tamara mcdaniel

Please stop the coonery. White folks are naming their kids Pilot Inspektor, Apple, and Moon Unit yet creative names are proof of Black inferiority?

Creative names have nothing to do with being ghetto (keep in mind that the reason to hate “ghetto” is because that remind you of being poor AND Black). I have a son named Zzyzx and I have never lived in the ghetto. I’m not trendy, hip, or anything close to cool. I’m a code writing nerdy trivia loving goof from the suburbs. Wait…what if I were a girl from the “ghetto”? Would that downgrade my worth as a human? Would it make all of my decisions, likes, and desires be rooted in uneducated ignorance? Why?

Quit tap dancing and coonin’. Black =/= ignorant. Poor =/= uneducated. Black =/= inferior.
Creative is creative no matter who you are or where you come from.

Those “Black sounding names” aren’t hated because of the “name” part. They are hated because of the “Black” part.
Anything associated with “Black” is vilified and labeled as shabby, low class, or a sign of unintelligence. You even see some blacks echoing this sentiment.
The further you get from a white Christian cis male, the more you are mocked. This is why it’s so tough to be a black woman.

-Tamara McDaniel