tamaki yura

anonymous asked:

What would you say are your favorite manhwas/webcomics? Or favorite BL mangas? I love everything you post so I'm curious what your favorites are. :)

favorite manhwas/webcomics

  1. out of control 
  2. moritat
  3. killing stalking
  4. dark heaven
  5. hate mate (tbh not sure if I actually love this or hate but damn the art is so good)
  6. warehouse
  7. all about lust
  8. if you hate me that much
  9. window beyond window
  10. what lies at the end
  11. heaven and hell roman company


  1. mods
  2. saezuru tori wa habatakanai
  3. new york new york
  4. banana fish
  5. ze
  6. the inheritance of aroma
  7. j no subete
  8. smells like green spirit
  9. acid town
  10. tourou no ori
  11. canis/the speaker
  12. blood (yura tamaki)

and thank you so much!!! I’m so glad to hear you like them