopped at the threshold. “Why did you say that you saved me, that night?” 

“I’m the cop that pulled you out of there. I held you in my arms till the ambulance came. I fought for you to live, don’t let that be in vain. Don’t let that tirant pull you down. Tamlin threatened to kill me if I ever touched you again. At least that was on the note attached to my coat. Let him try. As long as you’re safe.” Tears shone in light blue eyes as she stepped out of her home, placed a soft lingering kiss on his cheek and whispered in her ear,

“Thank you.” She stepped back into her home and repeated it. “Thank you, Rhys. I’ll call you tomorrow or you can come by at seven for dinner.”

“I’d love too.” He watched as she closed the door. “Sleep well,” he spoke softly. He sighed, smiled and walked to his own place. He would give her time to heal, time to make up her mind. Time to find out what Tamlin really was to her.

Part 2

ACOMAF Summary Thoughts

Okay I just have so many thoughts I need help getting them all out. Some of them are serious, some of them are silly some of them are just made of pure emotions but let’s see.

Feyryhs is one of the most beautiful ships I’ve ever witnessed. Feyre’s arc transitioning from Tamlin’s trophy to Rhys’ equal and High Lady was exquisitely crafted and the difficult themes of abuse and her survival and comprehension of said abuse were incredibly well handled.

Feyre’s depression and PTSD storyline (along with Rhys’; a male sexual assault survivor where we’re explicitly clear about what was done, the fact he’s not okay about it, and the fact that that is completely okay) were so well done too. A realistic reaction to grief and trauma is something we don’t see often enough in fiction and I personally can’t praise this enough.

The depiction of Feyl*n as exactly what it was: toxic, controlling, abusive and unhealthy is staggering and incredibly important to me. I want more relationships to be written like this; explicitly as they are, and for more young girls to see young girls like Feyre and realise they don’t have to stay with someone just because they say they love them; even if they do love them. If the relationship is unhealthy, if they are sacrificing their freedom, their happiness and their wellbeing for their partner it is not a relationship they should want to be in, it is not a relationship they should have to be in and they should not feel guilty for choosing themselves over a relationship that was destroying them.

Lucien does not need redemption. Lucien is a victim. Lucien is not a villain. Lucien does not need to be redeemed. Lucien has been in abusive situations his entire life; he moved from one to another of them when he left the Autumn Court and joined Tamlin. It is not right or fair for the reader or Feyre to expect him to be able to remove himself from this abusive relationship that he has been trapped in for centuries to come to her aid immediately. Luicien is doing the best that he can with the worst possible hand he’s been dealt. Lucien needs to be given help and compassion and for people to realise that he did his best to help Feyre. (I’m going to make a longer post on this but the bare bones are here)

On a lighter note; I have a whole new armada of ships. I’m still Feycien trash, naturally, but moving swiftly into AU territory which I’m cool with. Feyrhys has taken over my entire life and I have approximately 0 regrets. Mor/Azriel is going to be the death of me I think I ship it harder than anything else. Nesta/Cassian could easily become the most beautiful thing I’ve ever witnessed. And if they do, if they do decide to be together, god help the world.  Lucien/Elain is so interesting because we’ve heard of mating bonds that are immediately apparent (for example Rowan/Lyria) but we’ve never actually witnessed it play out in a current timeline with big characters so I’m intrigued to know more about this and I think they deserve each other.

I love the Inner Circle. I love them all more than life itself. I love the dynamics at work within it, Azriel and Cassian, Azriel, Cassian and Mor, Amren and Cassian (we need to talk about this more okay people), Rhys and everyone. And Feyre getting female friends who look out for her; Feyre finding a new sister in Mor, Feyre and her new found family I’m emotional.

The defence of Lucien is the hill I have decided to die on. Fight me.

Rhys is so important. To me. To literature. To the world. To everything. So important.

Mor is queen in every way imaginable.

Cassian is a goldmine. And his wings!

I have the softest of soft spots for Azriel.

The sooner Taml*n dies a horrible, slow, painful death the happier I’ll be. Ianthe too while we’re at it.

I’ve never read a more satisfying last line in all my life.

I may never recover from what this book has done to me.


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rhysandmyhusband  asked:

Which character are you most excited to read about in the next book for acomaf?

NESTA! Neeeesssstaaaaaaaaaa. N E S T A.
I want so much Nesta in this book. My baby girl. What did the cauldron turn her into? (ILLYRIAN! ILLYRIAN! ILLYRIAN!) How will she handle having been made? How will her and Rhy’s interactions look like? What will her and Amren’s interactions look like?! Will there be a rift between Elain and Nesta, with how they both deal with having been made and how things went down at Hybern? How is Nesta and Feyre’s relationship going to be affected by all of this and will Nesta apologise/make amends for the Cabin-years? If Sarah indeed makes Nesta Illyrian, I need to see Nesta’s reaction to the Illyrian camps and her pure unadulterated rage at the females Illyrians being treated the way they are, she is not goign to use any kid gloves with these male Illyrian’s and male Illyrian tears. She is gonna drink their tears for fucking brakfast along with her tea. I am also going to need Cassian to be the one to teach her how to fly (with or without his wings) and I am going to need details on how this go down. And if Cassian’s wings will not be okay, will Nesta be the one to help him pull himself together? And if Cassian and Nesta are in fact mates, which has been heavily implied in canon, how the fuck will she deal with that revelation? All of the Nessian! And last but not least, will Nesta become the Illyrian Army Commander of my dreams?* 

Of course there is also Mor, I need to see more of The Morrigan and more about the specifics of her power and I need so much Moriel in ACO 3, so much more. Slow burn or not, I want it all. And on the subject of power - Lucien. I need to know what is up with his gold eye, I also need to know more about his fire powers. Everything about Lucien really. His magic, him and Feyre slowly rebuilding their friendship ( no, I do not see Feyre using Elain to manipulate or blackmail Lucien or using her Daemeti powers on him. Feyre is a victim of abuse. She will not turn around and abuse Lucien) and together take down their abuser, what his relationship with Elain will look like, confronting/meeting his brothers and father, reuiniting with his mother and showing Prythian what the Autumn Court really is. Speaking of Mor, Moriel and the Autumn Court. I am going to need an intimate private date with Eris, Keir, Azriel and Truth-teller. No need to hurry boys, take your time with them, Az. 

Tarquin. Them rubies are gonna come into play. And we have not had the privilege to see Tarquin’s powers in full play yet, I am bouncing-up-and-down-excited. 

A veeeeery unpopular opinion about Tamtam, I am looking forward to seeing his redemtion arc. Not as in “Tamling did something actually worth while now we all love you again. All is well.” I trust Sarah J Mass. Especially with Tamlin. She has written his character to perfection and done an expert job of creating his arc so far. I am so excited to see what waits him in ACO 3. Because ACOMAF made one thing very clear to us all I think, and that is that SJM realises and appreciates the grey areas and the complexities in relationships and… Life. And so she won’t have Feyre kill Tamlin or Rhys throw him in The Prison, it’s too easy and would be a disservice to her story and her characters.

I want so much more of everything Illyrian. Is there a language, becasue Truth-teller had Illyrian runes/writing on it, and if there are a written language there should resonably be a spoken one. And will we meet any more Illyrians? Maybe a female one? (except for Nesta) And much more of our three Illyrian brothers working together. I will never get enough of them, they give me all of the feels. 

Amren. My sweet terrifyingly terrifying Amren. What are you? Where do you belong? Will you stay? Will you go? Are you a firedrake/dragon? 

All of the courts. Dude, I am so curious it almost hurts. Dawn, Winter and Day? Gimmeeeeee *grabby hands*. And I am dying to see The Autumn Court. 

Feyre and Rhys as High Lady and High Lord of the Night Court, words cannot describe how hyped I am for this. Feyre taking down the Spring Court, protecting her home and family and everything she cares for. 

Feyre’s mother. We all know we have not seen the last of her. And her father. And holy shit I almost forgot, Miryam and Drakon.

ASDFGHJKLÖjhdbxUYSGDUIEHMDÖOIqöc,ojJNCNDCidihcdiu *extensive keyboard smashing* There is just so much. 

Lastly, I laughed for like 5 minutes that you called it “the next book for acomaf” because I do this too. My friends also do this. I think a lot of us do this? Where we say ACOMAF instead of ACOTAR. ACOMAF just overshadows ACOTAR so completely it is ridiculous. I mean, UtM is such a powerful part of ACOTAR but other than that? Meh. Myabe you didn’t do it on purpose, I just relate to it so much, haha. 

Also I am sorry I went a little crazy with your ask and wrote an essay, my brain is a little intense today. 

*(Except for the other Illyrian Army Commander of my dreams, my gold hearted sunshine bat <3)