tamera housley


AU: Once Upon A Time

Emma Swan: Nicole Beharie

Henry Mills: Skylan Brooks

Regina Mills: Nicki Minaj

Mary Margaret: Kerry Washington

David Nolan: Michael B. Jordan

Ruby Lucas: Tamera Mowry-Housley

Mr. Gold: Anthony Mackie

Belle French: Antonia Thomas

Neal Cassidy: Chadwick Boseman

Robin Hood: Drake Graham

Mommas with post baby bodies….enjoy your curves. From a society that is OBSESSED with women losing their pregnancy weight fast, I’m so happy I represent the women who lose it in an average amount of time. Kudos to the women who do it quickly, but for those mommas who can’t, stay motivated. My doctor says for most women it takes longer. It took 9 months to pile on the weight. Most likely it will take that or more to lose it. I’m still not at my pre pregnancy weight 7 months postpartum. I’m learning to enjoy the ride. My body will never be the same, but I’m so happy this body birthed two amazing children. And for that Lord, I thank you. Moms, you can do it!!! Just be consistent and believe in yourself. You will ultimately reach your goal if you don’t quit. #yeswecan 💕