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PRIMO CARNERA is the name chosen by the founders of FRIGIDAIRE as PUBLISHER magazine.

  This is the first album of Ranxerox (color) (Tamburini / Liberatore), which collected the various episodes posted on FRIGIDAIRE.

But there is a ‘RANK XEROX’ black and white done only by TAMBURINI with some pencils A. PAZIENZA AND T.LIBERATORE out of CANNIBALE, a few years before.

This is a great stand-alone page of art. I especially like the construction of the machine on top of the high-rise building.

(Heavy Metal issue #170, September 1997 - Page 24 Ranx 3: Amen by Liberatore, Tamburini and Chabat)

At the top of the page, we see the ultra-violence that this series is so known for. What’s interesting about that is that the censorship on the page (that word balloon is not in the original version) covers up the sexual activity, not the violence. That really shows which visuals people think are acceptable (violence) and unacceptable (sex).

(Heavy Metal issue #170, September 1997 - Page 29 Ranx 3: Amen by Liberatore, Tamburini and Chabat)

La faccia nella spalla
disegna tenerezza
la bocca sulla curva
risale nostalgie.

Ti guardo
sorriso sui tuoi occhi.

Mi guardi
affondo ogni paura.

Rimane tra le mani
il solo desiderio
che quelle braccia ancora
disegnino confini:
io e te
due solitudini
mai perse tra i pensieri,
tracciate sotto un cielo
che eterna il tuo respiro.

Olga Tamburini

— immagine: Egon Schiele