tamagotchi idl e


My current tamagotchi collection :) 

I keep getting questions like “Where did you get your tamagotchi? How much was it?” So here’s a break down for ya :) 

From left to right: silver one is a p2, the second to be released. It’s in english and I bought it on ebay (I can’t remember how much it was but probably under $20.)

The yellow one to the right of it is a Tamagotchi iDL E, the E stands for English. I won it in an auction on ebay for about $75. They usually go for $100-150.

The pink and blue one to the right of that is my Tamagotchi Milky iD, it’s language is in Japanese. I bought it on yahoo japan auctions for $80, they usually run $150-$200 for that particular colour style. 

On the second row, from the left the white with colourful donuts and no antenna is a Tamagotchi connection. I’m not sure what the model is, I think it was the one released in 2004. It’s in English and I think I bought it on ebay for under $10

Lastly, the En Tama is similar to a V4 I think…

It’s a Japanese language tamagotchi and I bought it on ebay for $15-20 I believe. 

I’ve owned lots of other tamagotchis in the past and I’m hoping to expand my collection again :) I also have little figures, gameboy and ds game, some carrying cases and a colouring book.