tam plays

We could garnish our music with a lot of sounds that fills no purpose. Then people wouldn’t complain about it being monotonous. But it’s the monotony that gives the songs their power. A “ta-ta-ta-tam” played over and over again never sounds exactly the same. The brain perceives it differently each time. The arrangements that we put effort into does not appear until you have gotten into the rhythm properly.
—  Thomas Bangalter (Daft Punk)


for all the gorgeous amazing brilliant talented hilarious charming and impossibly sweet people that I’ve met on here and that have encouraged me to keep drawing, keep posting, keep improving, in the hopes that someday I’ll be just as wonderful as they are! you’re all so so so inspiring and I’m so glad that I could meet you and become friends with you, and I hope you can look back on this if you ever need a reminder of how much you mean to me (and I’m sure many others!!)

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and anyone else who I might have missed, mutuals or followers or someone who I’ve talked to maybe once or twice- you’re all such wonderful influences and I hope one day you’ll all be as happy as you’ve managed to make me!

I love you!!!!!

Hold Me Fast

Stay clear of Cairthaugh, said old Barlin when Marian and Bethany first introduced themselves. The man that lives out there, he’ll take your heart.

Marian didn’t think it would be quite so literal. 

@kayla-bird mentioned a few days back how much they wanted a Tam Lin/DA2 crossover… and someone should still write that, because this took on a life of its own.

Little blue dog says she would like to join a professional soccer team. She is very fast, plays defense extremely well, not keen on passing to other players though, and she may try to herd the opposing team around the field as well. Anyone scouting??


It was a very productive 24 hours since I decided to step away from Facebook. Of course, one productive day is easy. I need to keep going. But I wrote a couple pages, started Red Dead Redemption (and played for a very long time last night), ran at the gym and did some weight training at home, worked on cross stitching Simon Tam, played some basketball with my brother and cousin, and as I mentioned in an earlier post, attempted to rescue my grandparents from the side of the road.

I’m supposed to work 8pm-8am tomorrow, so I might try to take a nap and then stay awake for most of the night so I can sleep during the day tomorrow, but I’m worried I’ll sleep through the night if I try to take a nap. I also know that I won’t make it past 1 or 2 if I just try to stay awake. I should have taken a nap today, but I am horrible at planning ahead and being a responsible adult. Oh well. I’m just going to set an alarm for midnight and see what happens.