Selling my Tamiyo, the Moon Sage cosplay. $300/ OBO only worn once!

Wig- base wig is a Melinda from arda wigs a pack of long wefts and a hair bun all in silver (063)
Kimono-full length kimono, fits about anybody also it’s a sea foam green in real life it just looks blue in this picture due to lighting
Yellow obi- authentic 10ft obi I bought from Japan
Pants- fits a 25-26 waist
Backpack +scrolls- all handmade
Mirror, sextant, obi belt, telescope and little obi accessory- the sextant and telescope are authentic metal and work.

Not included
Sandals- they are inaccurate
Gloves- also inaccurate
Shin guards- also inaccurate

For inquiries please message me at:


Cosplay Mayhem!
1. MTG: Braids, Conjurer Adept- green army flight suit purchased! Great start to a very comfy cosplay!
2. MTG: Jaya Ballard Task Mage- just need to tear this up more and add more patches!
3. Sailor Moon: Wicked/Black Lady- all done! So excited for this one!
4. MTG: Tamiyo the Moon Sage- I can’t put the 10ft yellow obi on by myself but almost all cloth items for her is done!
5. MTG: Mercadian Masques Brainstorm- freaking love the fabric for the cloak I score it on clearance at Joanns! (It’s fabric for curtains lol!)
6. TMNT: April O'Neil- the yellow jumpsuit+ Victoria secret bombshell bra+white boots= totally radical dude! The pattern for the jumpsuit is from the 70’s!