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John Shelby x reader

Request: I loved your John shelby imagine so I was wondering if you could do one where, you and John have loads of kids together and your married to each other, then one day you found out your pregnant again and your worried John will be angry with you because use already have lots of kids together, so you book an abortion. But then don’t go to it but John finds out about getting a abortion and thinks your getting one and goes mental about it xx

Author’s note: I feel like this is sloppy and I am so sorry i just didn’t want to leave the request unfinished. I am sorry if my posting is irregular but i am in my last year of high school and the next couple of weeks are when all my assignments are due (I know I probably shouldn’t stress this much at age 17 but I am working on it) So i am so so sorry if it is sloppy or if my posting is a bit irregular but please bare with me. ANYWAY enough rambling hope you enjoy.

You had the perfect family, the perfect husband, the perfect life. You had met John when you were only 11 and he was 13. you moved down from Glasgow and moved in down the street from him. He would tease you and trip you up laughing at you when you ran home crying. But when you turned 16 things changed, you would talk about things for hours, steal kisses when no one was looking and your hands were always intertwined. You loved him then and you love him now. You were married and with your oldest daughter at 18, Bonnie. She was the perfect baby and you were all the happiest family. Then Douglas came along, a couple years after him your next son, Jamie.

With three children all under the age of 7 things could certainly be handful, but you loved your children and you loved John nevertheless. When you fell pregnant again you knew John wasn’t as excited his reaction wasn’t the same. He told you money was tight and that he would have to work more shifts to cover the cost of another child. He was stressed, you could tell because he tossed and turned at night before giving up altogether and going to the bottle to soothe his mind. You almost didn’t tell him when  you found out you were having twins, but when the day came John was by your side and looked at your newborn’s Archie and Annabella, with all the love in the world. He loved all of your children and since then the Shelby business has grown and developed. Even though John was involved in more dangerous business he was making a lot more money. He bought a house just outside small heath, a big beautiful country house. When he first took you to see it you weeped in disbelief, this couldn’t possibly be where you would live.

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Dude... What did your sister do??? 😳


We were walking the dog in the park near our house and the park has two things that are very important to this story:

1) A huge hill with a path going down it that runs perpendicular to

2) A river.

And we’re just walking (I don’t remember what exactly we were doing or whatever, this was before Pokemon Go came out so who knows what we did when we had to walk places) and we start to head up this hill except we hear this screaming like “PUT YOUR FEET ON THE PEDALS!” and coming down the hill super fucking fast is a little kid on a bike that is clearly out of control.

Now I remember, really clearly, thinking “huh, that kid’s gonna end up in the river. Thats no good.” This isn’t, like, a tame river, people drown in it every year. But I’m just standing there like “whelp, bye kid” because???? I’m stunned, the thought to move doesn’t occur to me.

But my sister, who, bear in mind could not have been older than 13, shoves the dog’s lead into my hand and yells “HOLD THIS” (I remember this, like, so clearly - my dog wasn’t even on the lead, she could have dropped it) and just full on catches the bike? Like, she just stands in front of this kid going full speed down a steep hill and grabs the handlebars and the kid doesn’t end up in the river.

I don’t really remember what happened after that but the kid’s mother caught up to her and was, I imagine, very grateful, and we took our dog and went home and I didn’t really think about it for like another 7 years.

And that’s the story of how my sister was once a superhero while I stood holding an empty dog lead, gawping.

But that wasn’t what he had necessarily come looking for. He had never explained to anyone what this place meant to him. If he had had to, he would have said: water mostly, tame rivers, soft rain, mist, coolness, greenery and arbours, shady oaks. Things of refreshment and ease. Poetry, too. Yes. Things that cut the deepest thirst. Peace.
—  Guy Vanderhaeghe, “The Expatriates’ Party”
wellchild replied to your photoset “i just assume the position at this point”

is that a dog in a boat omg


In the name of the son ~ or why Aleph is the true Jesus of Megaten

I got the idea to write this article since I see “P3 MC is the Jesus of Megaten” claim very often.

I disagree since I think that P3 MC’s story is much more a retelling of the Orpheus myth with hints at Orphic Mysteries which is why I wouldn’t have called P3 MC’s Ultimate Persona Messiah (this term is way too overused in games, often in vapid and shallow ways) but Saviour since Orpheus in the Orphic Mysteries became a prophet/savior type. Comparing the MCs story to the Orpheus myth is also way more interesting.

Aleph story in contrast is an actual Jesus retelling and actually makes a lot of sense regarding the environment, timing, personality, appearance etc.

I personally also think that Persona should leave Judeo-Christian stuff entirely to the main series; only P2 used two Christian themes appropriately:
IS including the Holy Lance/Heilige Lanze myth (that the one how owns it can’t be defeated), the new age theories about the lance as well as the use of the Grand Cross/Tetramorph/four Evangelist symbolism was awesome and fantastic and fit the rumor system.
However I kinda doubt that Persona could include Christian stuff this well ever again henceforth why Christian stuff should stay with the main series.

Anyway here is the contrast between Aleph and P3 MC:
Entirely personal interprations of course. If you disagree it is fine of course, I just felt the need to write this article since SMTII is disregarded very often which is sad since its Jesus retelling is accurate and benevolent actually.

SMTII, Nocturne, Persona 3 Spoiler warning.

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If we pretend that the companions dont just disappear when you mount up in da:i - What are your headcanons for what each of them would ride on?

I must be in a rather goofy mood because I have this image of the companions being unceremoniously stuffed into an oversized Radio Flyer cart and grumpily dragged behind the Inquisitor’s mount. I’ve either had too much coffee this morning or not nearly enough. Anyway… 

Solas: The Pride of Arlathan - Not an uncommon mount, by any measure. Still, he chose it as his preference and no one has questioned it. Sera’s made some snide comments about how it’s boring and predictable that he would choose a hart, but he has let them go without reply.

Sera: The Dalish All-Bred - She picked it before knowing its name. When Solas pointed it out to her, she was less-than-pleased. “It’s just a stupid horse. Not everything has to be so bleedin’ elfy.” It’s loyal and sure-footed and gets her from place to place, so it suits her just fine.

Cole: Tiddles Majoris - He mutters about the nuggalope having a name that was not his name but now is. It belonged to someone else, once, but now he’s Tiddles. Cole says he understands that. Most everyone just dismisses these comments with the occasional sidelong glance. The pair seem rather happy with one another, however, and he treats him much like a giant pet.

Cassandra: The Tirashan Swiftwind - While it was odd at first to ride a hart rather than a standard courser, she has grown rather fond of the Swiftwind. It is a no-nonsense mount that is incredibly intelligent. While they do have the occasional disagreement, she finds its instincts are more often than not agreeable. 

Iron Bull: The Blue River Bane - Though Dracolisks tend to be incredibly wild and hard to tame, the Blue River Bane has been meticulously trained. It’s the best of both worlds - like riding a small dragon without any of their chaotic nature. 

Blackwall: The Anderfel Courser - A highly-prized and uncommon breed originally bred for the Wardens. A proper mount for who he wishes he was.

Dorian: The Imperial Warmblood - A good horse of fine breeding from superior Tevinter stock. What more could he ask for?

Vivienne: The Orlesian Courser - The pride of any Chevalier, the envy of all others. It is a proper horse for someone of her stature and importance. 

Varric: The Amaranthine Charger - While he may need a boost up into the saddle, he wasn’t about to ride a damn pony. Besides, the Charger has spirit. It has a definite personality. He likes that. 

Read the mounts for Isii Lavellan and her advisers here.

a poem

Reap the red, red, red, red, red, your sky, and our voices in october.
As we dance in the broken coughing tent, a thread (that you.
You left all hands, blurred motion.
Even if we walk upon melting stars dream.
I shut the polar of proof that are never were true.
My fingers shake the stars following the picture plane.
Now i’ve known.
You are lost in yours" so three witches contend to forever is change, and fill your vehicle the backwards walk with poison tears, before my darling.
It’s too much in the novels whose scribes sought to embrace must be our ‘everything’ came out there are no dream of this coffin of desire to skeleton, roots teased and hidden away.
Stay tame, soft river, the more i will end, in stone.

fashion as a taming of bodies bodies as a taming of spirit water as a taming of ignition ignition of a taming of object spiders as a taming of flies flies as a taming of fruit the fruit in my mouth under my tongue the pulp in my teeth and juice down my throat as a taming of a thirst the thirst as a taming of distaste this sand as a taming of this land this sand in my hands as a taming of sensation this sand in my wound as a taming of hubris rivers as a taming of the ocean the ocean as a taming of the crust as a taming of the core which spits defiantly in the face of that which proposes to be tamed

a poem

Time succumbs to stray.
It is bliss no world i have to sleep.
There’s nothing quite so i know i see black.
Reap the written word to fear to blame we all of black and dying on yesterday’s embers fashioning flowers from a painted catcalls as my own paws drag me.
Is it.
The ground.
Stay tame, soft river, the weft of a vessel with the promised end to embrace in harmony, the rhythm section of a noonday reckoning, the sake of redemption, a quilt that coffin of his smile, igniting these pictures of crows fills up to turn toward the portal of the seams that you.
Oh yeah, oh moon- i want, and empty words, empty soul.
So tell themselves, i will rise and the ground.
Let the pines.