Date night - Feysand (Modern Time AU)

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Date night - Feysand fluff (Modern time AU)

After all the time of not talking Feyre had hoped Tamlin would show up. He promised. Then again he had promised to come to her house a couple of times a week. He hadn’t done that either. He had broken so many promises over the last few weeks and made so many new ones. He wasn’t willing to let her go out even if it was with him and he wasn’t there.

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Hello, all! I’ve recently hit 500+ followers and I thought I’d spread some love in return! I realize I’ve had this blog for several years and some of these are ghosties…but I just really wanted an excuse to shout out some awesome blogs! Every one of you has gifted me hope and inspiration in a time of profound soul-searching. So, thank you and I love you xoxo~


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rhysandmyhusband  asked:

Which character are you most excited to read about in the next book for acomaf?

NESTA! Neeeesssstaaaaaaaaaa. N E S T A.
I want so much Nesta in this book. My baby girl. What did the cauldron turn her into? (ILLYRIAN! ILLYRIAN! ILLYRIAN!) How will she handle having been made? How will her and Rhy’s interactions look like? What will her and Amren’s interactions look like?! Will there be a rift between Elain and Nesta, with how they both deal with having been made and how things went down at Hybern? How is Nesta and Feyre’s relationship going to be affected by all of this and will Nesta apologise/make amends for the Cabin-years? If Sarah indeed makes Nesta Illyrian, I need to see Nesta’s reaction to the Illyrian camps and her pure unadulterated rage at the females Illyrians being treated the way they are, she is not goign to use any kid gloves with these male Illyrian’s and male Illyrian tears. She is gonna drink their tears for fucking brakfast along with her tea. I am also going to need Cassian to be the one to teach her how to fly (with or without his wings) and I am going to need details on how this go down. And if Cassian’s wings will not be okay, will Nesta be the one to help him pull himself together? And if Cassian and Nesta are in fact mates, which has been heavily implied in canon, how the fuck will she deal with that revelation? All of the Nessian! And last but not least, will Nesta become the Illyrian Army Commander of my dreams?* 

Of course there is also Mor, I need to see more of The Morrigan and more about the specifics of her power and I need so much Moriel in ACO 3, so much more. Slow burn or not, I want it all. And on the subject of power - Lucien. I need to know what is up with his gold eye, I also need to know more about his fire powers. Everything about Lucien really. His magic, him and Feyre slowly rebuilding their friendship ( no, I do not see Feyre using Elain to manipulate or blackmail Lucien or using her Daemeti powers on him. Feyre is a victim of abuse. She will not turn around and abuse Lucien) and together take down their abuser, what his relationship with Elain will look like, confronting/meeting his brothers and father, reuiniting with his mother and showing Prythian what the Autumn Court really is. Speaking of Mor, Moriel and the Autumn Court. I am going to need an intimate private date with Eris, Keir, Azriel and Truth-teller. No need to hurry boys, take your time with them, Az. 

Tarquin. Them rubies are gonna come into play. And we have not had the privilege to see Tarquin’s powers in full play yet, I am bouncing-up-and-down-excited. 

A veeeeery unpopular opinion about Tamtam, I am looking forward to seeing his redemtion arc. Not as in “Tamling did something actually worth while now we all love you again. All is well.” I trust Sarah J Mass. Especially with Tamlin. She has written his character to perfection and done an expert job of creating his arc so far. I am so excited to see what waits him in ACO 3. Because ACOMAF made one thing very clear to us all I think, and that is that SJM realises and appreciates the grey areas and the complexities in relationships and… Life. And so she won’t have Feyre kill Tamlin or Rhys throw him in The Prison, it’s too easy and would be a disservice to her story and her characters.

I want so much more of everything Illyrian. Is there a language, becasue Truth-teller had Illyrian runes/writing on it, and if there are a written language there should resonably be a spoken one. And will we meet any more Illyrians? Maybe a female one? (except for Nesta) And much more of our three Illyrian brothers working together. I will never get enough of them, they give me all of the feels. 

Amren. My sweet terrifyingly terrifying Amren. What are you? Where do you belong? Will you stay? Will you go? Are you a firedrake/dragon? 

All of the courts. Dude, I am so curious it almost hurts. Dawn, Winter and Day? Gimmeeeeee *grabby hands*. And I am dying to see The Autumn Court. 

Feyre and Rhys as High Lady and High Lord of the Night Court, words cannot describe how hyped I am for this. Feyre taking down the Spring Court, protecting her home and family and everything she cares for. 

Feyre’s mother. We all know we have not seen the last of her. And her father. And holy shit I almost forgot, Miryam and Drakon.

ASDFGHJKLÖjhdbxUYSGDUIEHMDÖOIqöc,ojJNCNDCidihcdiu *extensive keyboard smashing* There is just so much. 

Lastly, I laughed for like 5 minutes that you called it “the next book for acomaf” because I do this too. My friends also do this. I think a lot of us do this? Where we say ACOMAF instead of ACOTAR. ACOMAF just overshadows ACOTAR so completely it is ridiculous. I mean, UtM is such a powerful part of ACOTAR but other than that? Meh. Myabe you didn’t do it on purpose, I just relate to it so much, haha. 

Also I am sorry I went a little crazy with your ask and wrote an essay, my brain is a little intense today. 

*(Except for the other Illyrian Army Commander of my dreams, my gold hearted sunshine bat <3)