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Vector Tamagotchi models made by me just for the pleasure with Adobe Illustrator :3 I made them in this order : the Tamagotchi 4U without a faceplate or the Tamagotchi 4U+, the Tamagotchi M!X without decoration, the Tamagotchi ID L and the Tamagotchi P’s with the heart deco pierce, in the order that I ordered them. I don’t yet if I’ll make a color version but I really like the 2 color version I made ^^

tamagotchi asks

i feel like the tamagotchi community needs these so here ya go 

  • 1. what was your first tamagotchi toy? do you remember what it evolved into?
  • 2. what is your favorite tamagotchi toy?
  • 3. favorite tamagotchi?
  • 4. did you ever watch the tamagotchi anime/movies?
  • 5. what’s your favorite tamapet?
  • 6. which tamagotchi episode of the anime was your favorite if you watched it?
  • 7. how do you feel about bandai releasing a color tamagotchi worldwide?
  • 8. would you buy a english color tamagotchi if you could?
  • 9. how many tamagotchi’s do you own?
  • 10. your opinion on dream town characters?
  • 11. what do you use to reset your tamagotchis?
  • 12. do you sleep with your tamagotchis by your bed?
  • 13. how many tamagotchis have you ran at one time?
  • 14. do you like the tamagotchi crossovers that have happened?
  • 15. tamatalk or tamazone?
  • 16. pausing tamagotchi’s - yay or nay?
  • 17. if you could have any tamagotchi toy, which one would you have?
  • 18. favorite tamagotchi connection/plus?
  • 19. what’s your favorite tamagotchi toy shell design?
  • 20. what’s your favorite vintage tamagotchi toy?

anonymous asked:

I'm trying to decide which of the (newer) tamagotchi I should nut?? I have been wanting to buy a new one for awhile but my last ones I bought were music stars when I was in high school and I've been inspired to buy a new one because of your blog!!

i’m not sure exactly what to recommend but i’ll explain what the different kinds are to help you make a decision!

tamagotchi plus color

  • first color tamagotchis ever
  • your tama earns “happy badges” by experiencing cute life events (seeing a shooting star for the first time, finding a four leaf clover, etc.)
  • all special item codes can be found online.

tamagotchi ID and IDL

  • they apparently have downloadable items and are the first to let you dress up your tama
  • IDL version is just the next-gen, has more items and stuff, and your tama can have their own pet!
  • IDLE is the english version.

tamagotchi P’s

  • shell has a port in the front for plugging in accessories called “deco pierces”
  • theyre like tiny thumb drives with various games, locations, and just extra stuff.
  • SO MUCH custom content for tamagotchi P’s! people fill google drives with custom clothing and backgrounds, i’ve seen everything from sailor moon to vocaloid outfits!

tamagotchi 4u and 4u+

  • removable faceplates! you can replace with official ones or custom ones people make and sell
  • send your tama to school to earn skill badges in various fields (science, fashion, cooking, etc.)
  • discover your tama’s favorite food / snack / etc to earn all four clover pieces
  • 4u+ is just updated, it’s prettier and has more items and stuff

tamagotchi m!x

  • newest color tamagotchis
  • lots of locations to unlock, different models have different possible locations and characters to meet (sanrio version has puroland and sanrio characters, melody version has melody land, spacey version has etc etc etc)
  • most expensive lol
  • GENETICS! the most shining feature of the m!x is its ability to “mix” the parents’ appearances when they have a child. it’s slightly randomized but if you selectively marry your tama, as each generation goes on you can fine-tune their appearance. yes you can marry and mix with sanrio characters!!!

I hope this helped, if you have any more questions lmk <3

personally, my favorites are the plus color and the sanrio m!x. good luck!

  • The name “Tamagotchi” is derived from the Japanese word “Tamago” (meaning “egg”) and the English word “Watch”. It was designed to double as a pocket watch, so it could be practical and fun at the same time.
  • Not having faith in the Tamagotchi’s success, Bandai produced the original Tamagotchi in limited numbers. When the toy launched on November 23rd, 1996, it became so popular overnight that, at the height of its popularity, the first edition toys sold on the black market for over $1,000 USD.
  • The widespread popularity of Tamagotchi have resulted in at least one known car crash, robberies, and a bomb scare at a post office when a Tamagotchi beeped while inside its package.
  • In the official Tamagotchi backstory, the reason they came to Earth is because their planet (itself a living Tamagotchi) got drunk and became uninhabitable. They live inside the plastic eggs because they can’t survive in Earth’s atmosphere.
  • The total number of different Tamagotchi species is unknown, due to some material never being ported outside Japan (such as the PlayStation game, Nintendo 64 game, etc). Currently, there are over 730 documented characters, more than the current number of Pokemon (719).
  • A Tamagotchi goes through several stages of life: Egg, Baby, Child, Teen, Adult, Parent, Senior, and the “Secret” stage. Unlike Pokemon, the evolution is not set in stone; what the Tamagotchi becomes depends on how the user cares for it.
  • In Japan, when a Tamagotchi died, it showed a ghost with a tombstone. In the English toys, this is replaced by a UFO with stars, and they’re described as “returning to their home planet”. Despite this, grief from Tamagotchi deaths prompted the creation of online graveyards, where people could “bury” their virtual pet and share their memories.
  • The Digimon virtual pets were created as a male counterpart to Tamagotchi. They were released in Japan in June 1997, and later in the US in December. Digimon would end up spinning off into a successful anime series, collectible card game, video games, and more.
  • There is a real psychological effect, dubbed the “Tamagotchi effect”, where an individual develops an emotional attachment to a machine, electronic device, robot, or even software. The movie “Her” is an exploration of this phenomenon.
  • The original Tamagotchi toys ceased production in the summer of 1998 in the US, and at the end of the year in Japan. The Tamagotchi Garden toy was cancelled due to this. The toys that appeared around this time (Tamagotchi Ocean, Devilgotchi, Yasashii Tamagotchi, and the Santaclautchi) are considered the most expensive and difficult toys to obtain.
  • The Tamagotchi toys relaunched in 2004, with a bigger screen and infrared communication that allowed two toys to play games, exchange gifts, marry, and produce children. The toys relaunched again in Japan in 2008 with the Tamagotchi Plus Color, which featured a color screen. As Tamagotchi was losing popularity in America, the toy was never exported due to its production costs and low consumer interest.
  • The upcoming Tamagotchi 4U toy in Japan will have integration with the upcoming Super Smash Bros Wii U game, according to Bandai Japan’s Twitter account.
  • There have been several Tamagotchi toys produced in collaboration with other franchises, including Godzilla (the Mothra Tamagotchi).