Bedrest = Online shopping

Here I go again. Another set of purchases. I HAVE GOT TO GET BETTER. Unless I want my wallet completely depleted. But anyway I love these items. Bought them from Tameraonline.com

Clockwise from upper left:

Neutrogena Make up Correcting Stick - I used to have Sephora’s stick, helps me remove excess eye liner/ shadow without affecting the whole application.

Smith’s Rosebud Salve - the best balm I have ever used. The pot lasts a long, long, long, long time. Aside from keeping my lips from drying, I also use this to tame my eyebrows, put a dewy effect on my eyelids, avoid itching from insect bites and other stuff.

Benefit Bad Gal Lash mini tube - have heard great reviews about this and Im happy there’s a mini version that I can try

Benefit Lemon Aid Eyelid Primer - my biggest problem in applying make up is creasing eyeshadows and non- lasting color. Im hoping this will erase all that.

Benefit Valley of the Stars - ABSOLUTELY AMAZING HIGHLIGHTING KIT! This has unfortunately been discontinued by Benefit (though the items are still available separately), and I’m so excited to stumble upon stock of it. I alternate the use of high beam and moon beam highlighters, they are the best in my opinion. They catch light into your face in a way that you would seem like you have a spotlight on you all the time haha! The gloss makes your lips look plump, and it isnt too sticky. The eyeshadows are highly-pigmented and are of great shimmer quality.

Sooooo excited to get them!!!!!!!!!

Photos from the internet.