Ouran 30 Day Challenge Day 4

What is your favorite ship?

I ship canon or things that would fit into canon.  For Ouran, the canonical pairings are pretty explanatory.  Of course there is TamaHaru, which is the main pairing and which I love so dearly.  However, since that is THE pairing for ouran, I’m going to spend more time on other characters.  Also, as already established, I love KananXKuze as well, but I focused on Kanan for the answer to Day 2. 

Firstly, Ritsu Kasanoda and Mei Yasumura.  I always thought that they should be together even though they appear together very rarely in the manga.  This made me sad due to my love of staying with canon.  Then it happened…the bonus part of Vol. 18 was scanned.  I practically had a seziure and went around the apartment saying “I SOOOO called that!!!  Hatori-san is LEGIT!!!"  Of course, Hatori-san was legit way before I called her it, but my love for her and KasanodaXMei has only grown since that moment.

Secondly,  I just find them adorable at any rate, but Kazukiyo Soga and Momoka Kurakano.  I thought the two of them were so cute together, and that was only furthered by the fact that Momoka is one of the only guests who is ever named explicitly.  I like that.  These two can go far.  They both have such gentle personalities, which is what makes them good together. 

See, if I were to date Kazukiyo, I’d probably say we were watching a princess rainbow bunny movie and in reality we’d watch Ju-on or something akin to that.  Mwahahahaha. That’s probably why I don’t have a man; I’d torture him as a sign of my love.  Probably why I like Kanan as well.

Anyways, those are my favorite fan pairings, and I am glad to say that they are (or became in the case of KasanodaXMei) canon pairings.