The signs as things Marty has said.

Aries: “The first rule of fight club is that EVERYBODY has to know about fight club”

Taurus: “Did the ancient tribe of your people really not have packaged guacamole”

Gemini: “RAPTOR JESUSES!!!!”

Cancer: “Want some Lester? It’s meeats~”

Leo: “I’ve learned a lot about you in these passed few months Terry… MOSTLY THAT YOU’RE A BIG DUMB JERK!”

Virgo: “Soo… how’s space? How’s space goin?”

Libra: “Why do I have to bring a briefcase to work everyday?! There’s not even anything in it! It’s empty! Just like my life!”

Scorpio: “Hi there! Would you like to experience the wrath of a god?”

Sagittarius: “looks like we’ve got some, *puts on sunglasses* internal bleeding, heh, no, really, I’m bleeding..”

Capricorn: “Please return to your seats in an orderly fashion, everything’s fine. JUST KIDDING! WE’RE PURGING THE ESTABLISHMENT! NOW LET’S MC’FREAKIN LOSE IT!!!!!”

Aquarius: “Welcome to everybody’s favorite capital outskirt, New Pennsylvania, conveniantly located exactly where the old one was!”

Pieces: “You took down my swirly slide?!?! What the fuck fuck you Terry!!”

My Only Sunshine- Written By Yours Truly


Alex climbed onto his freshly fixed motorbike. It was late, almost two a.m. but he didn’t care. He had gone all week without driving his baby and he was already feeling the withdraws of it. He turned the ignition and smiled happily as the steady purr of the motor sounded beneath him. No matter what shit was going down, or what was going on his baby could fix it.

Just one drive around town and he would feel all the weight from his shoulders melt away and disappear. The conversation he had with Andy got to him, just like he knew it would.He was angry at himself for opening up, for caring so much. He just wanted to shut everything out and forget. Forget that his best friend was barely speaking to him, that he caused his father to get arrested because of a stupid blur of unjustified drunk rage. That he was failing most of his classes and probably wouldn’t graduate, that he hadn’t slept in months because of the flashbacks. Forget that he could do nothing right……And that because of it his mom was dead.

He pushed the thought out of his mind and pushed himself away from the curb. This is why he needed his bike. He could forget about all that shit and pretend that he wasn’t another fuck up. Pretend that he was someone who could actually do something with his life. With no cinder block ties and troubled past. He could pretend that for one hour he was free.

Before he knew it Alex was crossing the city lines and going down the high way he had come through three weeks ago. He told himself he would turn back soon, he was just going to go a little further………and then a little more With each time he said he would go back he increased his speed. Going faster and faster to a point where the air that hit Alex’s bare face felt like knives. Ok Alex you should go back a bit faster Alex stop, you aren’t invincible something is going to go wrong. Fas- he was interrupted by the bright lights of a semi truck approaching him at a steady pace. The road ahead narrowed momentarily making it nearly impossible for any two vehicles to drive side by side let alone a motor bike and a semi truck.

He tried his breaks but the speed never changed, he tried once more but realized there was no point. The breaks weren’t fixed, he wouldn’t slow down. With each second the truck got closer. Now aware of Alex’s presence the driver had taken to honking his horn in warning. But it was too late. Alex looked at the speed meter and at the truck charging towards him. His chances of living through this were 100-1. No not like this. I can’t die here, like this, not now. His eyes swelled up with tears as he did the only thing that might save him. He turned the handlebars to the left and closed his eyes not wanting to see what was about to come ahead. “See you soon mum”

2:30 am Sirens


2:48am: lifting…ringing


2:48am: the ambulance car doors shut and we roll on.


3:00 am: “He’s not carrying any I.D. we have no contact information, but “He keeps saying Eleanoura. Whoever that is”

“None not even in his wallet?”

“The only thing we found in his wallet is an old school picture with the year 2007 printed on it”

“Recognize anyone on it?”

“Barely there’s thi-”

3: 59 am:

“Stupid kid”

“Lucky to be alive”

“Still not in the clear”

“We’re loosing him.”

6:00 am:

“Too much brain damage”

“Won’t remember a thing”

“Human vegetable.”

His eyes fluttered open for only a second. He saw his mom wearing her favorite sun dress that had pink cherries on it. She was holding his hand and humming softly. “Its ok Alex, you’re safe now. Shh” His eyes fluttered shut as he recognized the tune. He softly murmured the rest of the words to the song.

You never know, dear, how much I love you
Please don’t take my sunshine away

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RULES: Name TEN favorite characters from TEN different fandoms. Then, tag ten people and repost. (Do I even know ten different fandoms anymore??)

  1. Harry Potter - Hermione Granger
  2. Pokemon - Misty
  3. Tales of Symphonia - Colette Brunel
  4. Skies of Arcadia - Vyse
  5. Arrow - Felicity Smoak
  6. The Flash - Cisco Ramon
  7. Rurouni Kenshin - Kenshin Himura
  8. Steven Universe - Pearl
  9. Parks and Recreation - Donna Meagle
  10. Full Metal Alchemist - Alphonse Elric

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  • lowkey otp

Sapphirepearlshipping! I honestly only started shipping these two recently (thanks to @kris-amethyst) and they’re cute af together

  • highkey notp


(And no, before anyone says its not because it ‘gets in the way’ of my ship, I just personally dislike both Serena’s character and the ship :)) )

  • lowkey notp

Pealshipping, its always been kind of a notp for me since like primary school!

  • highkey otp but i’m scared of saying it because it’s not a very popular choice

Idk ??? I mean I used to ship May x Tracey (which is why TAML is in my username, I just don’t have the heart to change it because me and Kris made a fan fiction account with the name years ago) which is uncommon af but I don’t really ship it anymore so its not an OTP ???

  • highkey otp and anyone on my tumblr knows it

The only otp that matters


Was tagged by @aaml-taml 10 faves from 10 fandoms

Pokémon (games):

…Green, he’s trash and i love him

Pokémon (anime):

Misty, my tomboy queen

Star Wars Prequels:

Anakin, is THE trash son

Star Wars OT:

Han Solo, biggest nerd

Star Wars TFA:

Rey my jedi queen

Urusei Yatsura:

Ataru! He’s awful and I love him

Classic Who:

Eight, my lil’ fluffy puppy

Nu Who:

Donna! I fucking adore her

Steven Universe:

Amethyst, I love her so much ;///;

Ranma ½:

Ryoga is my martial arts dork

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RULES: Name TEN favorite characters from TEN different fandoms. Then, tag ten people and repost. 

Miraculous Ladybug: 

Hmmmm tough choice. probably Chat because im a sucker for puns

Gravity Falls:


Steven Universe:



Leo Valdez

Ben 10:

Rook Blonko







One Piece:




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