thebriebella: My greatest journey in life. Blood, sweat and tears….turning no’s into yes’s and negatives into positives. We never let anyone hold us back and conquering every obstacle was empowering. To all the women I’ve wrestled and watched. Generations and generations of paving the road made #WomensWrestling what it is today. Love to them all ❤️ @wwe

These girls mean the world to me. I’ve loved this business since i was six years old. Ever since i saw Trish Stratus and Lita on my TV, I knew I wanted to be like them and be in that ring. All these girls have inspired me one way or another and deserve so much. They have shown me what I want to do in my life. They’ve motivated me to want to be a wrestler. And I know I can make it as a wrestler, I know soon enough I will be on that stage and in that ring night after night. This is my future. These are my inspirations who helped me realize that. Without them, I would be nothing.

If you watched WWE24....

….you would have thought that the Bellas and Stephanie McMahon were the only reasons for the resurgence of women’s wrestling. You would also be very wrong. They are NOT the reasons the division has gotten much better from past years. WWE24 made it seem like the Bellas were the bridge between the era of Lita and Trish, which they could not be further from the true.  It’s just the WWE’s way of trying to re-write history, when the Bellas actually played a major role in women’s wrestling bottoming out. 

People tend to forget that these Bella goofs were out of the WWE for a year. It took them sitting ringside at independent shows to take a look at themselves in the mirror to realize how shitty they were in comparison to actual women’s wrestlers. The most annoying thing is these two broads learned how to do 3 more moves to be a little bit more than passable in the ring, and people treat them like they’re Dean Malenko and Benoit or some shit. Victoria/Tara, Mickie James, and Melina deserve credit for doing all the dirty work for that division during those years, Beth Phoenix as well. I’ll give props to LayCool too, cause they were getting boo’d like crazy during that time.

The Bellas were never a factor in the division until Total Divas debuted, to which the WWE backed them solely due to being twins. Who else should get credit for turning the division around?? Well, AJ Lee. her work/shoot promos brought up a lot of legit criticisms of the women’s division, and fans online agreed about those truths. So many other women should be given credit for being the bridge between Lita/Trish and the current crop of women, yet they chose to hi-jack that whole movement and stamp the Bellas names on it. That’s pretty low, even for the WWE. 

Props to a lot of the current trainers as well. 

Do  Digitally Altered Photos Represent Fact or Fiction

To those of you who couldn’t read the WSJ link I posted earlier, here is the complete article, minus the photo examples.  - Celeste

Aug. 11, 2016 2:27 p.m. ET

Tamina-Florentine Zuch had just won an international photography contest with an arresting image of a young woman in the open door of a Mumbai train when online critics began descending on her: The picture was a composite. The colors were doctored. The photo couldn’t be trusted.

Officials of the 2016 contest named for Zeiss camera lenses stood by Ms. Zuch, who nabbed the top prize on the strength of a series of India photographs. Earlier this year, when the same train photo won a category in a Smithsonian magazine contest, officials went a step further, authenticating the image after an in-depth review.

“I couldn’t believe how much time and effort people spent talking about this one picture,” said Ms. Zuch, a 25-year-old German photographer who counted more than 200 comments dissecting the image she shot in the fading daylight. “Today, everybody questions everything.”

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Where to put the remaining women on wwe

The SD women’s division is on fire right now. With a new belt to fight over and feuds starting to form, it seems their on the right track. Raw women’s division is slowly trying to get there. With Sasha out with a minor injury/ going on her honeymoon, and Paige being suspended, they gonna need all the help they can get. With Bayley as the new female wrestler to the division it’s starting to come full circle. But there are 4 women who have yet to be place and here is where I think they should go:

1. Emma: she should definitely be on Raw. She had a feud with Summer Rae and with her best friend Dana Brooke on Raw it’s gonna be good. And she should be in the title hunt as well.

2. Tamina: definitely be on Smackdown. With her young cousin Nia Jax as Raw’s powerhouse it’s only fair that she be the Smackdown’s powerhouse. Give her back her warrior princess gimmick and let her be the badass powerhouse.

Rosa Mendes: she should be on Raw. To me she isn’t a bad wrestler and she could also be the manager of the shining stars again.

Brie Bella: with her sisters return to Smackdown as one of the veterans, it’s only fair if Brie returns to Raw as the veteran. She did stand in her sisters shadow and it’s fair to separate the Bella’s.