tamaki's bear

アイドリッシュセブン Event - 妖精たちのお菓子なお茶会  [Event Story: Kitchen]


Tamaki “Aa, I’ve been waiting.”

Sougo “We’ve been waiting for you. This is the kitchen. It’s the room where we make and drink our tea together.”

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anonymous asked:

Cuddling headcanons for Tamaki?

Sure thing! Bear with me on this cause sadly I haven’t read too far in the manga yet but I’ve researched him and hope this suffices.

Amajiki Tamaki

  • Loves it when his s/o is held close against him because it reassures him that someone is there for him.
  • When he hugs, its always with his hands wrapped tightly around the other person.
  • Used to dread hugs as he was never good in social situations. He was often the victim of the awkward one-armed hugs.
  • Doesn’t like to hug for too long otherwise he feels embarrassed or awkward.