tamiyo the moonsage

Duel Decks: Maro vs Tumblr

Mark Rosewater Head Spellcrafter for Magic: The Gathering has been working at Wizards for 20 years but now its time for him to fight his toughest foes: Kamigawa fans and that guy who asked the same 3 questions over and over and help Mark an battle endless horde of questions. Will he be able to keep the  Storm Scale under control so he can establish a new world order and reply to daunting quires?

the Mark deck has new art for

-Maro (Premium Foil featuring Mark Rosewaters face)
-Doubling Season
-Deranged Hermit
-Cackling Counterpart
-Chatter of the Squirrel

The Tumblr deck features brand new art for

-Storm Crow (Premium Foil)
-Tamiyo the Moonsage
-Mage Ring Bully
-Enthralling Victor
-Emerakul the Aeon’s Torn
(Flavor text includes link to http://dougbeyermtg.tumblr.com)