Obviously WWE has never heard of logic because logic would be putting Team Bad in this Beat The Clock challenge, not just using Team Bella and Team PCB because that’s getting very boring. Logic would’ve been moving both Dean and Roman on from the Wyatts after Summerslam because y'know, LOGIC! But oh no, let’s bring in someone else for Bray. And let’s not use Team Bad because #DivasRevolution.

And still I ask 

WHERE IS NAOMI AND TAMINA IN THIS MATCH!? I can’t wait for the damn day when WWE stops over looking them because it’s beyond ridiculous at this point. They should be in the damn match not accompanying Sasha.

This is what I need from the WWE

If they are going to continue pushing team B.A.D. to the background as if they weren’t originally part of the divas revolution, let me correct that, so-called ‘divas revolution’. Then I need for them to let team Bella and team PCB do whatever they going to do for the belt and let Naomi, Sasha, and Tamina be like a female stable version of The Shield. I already see it, Tamina will be Roman, Sasha will be Seth, and only because I would love to see a crazy and derange Naomi, she could be Dean Ambrose. Get other divas involved like Natalya, Cameron, Emma, Summer Rae and let them have individual feuds with one another and maybe even get a tagteam belt. But I want Team B.A.D. to just come out and fuck up matches for no reason like Shield did. Just because they wanted to. Make the Divas revolution be about something other than certain people who really don’t deserved an opportunity YET get opportunities. But I’m a keep my mouth shut on that.

Listen to what I’m telling you WWE Creative Team. Make the three of them a female shield and just let them start fucking up shit. Hell, and to make it even more interesting let them be represented by Paul Heyman.