Tamara Dean, who is amazing Australian photographer, says “Very happy to receive the news that my portrait of Neil Gaiman is a finalist in the ‘National Photographic Portrait Prize’!”

I am impressed and proud of her. I love these photographs. I was incredibly tired, the wind did the strangest things to my hair, and I was being photographed in a back alley behind my publishers in Sydney… and somehow everything worked: the light, the wind, the way the back alley transmuted itself into a futuristic backdrop, even the tiredness helped, because I just did whatever Tamara asked without thinking about what was happening. I hope she wins the National Photographic Portrait Prize, but even if she doesn’t, so thrilled for her that it was a finalist.

A lovely Australian review of THE OCEAN AT THE END OF THE LANE in http://www.watoday.com.au/entertainment/books/distorted-memories-inspire-a-solid-return-to-adult-novels-20130801-2r04p.html which I post because I am still impressed by photographer Tamara Dean’s ability to take an exhausted man into the alley behind Hachette Books in Sydney and come away with some amazing photographs…