Big post, but I got a big dump of a lot of sketchy things.
@shiny-lilligant ‘s character Dawnleaf
@krackdown9 ‘s flower characters
Silly banana hook thing with @metachoke ‘s tami
@blueb-draws ‘s dolphin guy
One small thing with thom and screw’s mushy and chip.
And some stuff with my characters as well as dnd bullshit that I won’t be giving context for.

As for this, I’m not sure if I should post sketches of things I probably won’t finish in a big bunch like this, or if i should move to one at a time. Tell me if ya got an opinion on it.

I saw Tami’s icebaitship pic & she really gave me the idea where “both Kamishiro’s to hop on Yuma’s d. If possible, together."And this came in my mind… They would fight for it! (Siblings always fight for something they like, I know how’s that feel.)

Why so many ugly sketches! Ughh…! This is the last one, I guess? I have to work a lot so see ya then…