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i think you’re really beautiful

a playlist for someone who i hope will realize someday how beautiful they are

multi-love - unknown mortal orchestra
the only one - the black keys
keep on lying - tame impala
the chase - future islands
i follow you - melody’s echo chamber
derka blues  - the growlers
i think you’re really beautiful - starry cat
pepsi/coke suicide - elvis depressedly
no other heart - mac demarco
sometimes - beach fossils
i wanna be a witch - julia brown
i don’t want to get over you - the magnetic fields
ooo - karen o

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but hey, we can’t be mad at God

01. no heart - 21 Savage // 02. love/paranoia - Tame Impala // 03. my favorite part - Mac Miller ft. Ariana Grande // 04. secrets - The Weeknd // 05. love$ick - Mura Masa ft. A$AP Rocky // 06. no police - Doja Cat // 07. pink + white - Frank Ocean // 08. don’t touch my hair - Solange // 09. P.Y.T. (pretty young thing) - Michael Jackson // 10. wait a minute! - Willow Smith // 11. blue boy - Mac Demarco // 12. them changes - Thundercat ft. Flying Lotus & Kamasi Washington // 13. dent jusay - Matt Matians ft. Syd & Steve Lacy // 14. prototype - OutKast // 15. only girl - Kali Uchis ft. Steve Lacy & Vince Staples // 16. ridin round - Kali Uchis // 17. l$d - A$AP Rocky // 18. the moment - Tame Impala // 19. fashion killa - A$AP Rocky // 20. round whippin’ - A.CHAL // 21. know what i want - Kali Uchis

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Rare Egyptian Bronze Cat Nursing Kittens, Late Dynastic, C. 712-343 BC

A cast bronze fragment of a piece that was perhaps a cuff or applique.

The ancient Egyptians, rather uniquely among the world’s civilizations, had an obsession with cats, both tame and fierce, large and small. Cats were domesticated to help protect crops from pests in Cyprus or possibly Mesopotamia (it is difficult to interpret the archaeological record on this matter for a variety of reasons), but the Egyptian’s love of cats seems to have gone above and beyond that of their contemporaries. The cemetery at Hierakonpolis includes a cat skeleton in a pre-Dynastic tomb (c. 3700 BC) that had a broken left humerus and right femur that seem to have been set by a human and allowed to heal before that cat’s ultimate death.

The first illustration of a cat with a collar comes from a 5th Dynasty (c. 2500 to 2350 BC) Egyptian tomb at Saqqara. Cats were the most frequently mummified animal in Egypt and there were multiple feline goddesses, including the domesticated cat-form Bastet. Bronze statues like this one may have been direct offerings or appeals to Bastet.

A list of songs that make you feel something Pt. 5

I Don’t Like Who I Was Then - The Wonder Years

Eventually - Tame Impala 

If You Love me Come Clean - Flatsound

The Trash Particle - Modern Baseball

Tough Guy - Cyberbully Mom Club

Brother’s Song - Brand New

Sea of Love - Cat Power

Sleep - Flatsound

Never Saw it Coming - Tiger Jaws

Highway Blues - Seahaven

anonymous asked:

How do you feel about outdoor cats? (or indoor outdoor cats. basically cats that are allowed to wander.) is it illegal where you live? if so, do people follow the rules? if not, do you think it should be illegal?

First, I would like to relay a conversation that I have at least once a day.

Me: Is your cat a strictly indoor cat?

Owner: Yes, but he goes outside sometimes during the day.

That is not the definition of a strictly indoor cat.

Outdoor cats are permitted under some local council jurisdictions, but there is increasing push to restrict their activities. Some locations have a cat curfew, some estates have an indoor only policy (and all pets must be desexed), and some locations are pushing to prevent ownership of pet cats at all (mostly islands).

There is a large population of stray cats and semi-owned cats. These cats might get fed by multiple people on the street, but nobody steps up to claim ownership of the cat. Nobody gets it desexed or gets veterinary treatment. Nobody goes looking for it if it goes missing, they assume it ‘went home’.

Our local council is pushing for more people to take responsibility for these cats, largely cutting down on adoption paperwork. They’re also allowing businesses and factories to take ownership of semi-owned local cats so long as they’re desexed. The feral colony living of McDonald’s dumpsters is an example. The council can’t force these people to keep barely tame cats inside, but they’ll settle for seeing them desexed. Folks wont hand cats over to the council if they think they’re just going to be put to sleep.

The simple facts about cats permitted to roam outside are these:

  • They devastate local wildlife populations. Even well fed pets will hunt. If you would like to see the approximately 50 animals removed from one feral cat’s stomach, there is a picture here. It’s a bit gore-ish. They kill a lot.
  • They do not live as long on average as strictly indoor cats.
  • This is mostly due to increased viral transmission and accidents - fights, dog attacks, hit by cars etc.
  • There is a portion of the human population that deliberately go out of their way to harm cats. Shooting in rural areas, running them over with cars, putting out milk with paracetamol (acetaminophen), etc.
  • People will also ‘kidnap’ friendly cats that they find on the street and ‘assume’ are lost so decide to keep them. I know one lady that picked up a cat on the street on holiday, drove four hours back home, and then presented it to me where I found its microchip. She did not get to keep the cat she kidnapped.
  • Cats with white faces are far less likely to develop squamous cell carcinoma.

Cats are safer if they’re confined to their home or properly secured cat runs. Both safer for them and it prevents their devastating affect on our environment. I would prefer to see them all contained, though I doubt that will happen. Society’s view of cats and how we keep them would need to change before that happens. Currently they’re perceived as low value pets because they’re so easy to acquire.

Note that a cat on a harness still counts as contained, because they’re not able to free-roam, as do cats in a secure enclosure.

Society is perfectly happy to contain and entertain its dogs. We should be capable of doing so for our cats.

It breaks my damn heart to think of all the feral cats who get put down without ever being given a chance. My youngest cat was feral and even though he’s still kind of a shit, he’s one of the sweetest, cuddliest, most affectionate cats I’ve ever known. He went from Problem Child to Sugar Boy because I gave him time, patience, and love.

Not all feral cats will have such a transformation, but all feral cats deserve the opportunity.


Literal fanservice. Bloody adorable.

Ben: I’d like to be a falcon.

Interviewer: A falcon? [Ben nods] Why?

Ben: ‘cause I just think they are incredibly beautiful and strong.


Ben: No, I wouldn’t wanna have anything to do with people.

Interviewer: Yeah?

Ben: Yeah.

Interviewer: A free falcon.

Ben: Absolutely free.

James: Hhm.

James: I’d like to come back as a falcon handler, I think.

[Interviewer laughs, Ben smiles.]

James: I always wanted to tame a falcon.

Interviewer: Yeah.

[Ben keeps laughing.]

Interviewer: To enslave them.

James: Yeah. Keep it in a cage. Not feed it much.

stealthpoptarts  asked:

My brother is telling me I can't have dwarves in my book breed large dogs (similar to breeds like the Tibetan Mastiff or Irish Wolfhound) to ride into battle because it's "scientifically inaccurate." He says that it wouldn't work because animals big enough and aggressive enough for that can't be domesticated for breeding. They can only be tamed. Does this mean I should come up with something else? Or could I get away with it if I was consistent with it? And aware of why it wouldn't work irl?

That doesn’t sound real. 

I mean, there is a distinct difference between taming and domestication, but just because something isn’t domesticated doesn’t mean it can’t learn different behaviors from its wild counterparts. In fact, that’s exactly what tamed house cats do (house cats are not domesticated). Even horses, though domesticated, have not been so genetically altered that they could not, given the right circumstances, survive in the wild. (Here are some more answers to the question of the difference between the two.)

Also, it’s your story and your world. Perhaps you use canine-like creatures without explicitly making them dogs and then you can do whatever the hell you want because it’s a species you created. 

You could breed anything you wanted, you might just have to exert a stricter level of control over their day-to-day lives to prevent unwanted mating and uncouth behaviors. 

Bottom line: it’s fiction. If you keep your depiction of this species’ tameness or domestication informed, then you’ll be fine. 

Happy building!

“Please—tame me!” she said.
“I want to, very much,” the  little paladin replied. “But I have not much time. I have friends to discover, and a great many things to understand.”
“One only understands the things one tames,” said the blue cat. 

A mock storybook page for “The Little Paladin”, my little VLD version of “The Little Prince.”

For @lancenetwork Lance bday week Day 2: Friends. 

Page 1: FamilyThe Little PaladinPage 3: Love/Comfort

TNR stands for trap/neuter/release. There are TNR programs worldwide to manage feral cat colonies. Since they’re too wild to be tamed these cats are caught, given shots, and neutered/spayed before being released.

Although it is a bit of a scary experience the benefits are huge. Not only to control cat populations, but lessening likelihood of illness and risk-taking behavior. Receiving shots gives them added protection to survive. It also allows a vet the chance to see to them, giving them medical attention for the first and likely only time in their life.

You can tell a cat has been TNRed if it has been ear tipped. This means a sliver of an ear tip has been removed by a vet. Now if any other human sees LeClerc they will know he has already been helped. TNR groups automatically include this for ferals.

TNRing cats is a slow, muddled road with a rewarding end. Every call along the way always led to another organization to refer to. Finding the information was a huge hassle (one supposedly in-the-know person I spoke to even said NY doesn’t do it!). However we did manage to get vouchers for some of the cats in the end and that’s what matters.

This process is for cats beyond the point of being tamed. This is why feral kittens should be caught as soon as possible - they are not beyond pethood. Never wait and try to gain the trust of a kitten to encourage them to come in on their own, trap them or call a shelter to have a professional trap them. Kittens experience a critical period of development and it’s so important not to miss handling them in this tiny window. The humans managed not to miss it for me, but my siblings are adults now.

For adults TNR is a great option to help cats get much needed medical attention. Untamed adults, who if rescued would spend their whole lives cowering under a couch in fear, experience a better quality of life continuing to live outside.

LeClerc, pictured here, is a TNR kitty, and my brother. He is back outside now.

Lego Star Wars Rebels the Game

…which doesn’t exist, won’t exist, or is in development but unannounced.  Or perhaps they’re waiting until after Season 4 is aired, so we’ll get the complete story-line package in one game.  Here’s a few ideas I had, and I think a few came from a discussion with @kimbachan some months ago.

Overworld 1: Lothal

  • Ezra’s Tower
    • Locate all of Ezra’s missing helmets around the Tower and return them to the common area to finish the training level.
    • Exit the common area onto the viewing platform so that you can catch sight of the oncoming Star Destroyer as it approaches Capital City.
  • Lothal Capital City
    • Much to be explored here!
    • Steal crates from these strangers you never met before.
    • Spray paint starbirds in key locations to unlock rewards.
  • The Highway
    • Race using speeders to beat the best times or other players.
    • Trash all the street lights for studs.
  • The Ghost
    • You can explore all the rooms and bunkers, except Sabine’s because she won’t let you enter.  But she might let you in if you bring her a few new paint sprays.
    • Take the Phantom for a joyride over the plains of Lothal.  Try not to run out of fuel or you’ll have to walk back to the Ghost.
  • Tarkintown
    • Bring the poor locals food such as jogans and meilooruns and they may give you studs.
    • Help rebuild their ghettos.  
  • Vizago’s Camp
    • Pay Vizago with studs to unlock new character models or cheat codes.
    • Boss Battle against Agent Kallus.
  • Kathol
    • Hunt for meilooruns.  Perhaps you’ll have to collect ten meilooruns per levels to build mini lego models.
    • Steal a TIE.
    • Trash the marketplace.  Shoot at everything for endless studs!
    • Sumar’s Farm.
      • Help out with the harvest for studs.
      • Rescue Morad and Marida from Yogar Lyste.
      • Help rebuild the Sumar’s farm home.
  • Imperial Academy
    • Race other cadets to the top of the well and beat the best times.
    • Play additional training levels such as shoot-to-stun challenges.
    • Unlock Ezra’s cadet model.
  • Imperial HQ
      • Steal Agent Kallus’ intel card.
      • Trash Agent Kallus’ office for an achievement.
      • Trash Maketh Tua’s office for an achievement.
      • Stay in imperial uniform or you will get chased and hunted down by other imperials.
      • Keep your helmet on/closed whenever Agent Kallus is nearby. 
      • Oh it’s night.  I didn’t know we get night levels.
      • The Moons look pretty.
  • Jhothal
    • Tame loth-cats using the force.
    • Old Jho’s Pit Stop
      • What!  Ezra’s clearly under-aged.  He should not be drinking alcoholic beverages!
    • Turn on Empire Day broadcast to keep the TIE pilots calm.
  • Empire Day parade
    • Set off fireworks in key locations.
    • Destroy the Advanced TIE prototype.
  • Ezra’s parents home.
    • Try not to break your heart while playing this area.
  • Lothal Jedi Temple
    • Open the Temple once you solved the outdoor puzzle that will allow the mound to rise.
    • Lots of freaky visions.
    • Boss battle against The Grand Inquisitor.
  • Old Republic Senate Building
    • Escape through the sewers. 
    • “Oh rats” 
    • Don’t let the loth-rats bite!

Examples of mini overworlds beyond Lothal.

  • Kessel
    • Free the wookies!
  • Garel
    • Trashing the pilot droid will just cause the shuttle to halt then Maketh Tua and the other passengers will just get angry at you.
    • Level won’t progress until after you rebuilt the droid.
  • Stygeon Prime
    • Yeah there will be a creepy corpse coffin to locate.  
    • Escape the The Grand Inquisitor.  Don’t stop running through closing doors!
  • Asteroid Base
    • Beat frynock kill-count records for studs.
    • Kill giant frynock for a million studs.
  • Malachor
    • It takes two to complete this level.  No more, no less…

Hi, I’m Guerrita, and if there’s justice in this world, you’ll reblog me like crazy until I get a home!

I’ve just passed my one year anniversary at the East Lake Pet Orphanage (ELPO) in Dallas, Texas – or as I call it, The ELPO Home for Unwed Mother Cats.  

My kittens are all long gone, but mama is still here.Some say it’s because I’m timid, but everyone who knows me learns I build trust with quiet interactions and gentle pets on the head and scratches behind the ears. When I’m relaxed and happy, I softly purr and flex my front paws. 

Imagine the soothing comfort of the purr of a shy cat on a stressful day!

Here is what I know: Miracles DO happen, but they’re helped along by a lot of hard work, patience, and sometimes a little luck.  So ask yourself: Can a feral mama cat be tamed, cared for, and loved so much that she’ll be happy as a house cat in just the right home?  YOU BET! Let me prove it to you!

Just email my friends at elpo@welovepets.net, and find out how to meet me and whether you will be the one to prove that the power of love DOES work miracles!



Maneater (Simon One Shot)

Love me some Hall & Oates and love me a lot of Negans right-hand man! 💦 So I thought I’d delve deep into my ever present ocean of thirst and dish out some Simon smutty goodness! Listening to “Maneater” by the aforementioned Hall & Oates on repeat really helped set the tone. Enjoy and let me know what y'all think! 😉

“She’ll only come out at night
The lean and hungry type”

There she was again.

Lean body wrapped up tight in a sinful crimson dress, leaving her long legs exposed except for black studded ankle boots. Wavy chestnut locks stopping just above the sweetheart neckline of her dress. Where just enough of her ample cleavage teased invitingly as she sipped on her rum & coke. Seemingly ignoring all the other men around her, those big brown eyes set on him.

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