tamar braxton love and war

Love and War

This was inspired by the song Love and War by Tamar Braxton~ For that lovely anon who requested~ Please request! I don’t own BTS or “Love and War”!

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Jimin POV:

“You did it! I know you did! Admit it, Jungkook!” I scream, angry tears rolling down my face, leaving behind a salty trail of sadness.

“I never did that! Jimin, what’s happened to us? Where are we? We’re not happy, are we?” Jungkook sighs, looking down at his feet, giving up.

“Are you just giving up on this?!” I shake his shoulder erratically.

“Yes. I am. Are you?” Jungkook looks away from my eyes, trying to lessen the pain.

“No! I am not! We have been through shit. If we’ve made it this far, we can survive. Why are you doing this?” I yell even louder.

I scream and scream louder, until my throat gets hoarse, and I collapse. I’m trembling, I feel so alone. I feel like I’m facing the the world alone and Jungkook’s faded into the background, into the voices of the world.

“Jimin, I don’t want to give up. I don’t. But I have to.” Jungkook murmers, holding me like nothing’s wrong. I slap his hand away, bewildered.

“Who are you anymore? The Jungkook I know wouldn’t do this to me, to him, to US! What happened?” I cry, just wanting to break something, to break down.

I frantically search Jungkook’s face for any sign of who he used to be. I grab his face and I drop the bomb. 

“We’re over, then I guess. If you’ve given up already, why can’t I?” I mutter, letting go of his face, my hands dropping, limp.

“No! You can’t do this.” Jungkook shakes his head in denial.

“But, I can…”

“I’m not letting you do this. I’m still here, Jimin. And I’m saying no.” 

I smile and kiss Jungkook, passion coarsing through my veins. Our lips dance together and we hold eachother.

“See? I told you we could survive this. It won’t be sunshine every day, but we’ll pull through.” I say, looking into Jungkook’s eyes.

“Okay. Let’s do this.” Jungkook replies, making my heart flutter all over again. 

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Which songs do you like that Wendy has recommended to us

There’s quite a few haha I knew some of these before she recommended them, but I still like them nonetheless!

A list of songs recommended by BTS (oct. 24 ~ oct. 31)

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Tamar Braxton will release her album in February. But here is her performance from “The Wendy Williams Show.”


Tamar Braxton - Love and War

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