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[Click for captions] Celebrating SUN/MOON release early with some quick Kawoshin Pokemon AU doodles! My preorder has been shipped and as I sit here on this lovely winter night holding tea in my hand waiting for my game to arrive it is with proud honor I say ILL SEE YOU IN A WEEK LMAO BYE.

I need an AU where ML and Persona 3 merge and Marionette becomes something akin to Aegis when it comes to displaying emotions and Adrian gets a strange fixation seeing a hot droid girl swing a gun.


anonymous asked:

Hi! I saw your post about Nashville and wanted to address the whole killing off Rayna thing. I felt the same way but then read an interview the writers did. They tried every thing to make it so Rayna wasn't killed off. Connie herself even didn't want to kill her off and said she would stay around a little longer if it meant they didnt have to. BUT if you think about it Rayna wouldn't just leave Deacon and the girls. There was really no situation where she would go other than death. It sucks.

I read those interviews. I read them all. And then I laughed hysterically. Before I say anything, let it be known that Connie Britton is the #1 reason why I watched this show. I’m still an enormous fan of hers and I will follow her career wherever it goes. 

I loved Friday Night Lights and I loved Tami Taylor. But I loved Rayna Jaymes a little bit more. And long before I even watched Nashville, (lbr, the commercials didn’t look like anything I’d like I’m not a fan of catty drama, or girls against girls, or basically soap operas), I knew this show was about Rayna and Juliette. That’s how it’s set up. So when I was convinced to watch it mid season three by a friend whose opinion I value immensely, I was hooked because of Rayna. But season four was the kind of horrific disaster that this show didn’t deserve. Maddie’s rebellion? No teenage girl is that extreme. Constantly juggling Scarlett and Gunnar with the most poorly written storylines I’ve ever seen? Yawn. Sidelining the only queer character? Unfair. Having Juliette go back and forth constantly? STAHP. Nashville could’ve gone in such a beautiful direction with the right amount of drama but nope, it went from one ridiculous cringeworthy storyline to another and then it got cancelled. That’d raise a red flag wouldn’t it? People were no longer interested in a show that had no idea what it was doing.

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