tamiris souza freitas


favourite faces for favourite mythic ladies: Meretseger with Tamiris Souza Freitas

She Who Loves Silence lives on the lonely mountain peak where the Valley of the Kings stretching out through the rocky land below her. Birdcall here echoes for miles, its origin lost by the time the cry ends. Meretseger’s body is a tightly curled thing - a sleeping snake, a waiting woman - and when she strikes it is well-deserved and lethal, a punishment against those who would dare to plunder the wealth of the dead.


video production - schutz shoes ss11 video “fly girls”.

director - giovanni bianco.

director of photography - chris ferretti.

stylist - patti wilson.

set design - jessica ennis.

starring tamiris souza freitas, fabiana mayer, kristina romanova.

production by mark arroyo (ARROYOWORKS!)