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X Factor’s Sam Callahan Breaks His Silence Over Leaked Sex Tape

Former X Factor star Sam Callahan has spoken out after footage leaked of him performing sex acts on himself, saying that he feels ‘betrayed’ by the person he had sent it to.

Various GIFs of the video have been making their way around the Twittersphere this weekend, with the singer claiming they had been taken a few years ago – shockingly, whilst he was still a teenager.

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Speaking to The Sun, Sam said: “This was a couple of years ago. I was only a teenage lad, I hold my hands up.”

“I was young and foolish back then, unfortunately, I wrongly trusted the person I was speaking to at the time and was completely betrayed and catfished.

“It’s not something that would happen now. I’m way too focused and driven to put myself in that risky situation, but I guess we live and learn.”

It’s not the first time it’s happened to him either – back in 2013 he was caught sending images to a glamour whilst he was in a relationship with fellow X Factor star Tamera Foster.

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The videos that have been doing the rounds this year were initially put up for sale before they leaked – with Sam claiming that he was catfished throughout the ordeal and that he wasn’t actually speaking to the person he was lead to believe it was.

He posted a series of cryptic tweets yesterday and today, possibly in response to the story, writing:  'Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from negativity.’

He then posted that he had 'no regrets’: There are no rules, no bad ideas and no limits in my team. I’m so very #BlessedAndGreatful’.

'A little morbid but my positive take on #IfIDieToday is that #IfIDieToday I have lived a full life worth living and I have no regrets.’.

Chin up, Sam!