tamaki drive

The Hosts Driving


Has never driven and never will; that’s what he has chauffeurs for. Duh.


Does not drive often because he has chauffeurs but when he does he is terrified of it. He goes super slow and swerves every which way. He can get to where he wants to go but it’s not fun. 


Drives well. Maybe a bit fast but whatcha gonna do? He totally jams out with the radio blasting when no one else is with him


Needs a booster seat. Very carefree with no road rage. But gets a lot of road rage directed at him for eating and driving. Ha, what are stop signs?! Also has been guilty of texting while driving. Usa-chan always has shot gun. 


The best driver out of the club. He does everything by the book and never runs red lights or stop signs. Can drive anything and do it perfectly. Despite this he has the worst road rage and is an annoying backseat driver. 


Drives well enough. Is kinda afraid of driving. Always thinks he’s doing something wrong or going to get into a car crash. Prefers to leave the driving to Hikaru. 


Drives fine. Will not drive in the rain though. If it starts while she’s driving she will pull over and wait until it stops or Tamaki comes to get her. Doesn’t have a lot of gas money so she usually just takes the train.