I saw Tami’s icebaitship pic & she really gave me the idea where “both Kamishiro’s to hop on Yuma’s d. If possible, together."And this came in my mind… They would fight for it! (Siblings always fight for something they like, I know how’s that feel.)

Why so many ugly sketches! Ughh…! This is the last one, I guess? I have to work a lot so see ya then…


It was either “I only have ONE true fear!” or “I’m a walking wikipedia except I actually work.”

I was trying to complete the pokedex (which is complete now) in oras and when I asked for a random whimsicott in gts i got traded this cutie. Whoever didn’t want her, don’t worry, I will take care of her and stuff her with poffins and pet her all day long.