The Hives vs. Tambourine studios. In court. They’re happier on stage. :(

Stick together guys! You’ll win. Bring the greedy bastards to justice.

Everyone go buy another copy of Lex Hives* or spend big on their merch. Stat.

*AKA The album they made for us even though they knew it was financially risky with all these legal proceedings going on. So much respect for them. Self-produced, self-everything. Thank you Hives.

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The Hives: ”Tambourine har fejkat ännu fler handlingar”

Tambourine has faked more documents.


Personal comment - Tambourine you scummy bastards! Fraudsters. Manipulators. Anyone can see that this company is dodgy. Go Hives!

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Här kommer The Hives med bevisen

Bad news: A decision has been made to disallow proceedings to take place in a higher court, and so some of The Hives’ assets will be seized to pay off money (~30mil SEK including interest and legal fees) allegedly owed to The Cardigans. The problem is said to be due to Tambourine Studios’ financial management malpractice by transferring money across various bands’ accounts without permission. The case against Tambourine has yet to be finalised since the band is appealing the decision made in the previous hearing.

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The Hives miljonstämning i rätten På måndagsmorgonen startade rättegången i målet mellan The Hives och Tambourine Studios i Malmö.



And probably more to come.