tame cat

i think you’re really beautiful

a playlist for someone who i hope will realize someday how beautiful they are

multi-love - unknown mortal orchestra
the only one - the black keys
keep on lying - tame impala
the chase - future islands
i follow you - melody’s echo chamber
derka blues  - the growlers
i think you’re really beautiful - starry cat
pepsi/coke suicide - elvis depressedly
no other heart - mac demarco
sometimes - beach fossils
i wanna be a witch - julia brown
i don’t want to get over you - the magnetic fields
ooo - karen o

♢ listen here ♢


Mac Demarco, MGMT, Josh Dun (Twenty One Pilots), Melanie Martinez, Kevin Parker (Tame Impala), Lindsey Stirling, Brendon Urie (Panic! At The Disco), Ryan Ross (Panic! At The Disco), Dent May, Mark Pontius (Foster the People)


A list of songs that make you feel something Pt. 5

I Don’t Like Who I Was Then - The Wonder Years

Eventually - Tame Impala 

If You Love me Come Clean - Flatsound

The Trash Particle - Modern Baseball

Tough Guy - Cyberbully Mom Club

Brother’s Song - Brand New

Sea of Love - Cat Power

Sleep - Flatsound

Never Saw it Coming - Tiger Jaws

Highway Blues - Seahaven

yiffysniffy  asked:

Draw your fursona in the fursona box affinelayer. com/pixsrv/index. html

so i’ve been doing various drawings for this for the past few minutes and i’m convinced every result possible is incredible???

and then even more tame, “traditional” cat drawings produce hilarious results


just……………………….incredible…………………………………………………..thank you for this gift

My Playlist - September 2015

Foals – Mountain At My Gates

The Strokes – Welcome To Japan

Jack Garrat – Worry

Radiohead – Give Up The Ghost

Alabama Shakes – Don’t Wanna Fight

Fossil Collective – Let It Go

The Strypes – Eighty-Four

Balkan Beat Box – Dancing With The Moon

Jamie xx ft. Romy – Loud Places

Bon Iver – re:stacks

Editors – Life Is A Fear

AWOLNATION – Jailbreak

Tame Impala – The Moment

The Last Internationale – Wanted Man

Barefoot And The Shoes – If I’m Getting Old

The Cat Empire – Qué Será Ahora

Beck – Dream

Gavin James – For You

The National – Sunshine On My Back

Atlas Genius – Stockholm

Baio - The Names

Frank Turner – The Next Storm

Lost Frequencies – Reality

Muse – Mercy

Plants and Animals – The End of That

The Royal Concept – Smile

Caribou – Can’t Do Without You

Django Django – First Light

The Weeknd – Can’t Feel My Face

Balthazar – Last Call

Stromae – quand c’est?

Catfish and the Bottlemen - Homesick

The Vaccines - 20/20

sylvia-morris replied to your post: I overstepped.

my cat, who is v cuddly, will often swipe at me if I try to pet her while she’s eating (or concentrating on anything, I think). so idk if there are other times that Poppet is around when you could try petting him? But that might work better. Cats, though, they’re all different :P

Well… I’m not sure if it’s a reasonable comparison. You are lucky that your cat is cuddly! But Poppet is semi-feral. Eating treats from my hand is the tamest thing he does, and it’s the only thing that’s enough to distract him from his fear of being touched long enough for me to pet him. I wouldn’t dare try it in other situations. 

Taming a semi-feral cat is a long process, though, and Poppet has been with us less than a year, so it doesn’t mean it will never happen.

Its debatable whether or not they’re as damaging as feral cats (the number one reason I’ve ever seen for removal is that we want cows there instead and not necessarily that they’re hurting things) but in terms of taming them:

A feral cat is difficult to rehabilitate. A mustang however can be habituated to humans and made into a rideable, useful animal with a bit of patience. I knew a guy who purchased a mustang from a BLM auction to use as a school horse for novice riders and sought out a mustang specifically because of how hardy they are and because they generally have healthy feet and decent confirmation that’s well suited to work outside.

Mustangs can and do make great ranch horses, pleasure riding horses and pets. Killing 44,000 of them that they were supposed to be adopting to the public isn’t a matter of the horses being feral, it’s a matter of the government caving in to private interest groups.


some A Werecat in London stuff

Adrien/Nino doodle inspired by this post. Nino knows how hard it’s been for Adrien lately, and on top of that he has to get used to a daily shaving routine to tame the were-cat scruff, so he wanted to show his baby-faced friend that having a little facial hair isn’t the end of the world 

painted scene from the end of chapter 19, painted especially for @i-am-thornqueen because 1) I heard your birthday is coming up, and I might’ve missed it but even so, Happy Birthday! and 2) I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble with writers’ block. On that note, please don’t neuter our cat son. Less testosterone can mean less facial hair. I hope you’re able to write again soon!

Ok but I think this episode plays positive nessesity for Marinette’s ego.

She was very doubtful about making the cd cover, especially with the guy wanting it done outside her comfort zone. She looked to her parents who encouraged her to take the commision.

She hated how it was, and Tikki encouraged her to follow her instinct but instead Marinette followed the guidelines of the request.

Which led to Jagged Stone not like liking the end result. But he encouraged her to keep it as ‘his style’ saying she’s good at what she does. (And when a world famous rockstar is a fan of you, talk about an ego boost.

Then during the fight they are on very uneven footing because Guitar Villain has an op dragon as well as his own abilities. And with Cat Noir being thrown around like a rag-doll, and her plan to try to stop the dragon nearly getting Cat eaten, and thrown into a stoplight, things aren’t going well.

But then she comes out taming Fang the dragon, Cat being utterly impressed by such a feat she manages to beat Jagged, and finish the album cover the way she felt right, and the way Jagged was impressed.

And now Marinette is WORLD famous, not just famous around her school for being a good seamstress. But on a music magazine and the album art. Everyone who buys that cd and magazine will know Marinette DuPain-chengs name.

Top it off with the love of her life asking HER for an autograph… that definitely was a nice ego boost.