tamano hinagiku


I think I have my favorite moment for Hinagiku. The day she got into a fight with a grown man on the street and lectured him after she broke the sidewalk with his face. Untransformed.

I’ve always had the hardest time connecting with the tomboy character in a magical girl show, because I was never like that. But I swear Hinagiku is everything I wanted to be when I was that age.


It’s kind of a shame that the aura of bullshit surrounding this episode prevents me from enjoying what is surely to be the only time you get to see Hinagiku and Yuri on their own.

With Momoko there being…well, MomokoHinagiku and Yuri usually stand together. Occasionally, Hinagiku will be more on Momoko’s level, but it’s so rare that it’s more amusing than anything to Yuri. But usually they’re the same, standing off to the side and sighing as Momoko falls flat on her face for the fifth time that week.

But if it’s just the two of them? The horrible example that Momoko sets isn’t there to keep Hinagiku in line and she flubs up everything. And Yuri has zero patience for that shit. She is a refined lady dammit and she has an image to maintain.

I would love to see more of them being a fantastically belligerent duo, but alas I do not think it is meant to be…


Hinagiku picking on Hiromi is getting better and worse at the same time.

I mean she’s dragging in innocent bystanders now too in her mad battle against Hiromi. And she’s so over the top about it this time too, laughing evilly. Then when Hiromi leaves she just has the most fiendish look on her face. There’s even someone talking to her and she’s still just staring at Potamos, savoring her victory.

She just has such an irrational hatred of the girl. Well, I guess irrational implies unjustified, but there’s been plenty of reasons for Hinagiku to dislike Hiromi. It’s just that whenever Hinagiku does this, it’s when Potamos isn’t doing anything wrong. Unlike all of the other characters, Hinagiku just constantly stays mad. It’s like the one thing that’s been consistent in this entire series. And the fact that she goes about it in the pettiest ways when she’s supposed to be the good guy is so delightful.