Hey there, dear followers of mine!

Yeah, you. You right there. All 6,393 of you.

You know what would be great?

If you all started watching Inhuman Condition. It’s a web series about a psychatrist who treats supernatural beings, who are marginalised in this world’s society.

Why should you watch it?

where do i even start

  • “I’m sick of queer characters only in stories about being queer, how about queer characters battling supernatural beings?” i see you and I raise you WHAT ABOUT QUEER CHARACTERS BEING SUPERNATURAL BEINGS?
  • “I am bisexual” word-for-word this happened. This is real. A woman said it in this show. And later another character referred to her as a bisexual woman. God is real.
  • Torri Higginson no less. My little stargate-obsessed heart is dancing a happy dance.
  • None of that “whitest Hermione In England to represent racial struggles through magical blood status” bullshit. Queer dark-skinned black man who represents the struggles that black people and queer people experience, but through the lense of lycanthropy.
  • “werewolf is a slur” I’m so <3<3<3
  • TAMAR. God she has only been in one ep so far but I’m so excited about her. She has terrible anxiety and it’s portrayed so well and she’s also a woc!!!!
  • The zombie is being called the zombae by the youtube commenters
  • There’s only one (supposedly) cishet white man and he looks Shady.
  • The show itself is interesting as fuck, can’t wait for the next episode, Today I’ve watched the 8 eps that are out and I’m so freaking hooked.


The fandom is nearly non-existent so please watch it. Every ep is only 8 min long. Come scream with me about it!!!

SORRY I ALMOST FORGOT!! trigger warnings everywhere. It’s a therapist’s office, and there’s lots of talk about anxiety and depression, plus like a FUCKTON of suicidal ideation. be careful with that!!!