tame furry

New fursona Breach 

Behold my new species XD
well one of the 2 characters i have made.
They are possum dragons, their colored fur is fluffy but the natural colors are very short furred (in this case the black) 
when frightened they play dead >u< (if i ever make a fursuit, she would flop over when hugged) 
Her name is Breach and her sisters name is Rupture (shes blue instead of pink with white instead of black and a different pattern) 

Also sorry about the shaky lines, this was drawn with the mouse touch pad thing on my laptop :D 

So enjoy :D 
Just dont try to rip her off k?

being a furry is hard because no matter what unless it’s a commission you are probably gonna draw them as sexy as possible to you. even if you try not to. for example every time i try to draw a tame, innocent furry pic, it’s either got bedroom eyes, gigantic hips or its ass is sticking out