tambour embroidery


Tambour Embroidery Sampler


Done with a tiny hook needle tambour embroidery is used mostly to attach beads and sequins quickly and with beautiful results. I was first introduced to this technique while studying abroad last spring in London. I took an introductory tambour embroidery class at the Royal School of Needlework at Hampton Court Palace with an american instructor Robert Haven.

I instantly loved the technique and was excited to pick it up again for my independent study this semester. I chose to do an art deco inspired sequin butterfly for this sampler and used clear and iridescent green sequins on baby blue silk organza.

photos and text © Bianca Esposito 2013


Here are 2 interesting examples of Tatar embroidery with a few black and white examples of motifs.  I believe they would typically do these designs as tambour embroidery with a tambour hook.  However that is pretty much exactly the same as doing chain stitches which most people are familiar with.  So it goes to show you can do an elegant design with a single type of stitch.