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First kiss scenario with Tamaki (my baby)? This blog is so precious, thank you!!!

//blushes// thank youuuu, dear anon!! ♥♥

“Oh, what are you doing here, _____-chan?” Tamaki asked, noticing you sitting on one of the marble benches amidst the West Gardens. 

“Nothing. Just killing time before going home.” You replied, nonchalantly, observing Tamaki’s slight blush as he slowly walked over to you. You had noticed his certain antics a few months ago, when you two began to grow closer and closer after that English project you two did. And you had assumed that just maybe he liked you, but this was Suoh Tamaki you were talking about. Tea leaves can make him blush.

Besides, he had numerous admirers he talked to in the Host Club every day, anyway. You were just a close friend who almost always teased him.

But still. That didn’t deny that he was extremely kind, and his idiocy can also be his charm. You wouldn’t let Kyoya hear that, though.

“Can I sit beside you, then?” He asked.

“Don’t you have your host thingies to go to?” You asked.

“I can be late. I’m with you, anyway.” He smiled.

Oh crap. 

“What are your favorite flowers?” Tamaki asked.

“I don’t really like flowers. I don’t find them pretty, to be honest.” You replied. 

“Then, I shouldn’t get you a bouquet of blue roses for our first date, then?" 

You choked on air. "WHAT?!”

Tamaki laughed. “I’m kidding! No need to get so angry, ____-chan~” He poked your cheeks with his finger. You raised an eyebrow.

“Ah, mou, you’re just ruining my precious alone time! Get out!” You kicked him off the bench. 

“That hurt, ____-chan!!” He whined, his hand rubbing the spot where you kicked him. He was on the floor, knees bent, heels on the ground.

“Serves you right for being too noisy.” You frowned. “And besides…” you couldn’t believe you were saying this, “isn’t it better if you bring chocolate instead for our date?" 

Tamaki’s eyes widened. He covered his blushing face with his hands. 


“I’m kidding, Idiot Lord.”

“That’s mean, _____-chan!!”

“THEN YOU KNOW HOW I FELT!” You lightly hit him on the head, you hovering over his bent figure. Tamaki looked up at you with his blue eyes, and it was that moment you realized just how close you were.

And all of a sudden, he surged forward.. and kissed you on your lips.

Your eyes were open all through that time in surprise. 

You looked at him, who had shyly looked away to the right.

“Sorry.. I just.. couldn’t help myself..” He mumbled.

Oh crap. Crap. Crap. Crap.

Star Signs as Host Club Members
  • Aries: Tamaki
  • Taurus: Mori
  • Gemini: Hikaru & Kaoru
  • Scorpio: Kyoya
  • Sagittarius: Also Kyoya
  • Aquarius: Haruhi
  • Pisces: Honey
  • All Else: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....

Listening? Good.

So, like Tamaki really likes cuddling and hugging alright?
So, whenever the club memebers are alone ir they talk about something he’ll just randomly sit down in Kyouya’s lap, because I don’t know He just likes that. Kyouya, being the great best friend he is, let’s Tamaki do it.

Also, additional headcanon: The club members (except for Tama and Kyo-senpai) always laugh about how Kyouya is more of a daddy than Tamaki