Drinkin’ the Juice Blues!

Shot on 8mm film by Jack Coleman on the East Coast 2010 tour!

This is one of the very few cover songs by The Growlers. The original is Aldhechen Manin (listen) by Tinariwen, a group of Touareg musicians from the Sahara desert. It also sounds great when performed live. You’ll find it on their second album, Amassakoul, from 2004!

Because Tinariwen sing in their mother languare Tamasheq, The Growlers had to make up the lyrics for this cover from scratch.

anonymous asked:

So my friend and I were talking about this and he said that Amazigh (he said Berbers so that was strike 1) aren't an African race because they aren't Black. I said I thought you were an African race despite not being Black, but what's the general consensus amongst you guys African or not?

1. try to get rid of your racist believe that all African races have one and the same skin colour/ skin tone
2. it’s offensive to say “amongst you guys”, it’s not like all Imazighen are one giant homogeneous group
3. imazighen are the indigenous inhabitants of ‘northern’ Africa and parts of the sahara, therefore Imazighen are African
4. there are many darker skinned (Black) Imazighen, for instance amongst the kel tamasheq

It is western ignorance and racism that potrays all Africans as both a country of the same people, and a country of all one race of people. We are African. We were some of the first in African history, we have existed here before the Arabs, before the Romans, before the French. Being African is not based on being black, but that too is 100% erasing of black Imazighen.


Tinariwen - Lulla.


Counting to 10 in Tamasheq