tamara rojo and sergei polunin


Marguerite and Armand - Sergei Polunin and Tamara Rojo (The Royal Ballet)


Diana Vishneva and Kostantin Zverev in Ashton's  “Marguerite and Armand”

Mariinsky Ballet at the Royal Opera House, London, England (August 2014)

Photos via Vishneva’s FB page.

Fun fact:

“As this was a piece choreographed specifically for Nureyev and Fonteyn, it was difficult for anybody to imagine anyone else in the title roles. It was a highlight in their farewell performances in Fonteyn & Nureyev on Broadway. After they died, it was forbidden for anyone else to dance the piece, but this has changed in more recent times. Revivals of the ballet have starred pairings such as Sylvie Guillem and Nicolas Le Riche, Zenaida Yanowsky and Federico Bonelli, and Tamara Rojo and Sergei Polunin. Sergei Polunin has also danced the ballet alongside Svetlana Zakharova.”

I remember watching an interview with Guillem, and about how hesitant she was to dance this because of its history and the fact that at that time it hadn’t been offered to anyone else. Nureyev and Fonteyn, one of a kind ballet partnership…