Tamatar you are the most sweetest person  who understands Zoya! and know that she does things with a pure heart! her intentions are good but it always backfires and put her into problems! I just wish Asad thinks like you! Seriously someone needs to give Asad brains even though he has one! just put some sense in it! Like Seriously! 

Washrooms and ∞ Pools

Due to my terrible posture, I have developed some sort of recurring neck pain (mental note: see a chiropractor when I’m back). But besides this, so much has happened in the last couple of days!

My friend Mandee was visiting Singapore en route to Japan – and was coincidentally staying at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. What amazing luck! On Wednesday, she was able to sneak Jae & me into the infinity pool on the 57th storey. The view was absolutely breathtaking! 

The MBS infinity pool.

And for the first time ever, I was able to try the reputed “national dish” of Singapore, chicken rice – courtesy of the classy (and expensive) food court at the MBS Shopping Centre. Oh, and I also tried a bit of BBQ stingray; how I accomplished this feat, I have not an inkling. I’d say I was feeling a bit adventurous. It tasted just like chicken!

Gourmet chicken rice.

A couple of days passed, and I was heart-warmed to see how much my colleagues had integrated me into their Econ team circle. They would stop by my desk at exactly 11:55 a.m. each day, whispering, “Lunch time!” (Half question, half statement.) I felt like I was part of some secret society. And soon, my supervisor felt comfortable enough to hold casual conversation with me via G-Chat from three cubes down (this was truly memorable). 

On Friday evening, I headed home from the Energy Studies Institute, expecting to catch up on an episode (or ten) of The Mindy Project. Instead, I wound up accompanying a group of lively engineers from University of Toronto on an excursion to Little India. And what a trip it was! From the street bazaars to the honking traffic to the scent of the air, everything reminded me exactly of my trip to Delhi in 2011. 

The bustling streets of Little India.

In the group of 13, two of us were Indian. We tried using this to our advantage by haggling for items and meals in Hindi…but to no avail. We landed up at a high-end North Indian restaurant (surprising, as the streets were all lined with Tamilian shops) with a dinner bill of $230. But the food was worth it: I ordered the bharwan tomato, stuffed with paneer, peas, corn, potato, onion, nuts, dried fruit, and capsicum. 

Curried bharwan tamatar.

After battling food coma, we walked around the city and split up into groups: some went on a Tiger Beer run as I attempted to explore the many storeys of Mustafa, the famous 24/7 haggle-friendly shopping mall in the area. 

Playing around with Lightroom… Mustafa Centre. 

The night ended on a great note, as we swore to collectively find and consume a durian by the end of our international stay. I had made some great acquaintances, but it was time to part ways and take a much needed ten-hour…nap.  

I hope to meet some Cal students tomorrow during second orientation so that I will finally be able to hear the American accent…from those who do not call the restroom a “washroom,” eh? 

Happy June!