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1998 (delicious) - peace // high hopes - pink floyd // we exist - arcade fire // sheep - pink floyd // kashmir - led zeppelin // lucid dreams - franz ferdinand // stairway to heaven - led zeppelin // smells like teen spirit - nirvana // i want you (she’s so heavy) - the beatles // diplomat’s son - vampire weekend // blood on the leaves - kanye west // plastic soldiers - portugal. the man // nothing that has happened so far has been anything we could control - tame impala // the jeweller’s hands - arctic monkeys // the suburbs - arcade fire // ya hey - vampire weekend // lonely world - the vaccines // plainsong - the cure

Led Zeppelin (Bonus Track)
Tame Impala
Led Zeppelin (Bonus Track)

“Led Zeppelin”

Senses taking over, thought to set me free
I tried to get up but it was pouring down on me
Keeps on getting deeper, desperately to be
Said there’s some guy interested in dragging it out of me
Oh, it’s what I need, oh

Tell me you’re in love to let it show

Just making magic, I was far enough to see it
Better than to get just what a stranger did to me
Is it because I love, is it because I don’t, well, I just don’t know
Keep on asking me, darling, let me see it, keep on asking
Is there any way to let it go?

Anybody here like/post: The Strokes Fidlar Tame Impala The Orwells MGMT Cherry Glazzer Mac Demarco Led Zeppelin Sonic Youth Wavves Phoenix The Vaccines The Velvet Underground Deap Valley Foxygen Grimes Metronomy Palma Violets The Growlers etc.

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Hey! I recently reached 1000 followers and seeing as I’m not gonna get to many more I thought I might as well give you all my favourite blogs and people I think are cool, or just really hot idk. You’ll never know which category you’ve fallen under. I’m gonna miss so many people out so I’m sorry in advance and also I’m sorry about how tacky my picture is but I made it in 3 minutes on paint


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