tamed finch

anonymous asked:

How did you get your finches tame like that?

It was a long process that started when they were less than 3 weeks old. I tried to work with them to make them hand friendly on a daily basis but everything done was on their terms


It’s been exactly one year since I brought Bazooka home! I don’t know how many of you remember her story, but I found Bazooka on Craigslist. The first picture you see is the cage she was kept in for a year. It’s incredibly odd, small, and not fit for any bird. Her original owner picked her up from a pet store and sorta… got bored of her. A year later she was just nonchalantly put up on Craigslist. I don’t know what her original name was, and I don’t know much beyond the minimal info I was given, but I’m betting that year alone in that bubble cage was pretty rough for Bazooka. So when I saw her, I had to take her in. The second photo is from the day I brought her home!

Bazooka is probably my least tame bird, (excluding the finches) but that’s ok! She’s plenty happy just being a birb friend with Marshmallow. The third pic is a recent picture of her, and the last two are some of my favorite Bazooka pics. So happy one year anniversary, Bazooka! Glad to have you and here’s to many more years!  


here’s something that has both writing and finches :V