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They better cuddle and kiss each other on the cheek.. but in a platonic way. I’m not here for anymore stug-esque surprises. 

Oh I wouldn’t worry about that, Joel loves the vagina too much ;)

I want them to play FIFA and be chavvy together! ;’(

soggyteabag replied to your post: “ste should go back to brendan to get some sense…

Da fuq? That ain’t cool.

Some moron posted it on twitter, apparently. I want to weep for them.

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Pathetic. The writers were so fucking stupid when It comes to Stug. Seriously messed up. I wished he had stayed single and sorted his own life out. This stug bullshit has done nothing but crapped all over Ste’s character.

God, I really hope they’re gonna split them up after Later, ‘cause honestly I can’t take it anymore. They’re crapping all over Ste, and it pains me to see him so unhappy with Doug. They’ve been miserable for months, enough is enough. They should stop dragging this corpse of a relationship and end it for good.

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My god! I would rather they Just split them up right now! I was worried what this would do to Ste from the start to be honest, The writers Just don’t know how to write his character anymore. I want to Sit Emma smithwick down and try and explain what a mess this is. Cause I don’t think she realises. Fucking hell. I am Just UGHHHHH SO PISSED OFF

Oh I know. Believe me, I know. The only thing that gives me hope is the fact the Kitty Beedle is now more involved in the show (and I believe she’s responsible for all the nice Stendan scenes we’ve been getting lately, which I’d like to point out are the only times we’ve seen Ste relaxed/happy in… what, two months? That says it all, really). I just want this freaking plot to be over already, so I can forget about it.

The fact that they actually thought this was a good storyline baffles me, really.