tamagotchi hoshitchi


As I mentioned in one of my recent Tamagotchi posts, Hoshitchi was going to marry My Melody. I find it funny that Hoshitchi is the first so far(besides Shimagurutchi, who I didn’t think about at the time) to be able to hold the basket full of stars without a wand in the way(even if the scarf is covered some).

I feel bad about not having enough pics for the post so I’m kind of just putting all the growing up pics together of the child & see how that works out. Hoshitchi’s kid is a teenager now so at some point tomorrow(well today since it’s 3 in the morning) they might become an adult. Likely going to stay with this one for a while though I know who they’re marrying.but not going to marry them around the same day they finally become an adult.

I’m also thinking about getting Spacy & 20th Anniversary eventually, I don’t want multiple Tamagotchi but I want these. I’ll likely take the battery out for a while or something. Oh well, I’ll finally be able to get ninja & jellyfish Tamagotchi at some point.

I don’t know who the evil bunny(I remember her a little from a My Melody anime I stopped watching & from some stupid DS party game but forgot her name) is but I kind of wish my Tamagotchi could marry her since she looks cool. I like her design