tamara and the demon

i notice that everyone makes the events in Eddsworld the same in Ellsworld, (as in, if Tord gets a robot and is a communist, so is Tori)

but heck they forget that they have 2 very different events, or universal events, taking place! 

While Tom, Matt, and Edd were eating doughnuts Edd says ‘wow, i’m glad this box only has doughnuts and not an evil demon’ or something along those lines, while in the other universe, Ell, Matilda, and Tamara are fighting an Evil demon.

Ell keeps her sword, Edd breaks his

Matt smashes his mirror, I assume Matilda gets to keep hers.

Anyways, they have two different lines of a story and seem to be opposites, so while Tord is destroying their house, Tori could quite possibly just be wanting to move back in with the gals, and the Ellsworld story could be quite a bit more positive in the end.


For the last time she danced. Alas that she,

Gudal’s sole heir, a maid unfettered, free

As her own mountain breezes, should await

With the next dawn the imprisoned harem’s fate.

Of those strange faces and that alien home

Musing, a cloud would o'er her features come,

Yet neither cloud could hide nor gloom efface

Her artless witchery, her native grace,

Which, if the Demon in his flight had spied,

He sure had turned away for ruth and sighed.


And he has seen her. Through his bosom shot

A spark, a thrill of feeling long forgot,

As if across his spirit parched and bare,

Had passed a breath of paradisal air.

Long gazed he ravished as the vision’s spell

Recalled the happy days before he fell;

Like star on star they passed before his eyes.

The train of long evanished memories.

And recollection brought new sense of pain

When his heart whispered to him once again,

In his own tongue. Was conscience inly stirred?

No, his lips murmured no repentant word

Should he forget? That gift had God denied,

Proffered, he would have scorned it in his pride.

—  M. J. Lermontov, The Demon

“Tamara and Demon”, oil on canvas, 1889, by Konstantin Makovsky, 1839-1915, Russian. The painting is based on Demon, a poem by Mikhail Lermontov. The demon wanders the world, but Tamara sees him as a tortured soul and his kiss proves fatal to her.   Makovsky was both a composer and artist and considered a forerunner of Russian impressionism. The theme of Demon later became an opera and the basis of a book as well as a movie.