taming your tongue

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How would the suitors react to the princess eating something too spicy? Would they help, laugh, or both?

Hihi~ thanks for the ask!!! Sorry it took a bit …I had to think about this one…

Albert - he didn’t realize he put too much chili powder in the soup he made for you, so when you took a bite and your face went red - he shot up from his chair and ran to grab you a big glass of milk. You didn’t even have to ask and he apologized profusely for it.

Sid - he likes things a little spicy, so he’s just eating a meal at the restaurant with you like it’s no biggie. He looks up to see you nearly choke on a spicy bite of burrito and he can’t help but start to laugh - “You should see your face right now sweetheart, it looks like the first time you saw …” he ended his statement prematurely when a cup went flying at his head and he handed you a sip of alcohol to wash it down.

Giles - “Oh my dear, is that Italian Sausage to hot?” He might have a little chuckle to himself seeing your cheeks flush and watching you spit out food like a child - but he’s a gentleman and hands you a piece of bread and butter to mask the burn.

Leo - He would spit his drink out watching you turn red and spit out the hot pepper. He’d be chuckling the whole damn time- but he would be nice and get you a drink or something basic to tame the fire on your tongue. Then let the sex jokes begin…

Nico - this little shit. Let’s face it, he set this up and he’s laughing like a mad man while you’re red as a tomato because of those jalapeño seeds in the salsa. “Nicccoooo!” You’d choke him if you weren’t about to throw up.

Robert - He would cry. For some reason I picture Robert getting very emotional seeing you in any kind of pain and he’d be sobbing while you’re like “Robert, please had me the salt, I washed the hot sauce down 10 mins ago…”

Alyn - He asks you to try this spicy ginger snap cookie and he’s put a little too much spice in. He’s embarrassed at his skills and mad that he made you try one without trying them himself first. He’s got some milk on hand - but then he tsuns up and is like “What? Can’t take the heat? Sure you wanna be with someone as spicy as me?” … cornball….

Louis - His jaw drops when he sees tears streaming down your cheeks and he begs for forgiveness, “I’m so sorry I didn’t put the cap back on the toothpaste… please forgive me! Don’t leave me!” … “No, please there’s just too much black pepper on the roast dear”…. “OH!” he hands you some milk to calm your taste buds.

Byron - “What is it human? I don’t understand these signals you’re sending me- Is this a secret language?” OK- he’s not a robot, but he’s not picky and he probably eats anything and doesn’t notice spicy stuff- so he’s just staring at you like “wtf is that face for?” *cue head tilt*

I often get the feeling that people don't truly understand the power of words.

Eventually people misuse their words, bastardize beautiful words, and hurt others with fiery language, both spoken and written.

Our generation seems to go overboard occasionally with the idea of free speech and use it to hinder the lives, liberties, and pursuits of happiness of others.

We must watch what we say and how we say things and stop being ignorant of how others feel. Sure, you have a right to say just about whatever you want, but what you say can have a profound effect on someone else, for better or for worse; you can make their day or ruin their entire life with what you say. Remember: it takes years to build up skyscrapers but only seconds for them to fall down.

Tame your tongue. Don’t let it crack like a whip on the backs of those around you. Be someone who can lift up those around you with a few kind words.