I’m your SS (I think you know….)

Sorry I couldn’t post this sooner! I drew it on the 23rd but my ship didn’t have internet (well it did but it was literally a dollar a minute fffff)

Anywho!!!! Merry merry x-mas, gomen my stuff is gonna be late;;;;

But since xmas is over it should be there hopefully soon!!! I hope you like what you get haha.

I’m super glad we became friends (all of us!!!!!!)
Holly jolly Christmas and new year!!!

tama-rai asked:

fttt lol yush it does to me aswell. Except it came from a creepypasta which I first saw at the start of this year. And it's still is in my mind. I was trying to remember what I saw/ (I was too scared to look at it again and ) draw so I guess it kinda became my own monster.

hehe :) oh i’ve seen some creepypasta too and i still remember them. and damn.. (i can’t watch spongebob without thinking about it. D:) it looks good anyway :]


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1人で回転寿司来たんだけどなんか席がおかしい(流れてくる寿司が柱のせいで直前まで見えないから寿司を取るためには反射神経が必要らしい) pic.twitter.com/E8vrOldRp9

— たまごん (@onsen_tamagon) 2015, 5月 14

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Posting only cause Tama wants me to… fajskdfa I feel like every time we text I’m doing some art assignment /sorsor;;; 

Aaaa camp is fun.. but so much art aaaa.. I think I go to bed later than I do during the school year x'dd /weaklaugh.. Urgg sorry if I’m not responding to asks.. I’m working on a bunch of cubes atm;; I have other projects at the same time, but I’m worried about this one the most…