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Under The Table

 REQUEST(anon) - Could u plz write a “one-shot” about touching Steve’s erection during an important dinner(than him coming into ur hand) if that makes any sense plz and ty❤

WARNINGS - Handjob under a table  ,a little teasing . 

A/N - Thank you so much Taw @supersoldierslover for your help . 

Also , I am so sorry nonny that this took so long to write . I hope you like it  

WORDS - 1836

“Hmmm, Steve….”, you moan breathlessly as he pins you against the wall , and squeezes your ass harshly .

“Fuuuck , do you feel that baby.”, he asks his head resting against yours as he looks into your eyes lustfully . He pushes his hard covered cock onto your pussy and starts grinding his hips up and down .

One of his hand reaches your breast and he pulls your dress down exposing your taut nipples to him . He bends his head forward and takes your nipple between his teeth and pulls it . Your head falls back on the wall in pleasure .

He pushes you tight against the wall to stop any movement and folds his arms holding your thighs in position as he starts rubbing his cock and adding pressure over your clit .

“Oh god , Don’t stop babe.”, you moan as you take his lips  in a bruising kiss . Your swirl your tongue around his and bite his lip .

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Jeff Atkins x Reader- One Dance

Hey guys! So this is @thirteenreasonsfics again, writing for a request by @nicole1211. Thanks for sending in your request, Nicole! I’ve made a few edits here and there to what you wanted, just to make the story a bit more cohesive. I hope you like it!

“Shoot!” Tony said, and grinned when you sent the ball sailing through the hoop. It was all net.

He came up to you, throwing an arm around your shoulders as you fist pumped.

“You’re getting better at this, Y/N. Someday you may even beat me.”

You rolled your eyes shrugging him off, and went for another shot. Swoosh. Scored.

“Please, Padilla. I’ve been beating you at this since pre-school.”

He stuck his tongue out and headed to pick up his stuff. You and Tony had been best friends since middle school, when he came and complimented you on your obscure band tshirt. You had been a typical angsty indie kid long before people got into it at high school, and for a while, Tony had been the only other kid that got it. You had spent every Friday night together for as long as you remembered, playing basketball and then getting pizza from Antonio’s afterward, and you had always gone to each other when you needed help, or support, or just a break from the stress of high school life.

 "Where to?“ he asked, knowing full well that you would end up getting pizza like you always did.

 "Let’s see,” you pretended to think it over. “Does Nobu sound good to you? Maybe the Hard Rock Café?”

 He smirked, pulling the doors to his car open.

 "Antonio’s it is.“


“And then Clay was still too chicken to ask Hannah out,” Tony said, finishing up the last of his pepperoni. “It’s obvious she likes him. He’s just a wimp.”

You laughed, and then straightened up as Jeff Atkins came through the door, flanked by Zach Dempsey and Justin Foley.

“Wh-” Tony began, and then saw Jeff. “Oh. So it’s him you like.”

“I do not,” you said, still staring at Jeff as he crashed into a booth and said something that made Justin crack up. “He’s just a nice guy.”

“A nice guy,” he said, eyebrows raised. “I’m a nice guy. You don’t stare at me like that when I walk into the room.”

You rolled your eyes and gestured to a waitress for the check.

“You’re gay. It wouldn’t make any difference even if did stare at you.”

“Touche,” Tony said, paying his half. “Why don’t you ask Jess for help? Haven’t you two been close since she joined Liberty?”

“Jess does not understand the word ‘subtle’,” you replied, sliding out of the booth. “If I told her she would just yell it at Justin and all the guys. With a megaphone.”

He laughed.

“Can’t say you’re wrong. Anyway, I should go. My dad needs help at the garage. I’ll call you?”



The next morning, you were lying on your bed with your history books spread out in front of you, trying to study Stalinist policy but actually just wasting time watching Netflix. Just as you were about to click the next episode of Stranger Things-

“Incoming call from Tony,” your phone buzzed, and you picked it up.


“Sh- n pdnean,” came the sound of muffled talking from the other side. 

“Tony?” you asked again, loudly. It looked like he’d butt dialed you.

Just as you were about to hang up, the voices over the line cleared, until you could faintly make out what was being said.

“So I can’t tell her, but I think I like her, man,” you heard Jeff say, and your heart sank. You knew he’d like someone else. 

“What if you just tell her?” you heard Tony ask. “She might feel the same..”

“No, man,” Jeff said. “Y/N is so out of my league. I don’t want to get rejected.”

“You won-” Tony began to say, but then the line went dead. You could hardly believe your ears. Jeff Atkins liked you?!


For the next couple days, Tony avoided you like the plague. He hardly spoke to you in the hallways, and whenever you tried to bring the subject up he was immediately busy with some project or homework.

“Tony. Freaking. Padilla,” you said, finally cornering him at the end of the week near the bicycle racks. “You tell me what’s going on or I swear I will shove a freaking bicycle chain-”

“Easy,” he said, laughing. “I’ll pick you up at eight tonight, ok. Mamá wants you over for this big family barbeque tonight at my house.”

“It’s been ages since one of those,” you said, Jeff temporarily forgotten. “I’ll be there.”


At eight sharp that night, Tony rolled up in that half-broken Mustang of his, music blaring. You were in jeans and a tshirt, but you’d actually bothered to put on some makeup and tame your messy hair. 

“Get in,” Tony said, but your mouth went dry when you saw who was in the front seat. 

“Jeff,” you said faintly, as he looked equally surprised to see you. “You.. you know the Padillas?”

“Hey, Y/N,” he said. “My dad knew Tony’s since they were kids. My whole family will be there.”

“Right,” you smiled, and gave Tony a look. What was he planning?


At the Padilla’s, Mrs. Padilla came rushing out when she saw you, pulling you in for a hug.

“Y/N,” she said, smiling as she looked at you. “You look beautiful, sweetheart. Muy hermoso.”

You grinned.

“Gracias, Mrs. Padilla,” you replied, and then laughed as a crowd of Tony’s nephews and nieces came over to hug you. “Hey, Marya. Hi, Roberto.”

“Jeff!” Marya squealed, running over to hug the boy.

You grinned as you saw him pick her up and spin her around and high five the younger boy.

“We need some music for this, si?” Alvaro, Tony’s older brother asked, turning up the stereo to play an upbeat, cute song. “We will dance.”

Soon, the whole room was dancing away, laughing as people bumped into each other or mis-stepped. You danced with Alvaro first, then Tony, and finally, you ended up facing Jeff. 

“Looks like it’s our turn, Y/N,” he said, and spun you around. “Hope you can keep up.”

“I could out-dance you anytime, Atkins,” you said, suddenly brave, and tried out one of the harder moves. He gave a low whistle, impressed.

“Someone’s been practicing,” he said, and grinned as the music switched to something slower and softer. “Seriously, though, Y/N. You’re really good at this.”

You grinned. Had Jeff Atkins just complimented you?

“You’re not so bad yourself,” you told him as you two danced your way around the room. 

“You look beautiful,” Jeff blurted out, and then turned red. “God, I didn’t mean to actually say that. I mean, you do. But I wasn’t trying to sound like-. I give up.”

You grinned as he looked at you sheepishly.

“Why thank you. Mr. Atkins,” you replied, and looked him over. “Could say the same for you.”

“You know,” he said, spinning you around, “that’s the first time I’ve been called beautiful.”

You laughed. 

“I’ll call you beautiful again if you buy me hot chocolate from Monet’s.”

He raised an eyebrow.

“Are you asking me out, Y/N?” he asked, but then shook his head. “Wait. Why am I not jumping at the opportunity?”

You shrugged, as Tony gave you a look from across the room.

“Thursday, after school?”

He grinned.

“It’s a date,” he said, and then moved away from you after giving you one last smile as Marya came running up. “It’s been a pleasure dancing with you, Y/N, but I’ve got to make time for my best girl now.”

You laughed, as Jeff bent down to take Marya’s hand and spun her around as she giggled.

Tony came up to you, eyebrows raised.

“Am I not the greatest?”

You turned to him.

“Tony Padilla,” you said, nodding. “You are the greatest.”

By @thirteenreasonsfics

You can check out more of my work on my blog! Send me requests for Justin, I love writing them. Hope you liked it!

Lucky Star

Word Count: ~1800

Pairing: Sehun/Reader

Notes: ceo! au // strong language

don’t cry tonight after the darkness passes, baby don’t cry tonight it’ll become as if it never happened

You stumble out of the bar, dragging your heels and bag behind you. Your disheveled hair reeks of vodka and mixed cocktails, the smell making you gag every second. It’s 2am on a Tuesday night, and you’re wasted on the empty streets, jobless and abandoned.

The alcohol-suppressed memories dance around your hazy mind, and any recollection of the atrocity that happened this afternoon makes you sick. You wobble through the dark, empty path only lit by a flickering yellow street lamp near the end. Somewhere down the line, your legs give in, and you collapse onto the cold graphite road, making your exposed thighs shiver. You wince and groan, pulling yourself onto the wall of a nearby store, which closed hours ago.

“Just my fucking luck,” you curse at your phone, whose screen remain lifeless. You throw your head back onto the wall and stare at the swirling buildings. How can someone lose everything in one night?

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A Keeper

Hey bby could ya do a Remus x reader where they are caught making out by James Peter and Sirius and they’re all teasing Remus and he’s so embarrassed but the reader doesn’t care and just kisses him again ?? sorry if it’s too much xx

sorry for the long wait but midterms were kicking my ass! hope you like it! xx


You’ve only been dating Remus for two weeks, you had both decided to keep things on the down low for the time being because you knew how annoying your respective group of friends could be—between the marauders and Marlene and Lily, it was a miracle the Daily Prophet didn’t know every aspect of yours and Remus’ life.

That’s why you and Remus only met after curfew, or before the sun rose, much like today.

It was  Saturday, an hour before sunrise, and you and Remus were cuddling in front of the dying fire, you probably had like 2 hours before anyone in Gryffindor tower wakes up and heads down for breakfast.

“You know, maybe we should tell them, that way we could maybe cuddle in a warm bed…” Remus muttered, burying his face in the nape of your neck. You snorted in response, laughing at how he wasn’t a morning person.

“Fine by me, are you ready for Sirius to give you the birds and bees talk?”

“On second thought, maybe we should wait a bit more….” You hummed in agreement.

Soon enough the sun was beginning to rise and the room was engulfed by waves of crimson and gold. You were both still sitting next to each other, your legs on top of his long ones. Remus was lazily drawing patterns on your hand with his fingers, causing you to laugh every once in a while due to him tickling your sides. One thing lead to another and shortly he flipped you both over, him on top of you, his hands were on your hips, yours were intertwine in his hair, and your lips were on one another’s, forgetting the world around you.

Time seemed to completely stop as you two kissed, nothing could ruin such a perfect moment, or so you thought.

“JAMES! JAA-AMES! COME QUICK! OUR LITTLE REMUS IS ALL GROWN UP!” Sirius screamed from the top of the staircase.

You and Remus both sprung apart from each other, you quickly tried to make yourself presentable, you fixed your jumper and tried to tame your messy hair.

Remus on the other hand groaned as he buried his face in his hands as Sirius continued with his jokes.

“And when were you planning on presenting her to us?” James said haughtily as he draped an arm around Sirius’ shoulders.

“Mummy is hurt that you kept your girlfriend a secret.” Sirius wailed.

“Oh shut up Sirius, for the last time stop referring to yourself as my mother.” Remus said as he pinched the bridge of his nose. 

“DON’T USE THAT TONE WITH YOUR MOTHER, YOUNG MAN.” James said dramatically as Sirius clutched his heart.

“I didn’t know James and Sirius adopted you…” You muttered, hoping to calm down Remus. You saw the beginnings of a smile on his face but they were gone in a flash.

“I didn’t know you and Y/N knew each other.” Sirius said, smirking. 

“Well they certainly got really acquainted now…” James said as he wiggled his eyebrows, causing Remus to groan. You didn’t know how long they were going to tease Remus but from the looks of it, it seemed to be for a long time, something that you didn’t have.

“Well, I’ll leave you three to your little comedy fest. I’ll meet you by the lake in an hour, okay?” you told Remus as he nodded, an annoyed look on his face due to his friends. You stood on the tip of your toes and kissed him goodbye, both of you momentarily forgot that you had a crowd but after the teasing that they had done, you didn’t care. It wasn’t until Sirius started whistling that you stopped.

You waved the boys goodbye, Sirius and James gave you an approving nod and Remus waved bye, a dazed but content look on his face.

He was in awe of how you put up with his annoying friends without getting embarrassed.

You were definitely a keeper.

Expecting - Jasper Hale x Reader

Requested by anonymous: can I get a imagine of you finding out you’re pregnant but not wanting to tell Jasper because you think he might not want the baby because of what Bella went through but Edward ends up telling him?

Sorry it took so long! Enjoy ~

Originally posted by paternalpadfoot

You flushed your sickness down the toilet for the fourth time that morning. Your reflection left you in shock as you looked in the mirror. Heavy purple eyelids accompanied your bloodshot eyes and pale skin. Your usual (Y/H/C) waves were replaced by a tangled mess.

What is happening to me? You thought as your tried to comb your fingers through your hair. A frustrated groan left your lips as you couldn’t tame your hair. You went back into your room and laid back on the bed that Jasper had gotten for you to sleep in. Your eyes were tracing the ceiling and suddenly your heart dropped. You shot up and ran to your desk and grabbed your calendar. You counted backwards and then silently cursed to yourself.

All of a sudden Edward was standing in your doorway. “Y/N?” His golden eyes searched yours for confirmation. You didn’t need to speak since he could easily read your thoughts. “Are you sure?”

You simply nodded, too afraid to speak. 

“Lie down, I’ll go get Jasper and Carlisle.” He turned to leave but you called after him.

“Please, no! He can’t know about this. Not yet at least.” You teared up. “What happened with Bella was horrifying. He’ll never forgive himself.” Your tears spilled over as you started sobbing.

Edward appeared next to you on the bed and put his arm around you, attempting to calm you down. “We’ll get through this, alright? We know how to handle this now.”

“I - I just don’t think I can tell him right now though. Is there any way we can…fix this?”

He gave you a stern look. “Now you and I both know you don’t mean that.”

You hung your head in shame for even thinking about it. “I know.” You whispered and wiped the tears from your eyes. 

“You have to tell him soon, (Y/N).” 

You nodded but didn’t respond. 

“I’ll get Carlisle. We need to make sure.” The mattress shifted and then he was gone.

Only two days had passed and you could already see a difference in your size. Luckily Jasper, Emmett, and Esme were out hunting so he hadn’t been back to see you. You stood in front of the mirror and rubbed your stomach, taking deep breaths to calm your nerves. 

A door slammed downstairs and in less than a second Jasper was standing in the mirror behind you. His arms wrapped around your waist and he kissed all over your shoulder. “I’m so so sorry.” He mumbled. He turned you around so you were facing him and then he hugged you so tight you thought you would be crushed soon if you didn’t stop him.

“He told you, didn’t he.” You basically growled.

“Don’t be upset. He cares about you and just wanted to make sure I would be here for you. And look at me…” He tilted your chin up and looked into your eyes. “I am here for you, I will always be here, (Y/N).”

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you as soon as I found out. I was so afraid that…” You trailed off and once again tears welled up in your eyes. “I was afraid that you wouldn’t want it and that you would be angry with me.”

“Why would you ever think that?” He grabbed your shoulders. “You are the love of my life, of course I want to have a child with you!”

Your face broke into a tired smile and he kissed you softly. “We can do this, we can be more prepared this time.”

You sighed and nodded.

“I’m not going to promise you it will be easy. You saw what happened to Bella, but I’ll do everything in my power to help you, okay? I love you.”

“I love you too.” You hugged him tightly around his neck. “God, I love you.” You kissed his cheek and the both of you continued to hold each other.

“As soon as you recover, I’m gonna marry you.” Those words spoken in his accent made your heart skip a beat.

“Hmmm” You hummed. “Is that right? I think you’re actually supposed to ask the girl.” You giggled.

“What ever happened to the element of surprise?” His dimples showed as he smiled down at you. “I’ll get around to formally proposing.” The both of you laughed and then he leaned down to kiss you again, this time more passionately than ever before. 

Freedom Part 4 (Greaser!Peter Parker x Reader AU)

Originally posted by kiingholland

Request: hi doll i was wondering if i could request a kinda greaser!peter parker au? like he saves you from your dick boyfriend and idk fluffy shit lmao sorry if this prompt sucks

AN: WOW! We have come really far and there is still so much to do! Thank you to all the readers and followers, I love writing for you all! I hope you like this one. As always let me know what you like, what you don’t, and what you would like to see in the future!


- Written by Kat - 

Your father had always told you that motorcycles were death traps, and those who rode them were just as dangerous; both were to be avoided. But the hum of the bike under you, the air rushing around you, the boy pressed against you, it was intoxicating. Being this exposed and so close to danger was thrilling, filling you with and emotion you had never felt before. It was addicting.

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080991 || Joe

Joe masterpost found here

Word count - 1,143

Summary - The one with the slip up.

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and you were napping, as usual. What better way to prepare for a hectic week than sleeping a day away? Your lovely nap, however, was rudely interrupted by your phone loudly going off beside you. You groaned and forced your eyes open to look at who was calling you at this hour (3:26 in the afternoon to be precise). Jack? Why would Jack be-


“Hey Jack,” you said, answering the phone and kicking your blanket off your body.

“Where are you?” Jack laughed on the other end.

“Sorry, sorry, loads of traffic,” you said, yanking off your shorts and putting on some leggings. “I should be there any minute.”

“Okay well everyone else is at Joe’s already,” Jack said. “The movie starts in 30 minutes and we’re all waiting on you.”

“Yeah well I can’t really rush the traffic,” you said, smelling a sweatshirt to see if it was clean. You shrugged and tried to force it over your head while still talking to Jack. “Really, I should be there any minute. I gotta go, really shouldn’t talk and drive. See you soon!” And you hung up.

You had completely forgotten that you and the buttercream boys had plans to see Logan at 4:00 that day. You tamed your hair as much as you could, throwing it in a half up bun and then put on more deodorant whilst trying to brush your teeth. With a spritz of perfume, you grabbed your wallet, keys, and phone, and ran out the door.

Only when you caught your reflection in your car window did you realize what you were wearing. The tan sweatshirt you had picked up off the ground belonged to none other than your boyfriend, Joe. You looked at your phone- 3:41- and realized running back inside and changing would take too long. So, you hopped in your car anyway and started the drive to Joe’s.

You and Joe had been dating in secret for about four months. Neither of you wanted to tell the boys quite yet as you knew once they knew, any privacy you once had would be gone. After all, they loved taking the piss out of each other, and this would be a perfect opportunity for them to do so to you and Joe. Surely they wouldn’t recognize Joe’s jumper. It was only a generic tan jumper. Anyone could own it. Hell, it could’ve been yours.

When you got to Joe’s you parked your car and rushed up to the door and knocked loudly. Only a few seconds passed before it swung open. “(Y/N)!” Caspar cheered immediately. “We gotta get a move on!”

“Yes, I know, I’m late,” you sighed. “Traffic was a bitch.”

“Oh come off it, (Y/N)!” Jack laughed. “We all know you were napping.” You rolled your eyes at them then quickly put all your shit on the counter.

“I have to pee before we go,” you said. The boys all groaned. “You can wait two more minutes!” you laughed. So, you ran off to the bathroom.

As soon as you were out of earshot, the boys began talking. “Joe, isn’t that your jumper?” Jack asked. “The one you’ve been complaining has gone missing?”

“What?” Joe replied immediately. “No, no I don’t think so.”

“Mate are you sure?” Oli said back, quirking an eyebrow. “It looked bloody similar.”

“Why would (Y/N) have my jumper?” he asked back, hoping none of the boys noticed that he was blushing.

“Something isn’t adding up,” Conor said suspiciously, tapping a finger to his chin. “I know a sure fire way to solve this once and for all!”

Before anyone knew what he was doing, Conor snatched your phone up off the counter. “Whoa,” Joe said quickly, standing up from the couch. “You can’t just go through her phone!”

“Well why not?” Josh asked, smirking and folding his arms across his chest.

“Because, because, well it’s private!” Joe stuttered. “What if she has, like, nudes on it or something, huh? You can’t just look at them!”

“If there are nudes of (Y/N) on there I definitely want to see them!” Jack said, looking over his brother’s shoulder at the phone.

“Does anyone know the passcode?” Conor asked, typing 123456 and failing.

“Oi, try Joe’s birthday,” Mikey laughed. “That’d prove something.”

Conor did so, typing 080991.

The phone unlocked.

The first thing that the boys saw was your home screen- a picture of you and Joe kissing.

The boys all let out cheers, patting Joe on the back and tackling him in headlocks.

That was when you walked out of the bathroom.

“What’s going on?” you asked with a laugh. “You’re all acting like animals!” Immediately the boys straightened up and Conor put his hands behind his back. While he had been quick, he wasn’t quick enough. “Conor what are you doing with my phone?” you asked, putting your hands on your hips.

“I don’t have your phone,” Conor said.

“Conor Maynard you show me your hands right now!” you said sternly. He pursed his lips and held his hands out to you, revealing your still unlocked phone. When you took it out of his hand and saw that your home screen was visible, you blushed. “Well,” you said, slipping your phone into the waistband of your leggings, trying to act completely innocent. “What do you all have to say for yourselves?”

“Us?” Jack laughed loudly. “What about you! And you!” He turned to Joe now.

“How long have you two been, been, canoodling?” Caspar asked, his hands now on his hips.

You looked at Joe who was smiling lightly at you, clearly amused that the boys had found out this way. “Four months?” you said, looking at Joe for confirmation. He nodded and walked over to you, putting his arms around your waist and putting his head on your shoulder.

“You kept this from us for four months?” Conor gasped, holding a hand to his chest.

“Well, you guys aren’t very observant,” you said honestly. “How’d I give it away today? Was it the sweatshirt?” They all nodded and you laughed, “How is that the one thing you notice? We’ve had loads of other slip ups.”

“Like what?” asked Mikey.

“Oh, there was that time I left my bra on his couch,” you laughed. “Or the time I spent the night and you guys came over before I could leave. I had to spend bloody two hours in his closet!”

“Unbelievable,” Oli laughed. “Honestly I’m impressed you’ve kept it hidden this long.”

“Yeah well I’m glad we don’t have to anymore,” you said. You turned your head and placed a kiss on Joe’s cheek. The boys all groaned and made mumbled comments about PDA, but you just smiled. A weight you didn’t even know you were carrying had been lifted off your shoulders.

i’m weak for rafa and i know you thirsty mofos are too.  i’m also so excited to write this and did a lot of (probably mostly unnecessary) research for this, but i’m no ballet expert, so please don’t be afraid to tell me i’m wrong about something.

title: you’re hot in a world that’s cold, pt. 1 (entrée)
fandom: hamilcast(???), basically lmao
pairing: rafael casal x reader
rating: t for swearing
word count: 3433
tagged: @tailored-shirt-tails

After a bad knee injury and surgery, you’ve been forced to take a break from ballet.  You decide to take some classes at NYU Tisch in the meanwhile, where Rafael Casal is guest teaching, and the two of you tiptoe the blurred student-teacher boundary.

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Sunshine // Lee Taeyong


the prompt: song based scenario Taeyong with “Monsta X-Blind”? If you don’t do korean song, make it “earned it-the weeknd”

words: 1156

category: song rec + blurb

author note: bubbly!reader and infatuated!taeyong bc i can’t seem to write any other kind of taeyong tbh. (also I think by now you guys know that when given a song request I run with it so I’m sorry if it has nothing to do with the actual song.)

- destinee

Originally posted by taeyongsolo


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Captain Black (Part 2)

Originally posted by void-astrology


Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader

Word Count: 1k (just a short lil fluff)

Warnings: Pirate stuff ;) aka implied smut

A/n: I probably won’t do a part 3 to this. But don’t despair, this isn’t the end of pirate!Sirius my friends, I’m not done with him yet……

“Whey, up she rises!”

You shook your head with a playful smile, taming your hair as you came up onto the deck of the Grand Canis.

“And what’s this? The captain has surely discovered the most important thing to man.” James, the first mate continued on.

“Respectful subordinates?” Sirius mocked his friend.

“Nay, the breasts of woman!”

A roaring laugh elapsed over the shipmates, who were carrying on with their work, some playing a game of dice.

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The Inevitable

Newt Scamander x Reader

Originally posted by secretly-a-wizard

“Simply gorgeous, isn’t she?”

You peered over Newt’s shoulder. “If I didn’t know better, I would think you were cheating on me,” you teased, kissing his cheek.

Newt chuckled, smiling that innocent smile of his. “Never, darling, never.” He reached out and stroked the newborn creature’s sleeping face before moving away as the mother sent him a daring look. “Terribly sorry, milady,” Newt apologized, holding up his hands defensively.

You giggled at him. “Let’s go, before you anger anymore women,” you said, dragging him away by the hand.

You were in a flirty mood today, he could tell. He could especially tell when you pushed him down against a rock with moss growing over it.

You kissed him, gently at first. He cupped your cheek with one hand, gladly meeting your mouth. His other hand held your waist.

“[Y/n],” he said in between kisses, “you’re being awfully affectionate today.”

You shrugged. “Do you not want me to be?”

Newt shook his head. “No, no, I quite like it. It was just something I noticed.”

You both climbed out of the case an hour later, Newt wildly running a comb through his hair to tame it. 

“Your hair looks even worse,” he said when you teased him. “It’s not like no one knows.”

“Yes, anymore,” Newt said, recalling the moment when he thought about you just a tad too loud. Queenie squealed and told everyone over dinner that night. 

You frowned. “Did you not want anyone to know?” you asked. His eyes softened. “[Y/n], of course that’s not what I meant.” He held your hand. “It was inevitable that they were too find out eventually, I just mean that it was a tad…well, embarrassing, the way they did.”

You chuckled. “Alright, alright, I believe you,” you said, kissing him softly. He groaned against your lips. “You really shouldn’t have kissed me again,” he mumbled. 

“Why is that?”

“Because it’s only inevitable that I will bed you once more.”

You produced your wand, flicking it and the lock on the doorknob turned. “If it’s inevitable, who am I to stop it?” you smirked. 

Queenie, down stairs, hummed to herself as she washed dishes, preparing to cook food for everyone. 

“Hey, Queenie,” Tina said, strolling in. “Can you-”

Her sister cut her off by suddenly shrieking. “Queenie, what’s wrong?!” Tina exclaimed, reaching for her wand. 

“[Y/n] and Newt are having sex!” she said shrilly. 

Jacob choked on his tea. 

Act of Kindness | 03 |

→ Since day one, boundaries and personal space were never really part of the picture.

01 | 02 | 04

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 This time you’re the one fidgeting as you wait for Kihyun’s boss to enter the meeting room.

Yes, you’ve met up with him before, but you can’t help the butterflies in your stomach, kind of afraid of what possible ridiculous stories will be made up for the public. Everyone else in the room looks tired or bored, on their phones or conversing amongst one another.

“You okay?”

The deep voice makes you flinch, looking up and across the table to who it belongs to. You still don’t know any of their names, still having not done enough research to prepare you for however long you’ll be in cahoots with Starship Entertainment. But work and the need for sleep is very time-consuming.

“Yeah, just a little cold,” you lie with a shrug and polite smile.

Once again you’re flinching when a thin jacket is spread over your bare thighs. Kihyun smooths out the fabric so that your lap is completely cover, and you move your attention away from the dirty blond in front of you in favor of looking to your right at the pink haired male. You wanted to look your best when meeting the source of your income, wanting to leave good impressions each time you see him. But you wish you would’ve worn pants instead of this pencil skirt because along with the cool weather outside, the temperature in the room is pretty low as well.

“Should’ve told me,” he says in a soft tone, giving you a light, comforting pat on the thigh before getting called into a conversation with a few of the others, leaving his hand on your lap.

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Consequences of a Drunken Night

Part 2 - Hangover Morning

Pairing: Sirius Black x reader

Words: 1389

Warnings: some swearing

Summary: you get drunk with your best friend Lily Evans and the Marauders. Morning came and it’s time to confront a terrible hangover and the few memories you had from the previous night.

A/N: Thank you for all the love guys!! You’re so awesome and I really hope you like part 2!!

An annoying knock on the wall woke both, Lily and you, up drawing you to sit up and shake your best friend’s shoulder. You looked up and saw Lily’s sister, Petunia, looking at you with a sneer expression. “Wake up, you freaks, it’s like 1 p.m. already I don’t want to have you two laying down there all day,” she barked and stumped her way to her bedroom. She hated magic and everything and everyone related to it so she usually treated you like this.

You groaned as you felt hammers banging your head and your muscles extremely sore. Yes. You felt like shit. Being hangover was no joke; you hated when you drank carelessly. “C'mon, Lils, let’s get some food in our systems,” you said groggily shaking Lily to wake her up once again. You stood up and headed to the bathroom where you disposed of your running mascara and tamed your (y/h/c) hair. You looked at yourself in the mirror and saw the consequences of your drinking from the previous night. You had dark circles bellow your (y/e/c) eyes and as you splashed your face with fresh water, you felt pain in each and every single muscle.

When you left the bathroom, Lily was already in the kitchen preparing her special ‘hangover medicine’ juice for both of you. You went and helped her prepare the juice.

“I had the weirdest dream last night, you know? The alcohol must’ve messed up with my head even when I was asleep,” your friend explained, serving the cold beverage in two glasses and handing one of them to you. You sat on a chair near her and started drinking. “I was dancing with James and you with Sirius and then you kind of kissed him and James kissed me. I felt so happy and ugh… Merlin! I think I like him more than I thought!” Lily put one hand on her heart and the other on her forehead dramatically and you laughed softly at her exaggerated reaction. She blushed as she realized what she had just said, while you chuckled.

Of course, you knew about her strong feelings towards the Gryffindor chaser even before she started suspecting something was happening herself. Lily Evans was head over heels in love with James Potter and she couldn’t deny it.

But while you were grabbing your head, which hurt from that soft laughter, you realized you had a dream of the same situation. Or was it a memory? Did you really kiss your long time crush the previous night? “Wait… I think I had the same dream,” you paused standing up and taking a worried glance at your best friend, who was staring at you with her eyes wide open. “Was it really a dream? Maybe we actually did it…” you looked concerned but also delighted by the thought of kissing Sirius; and even better, him kissing you back.

“For Godric’s shit!” Lily murmured, taking a sip of her drink. You chuckled at her response. She didn’t normally swear so she caught you by surprise with the comment. “What should we do? I mean, we can’t just leave the matter aside like it’s no big deal, can we?” she expressed her uneasiness in a quiet voice, almost a whisper, as if she was worried someone would listen.

You opened your mouth to say something but closed it as you heard the doorbell ring. You heard Lily’s mom open the door and four voices greeting her. You recognized them the instant you heard them. They belonged to the Marauders. You were excited to see them, but also nervous because you knew they remembered more than you did because they had drunk less than Lily and you.

They strode to the kitchen where they found and greeted you and your friend. They expressed their delight mockingly as you were alive and not dead because of massive hangover. They sat down on the free chairs around the table and started to recite the stupid things you did caused by too much fire whisky.

“Well, you drank last night too. I recall some singing from Peter if I’m not wrong,” you teased playfully pointing at your friend, who was slightly blushing. You realized Sirius and James were quieter than usual and didn’t mock you as they generally did. Maybe it was because of the kiss, hoping not to make things awkward. Or maybe they were just tired. You left the thought aside, not wanting to ruin the moment for you.

“I may have sung, but you danced like your life depended on it,” Peter answered to your playful teasing imitating your moves from the past night with a smirk on his face.

“You were so drunk you almost fell like ten times when we were leaving the place,” Remus said pointing at Lily. He then turned to point you, “and you, Miss (y/l/n), danced with Sirius all around the street. It was hilarious,” he added wiping a tear that was streaming down his face, caused by his laughter.

“You even called me a princess,” Sirius added with a chuckle. He was acting like himself around you now so you assumed that maybe the kiss didn’t mean anything to him and he was just tired. You tried to give your best poker face not to call for attention, but you were still a bit heartbroken.

“Why don’t we go for a walk to clear our heads?” James proposed standing up from his comfortable sit and taking Lily’s hand, guiding her towards the front door. You spotted her slightly pink cheeks and smiled to yourself. Everyone pouted but eventually agreed it was for the best and stood up.

As you were heading towards the door, a strong grip grabbed your wrist forcing you to turn around to face Sirius. He was avoiding your eyes, like if he was embarrassed, but didn’t let your hand go. He started fidgeting with your fingers absentmindedly, trying to get the stuck words out of his dry mouth. “(Y/n), I… what do you remember about last night?” he asked abruptly, raising his gaze to meet yours.

“Not much, really. We drank, laughed, danced and came back. That’s pretty much it,” you answered, leaving the kiss part aside not to make things awkward between you two. Maybe he was just more drunk than he remembered and kissed you by accident.

“Oh, well, then I have to tell you something… we kinda kissed. You dared us actually,” Sirius explained with a grin on his face, remembering how careless you’ve been. “I would kiss you and James would kiss Lily in order to go home or you’d stay,” he chuckled, looking down. “I don’t want to get things weird I just thought you should know.”

"Okay… then what should we do? Ignore it or-” you didn’t know where the courage to ask that came but you were too curious to actually think about the reason. You couldn’t finish your phrase, interrupted by Sirius’ face getting closer to yours, finally crashing your lips together in a deep and messy kiss. You were caught off guard but still reacted quickly. You felt electricity flowing through your entire body and shivers down your spine. You pulled away when you decided you needed air and looked at him surprised, a grin on your face that mirrored his perfectly.

“I don’t think we should ignore it,” the black-haired boy said softly, your foreheads pressed together. He smiled at you and you smiled back, biting your bottom lip. Neither of you could believe it. You were hoping for this moment to happen since fifth year and you could finally enjoy it. He grabbed your hand gently and walked towards the house front, where the rest of the group was waiting for you.

“Where have you been?” James asked impatiently, like if they’ve been waiting for hours. But before he could keep complaining, Remus nudged his arm and signaled with a not so discreet head movement your intertwined hands. You blushed and tried to avoid their amused gazes while they smiled at their friend widely.

The six of you started your stroll, pleased. Now, none of you was disappointed as the night before but contented with the start of your day. You realized that everything would change between you and Sirius and you were ready.

Part 1

“Better Hands” - Part 3

“Better Hands” - Part 3

( Part 1 / Part 2 )

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Leonard “Bones” McCoy x Reader

Word Count: 2473

Key: Y/N = Your Name, L/N = Your Last Name, H/C = Your Hair Color, E/C = Your Eye Color

Warnings: Talk of Abuse, Mentions of Abusive Ex, Cursing, Talk of Injuries,

Summary: After being in an abusive relationship, you have been able to turn your life around thanks to the help of the team. But when you have to go back to your ex for some of your things, some shit goes down.

Originally posted by urban-trek-thru-middle-earth

Author’s Note: So this is my first Star Trek piece and I’m super fuckin nervous about it. I’m not a huge Trekkie, but I am a fan of the newer films. Those are what I base my fics off of unless stated otherwise. But yeah, I hope you enjoy!

Special shout outs to @goodnightwife and @the-witching-hours12-3 for beta reading and being helpful during my hiatus. <3 Please go check out their works!

If you would like to be tagged in any of my future pieces (All Works, Specific Fandoms, or Specific Multi-Parts), please let me know! And as always, feedback is greatly appreciated!


- DreaSaurusREX

Tags: @goodnightwife @the-witching-hours12-3 @theeactress @feelmyroarrrr

Waking up in bed with Leonard always made you smile. You weren’t a morning person, but if you woke up to the love of your life every morning, you could start to really enjoy them. His warmth, his protective, comforting hold on you, even his voice before bed or when just waking up. You loved everything about it. But something was off this morning.

You were laying on your side and he was behind you with his hand gently on your hip instead of tightly wrapped around you. You realized that it was probably because he was worried about putting too much pressure on your wounds. Thank god he let you take some sort of sedative to help you sleep through the pain. There was no way you could have slept well without it last night; the pain from the bruises and cuts plus the new stitches made it difficult to get comfy.

Intertwining your fingers with his, he started to stir awake. You tried to turn around to face him, but instead flinched from a sharp pain in your shoulder. As soon as he heard you hiss in pain, Leonard was sitting up and worried. You tried to lay on your back, to just grab his hand, and tell him that you were fine.

“It’s okay. I’m okay. Just kind of forgot about everything. I wanted to see your face.” You managed to chuckle and smile through the pain. Leonard chuckled along with you before kissing you softly as if he was afraid of hurting you more. He pulls away, but you  pout playfully. Leonard gives you a confused look.

“What’s wrong, darlin’?”

“What the hell was that ?” He looks at you with a growing smile, he starts to lean down while you rest your hand at the base of his neck and run your fingers through his hair. The kiss becomes a bit more heated and you both forget about your injuries for a minute. It wasn’t until Leonard tried to snake his hand around your back that you were reminded . His hand had hit a  sensitive bruise on the back of your ribs, causing you to arch away from his touch and quickly pull away from his lips. Leonard started to apologize.

“I’m sorry, sweetheart! I guess I got lost in the moment. I–” You cut him off with another short kiss before pulling back and responding.

“It’s fine. I’m fine. I’ll survive.” You tried your best to smile. He looks at you like he didn’t believe you 100%.

“I know you will survive. You’re a fighter.” He kisses you one more time before getting up from the bed. “Now, you stay there. I’m gonna make us some breakfast and bring it back in here.” You start to shift yourself to an upright position when Leonard turns around in the doorway and points his finger “I mean it, (Y/N). Stay.”

But of course you don’t listen.

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Was tagged by @laniemoriarty like billion years ago so… hair, pre and post taming.

Also I feel like I should mention I bought this shirt for irony reasons cause I’m deaf.

TITLE -  Neighbour - Part 3

WARNINGS Bathroom stall sex , some revelations .

WORDS -  1.8k+

PAIRING - Bucky x Reader

A/N -   TAW  @supersoldierslover you are amazing . Thank you my love.


PART 1    PART 2

“What do you mean ‘What’?” he asks as if you he was dumb-found with your question.

How can you love a person you barely know.? He fucked you all of this evening and now just like that he can drop the L –bomb? Who does that?

“What’s my last name Bucky?”
 “Hmmm?”, he asked confused as to how this was relevant in this discussion .

“What is my last name Bucky?”, you said enunciating each word with pressure.

“I don’t know. How would I know?”

“Exactly , you don’t know my last name . You don’t know my favourite drink , you don’t know if I even drink or not , you don’t know….”
“What is your point Y/N?”, he asks irritated.

“You don’t know anything about me Bucky , except for the fact that my name is Y/N , and that I am your neighbour and I like sex. You can’t love me when you know nothing about me .”

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Ruin part 3


AN: Honestly, I think I would’ve done another part even without a request. Considering making this into a series? Let me know what you guys think of that idea… Hope you enjoy it 

Part 1  Part 2

Originally posted by scared-of-my-own-image

The bell for government was about to ring and you waited until the last moment before walking in.

Your head to your seat, whilst your friend waved you over excitedly.

“I haven’t heard from you in days! Where have you been?!”

‘I just broke up with my boyfriend. Found out Shawn likes me. Came to the sudden realization that I did too. Oh, we kissed!  Also, we may or may not be dating.’

“You know..here and there.” The bell rings, interrupting your vague answer. Thankfully she doesn’t pay too much attention and copies the note down from the board.

You glance back to where Shawn is seated. A headphone dangles from his right ear, but he’s still paying close attention to the teachers beginning lecture.

You turn back to the front, not wanting to get called out. There was no doubt Mrs. Mitchell wouldn’t have been able to tell just who you had been looking at. You didn’t need her to announce it to the entire class.

“Remember, papers are due this Friday! Homework is to annotate this hand out and come up with questions. We’ll be having a Socratic seminar tomorrow. I don’t want to deal with anyone lacking and not completing this simple assignment. I’ll see you all tomorrow!”

Rose doesn’t stop to wait for you, or revisit the conversation. You’re glad when she rushes out of the class. Government being her least favorite subject.

“Y/N,” the voice is incredibly familiar behind you, and you try to not seem too flustered.

“Hey!” You cringe at the excitement lacing your response, while Shawn chuckles. “Sorry..”

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