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A Court of Dreams and Wishes Part I

Yeah, so, apparently working on a Feysand AU and a WIP novel at the same time wasn’t enough for me. I had to add another fanfic! Just as a disclaimer: I am not writing this to ‘correct’ what SJM wrote in any way, shape, or form. I’ve actually done this with multiple other books, Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins being the first. I think it’s fun to rewrite books the way I thought they were going to go. I’m doing this for the pure fun of it.

Please don’t hesitate to like/reblog/reply/send an ask! It’s really petty, but a big part of the reason Across the Stars is on hiatus is because I saw my notes go from over 200 a chapter to 68 notes. It’s really, really discouraging. Please show your support if you like it!

Without further ado, here is the first chapter of A Court of Dreams and Wishes!

Charcoal skies enveloped the sun, blotting out its rays and wrapping the city below in never-ending darkness. The city never woke to the chaos around it, never so much as cracked an eye to the screams and the anguish that poured through the streets like blood. Its denizens relished the pain and the torture, fed off the fear and adrenaline the darkness brought with it. Eyes as black as the abyss pierced through the smoke above the city, a beast’s clawed wings shredding the clouds with half a thought, all the starlight I had come to love and cherish buried deep beneath in the High Lord’s heart, where no one but me could find it.

I chewed on the handle of the paintbrush, my own hands stained gray and black. What I painted was the truth, of sorts. Or, it at least had the potential of being the truth. I painted my nightmares, I’d told Tamlin one night as we sat by the fire together. The paintings were horrific, I’d allowed, when he’d tried to suggest that I paint something more beautiful, more dreamy to chase the numbing terror away. But I needed to let my broken soul bleed onto the canvas, I’d claimed. If I bled it all out, if I let the darkness and the trauma splatter itself into oblivion, I could convince myself that what I’d experienced was well and truly in the past.

Rhys can’t hurt you anymore, he’d said, running a hand through my unbound hair, his rage barely controlled. I could feel his claws poking through his knuckles and prayed to the Mother he couldn’t feel my shudder of revulsion. You’re home now. You’re safe.

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His High Lady - Part 1

His Soldier was just the beginning of Regina’s story. So, I am happy to bring you His High Lady

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Hope you enjoy!

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anonymous asked:

Probably unpopular opinion, but I really hope elain doesn't immediately accept lucien as her mate. Not because she wants her fiancé or because she doesn't believe him, but because she doesn't want someone who isn't willing to fight for what is right and that will push him to stand up to tamlin because he wants to be better. And I want elain to come to this because she sees how wrong she was with feyre and that she wants to be better too.

(Just an FYI, I meta’d all over your ask in a Lucien-centric way, that’s why it took me a while to answer and also sorry this got long.)

I definitely agree with some of your points here, especially Elain not accepting the bond/Lucien right away. I’m not into the idea of Elain just falling into Lucien’s arms, and I think your comments show exactly why that would not be realistic or even desirable - there are a lot of things standing in their way right now, a lot of things for them to work through either as individuals or as a couple. I think a lot of people agree with you about not wanting them to be an instant couple, but maybe for different reasons.

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Retrograde - Part 6

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Jack had never met Sasha before, but he already knew he hated her. He’d only seen her in one of Rhys’ old photos that he took out when he was feeling nostalgic, although Jack knew that he kept it in the nightstand drawer on his side of the bed.

Sometimes, when Rhys wasn’t home, Jack would carefully take it out and look at it. Although he’d never say it to Rhys, he loved the goofy smile that he wore on his face in the photograph. It was the same one he wore whenever Jack cracked a stupid joke or said he loved him, but it looked different on his younger features. He had to have been no older than 17 when the photo was taken, sprawled out on a couch with his friends. One of them, a girl in a weird hat whose paleness nearly rivaled Rhys’, had her arms folded in mock annoyance. The blonde next to her, whom Jack recognized as Athena’s girlfriend Janey, was cracking a wide grin that showed off her braces. A Hispanic-looking kid could be seen lurking in the background, a bandana holding his ponytailed hair from his face and thick goggles hanging around his neck. He appeared to be laughing at what someone had said off camera. Jack wished he could ask Rhys what had been so funny– he knew that Rhys still remembered– but Rhys wasn’t particularly fond of talking about his life on Pandora, and Jack didn’t want to push him.

And then there was Sasha, whose mere presence pissed him off. She was on the couch next to Rhys, snuggled against his side. He had his right arm wrapped around her shoulders– his real arm, not the cybernetic one he had now– and Jack felt a twinge of jealousy. When was the last time Rhys had held him like that? He ached to be near him, to lean against his chest, to breathe in the sweet smell of his skin. After the fight, it was like he’d forgotten how to live on his own. He made a mental note to work in some extra cuddle time when this whole ordeal was over. But first, he thought grimly to himself, he needed Sasha’s help.

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A Court of War and Starlight: Part 3

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When I woke up, Tamlin was staring at me.

My body went tense and I pulled the sheets up over myself before realizing that this was not the appropriate reaction, and I allowed myself to relax.

Tamlin sat in a chair, elbows resting on his powerful thighs. A couple locks of blond hair hung around the sides of his face. His emerald eyes were glinting, something hard and unnameable in them as he watched me, a frown on his face.

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Feysand Fanfiction // Highschool

feysand fanfic // highschool

I sit on the bleachers in between Elain and Nesta. The football players hustle out in their purple and white uniforms with the cheerleaders squealing and tumbling next to them. The band swells the music upward and then brings it to a loud beat before stopping. Elain waves to Lucien blushing as he stands in the drum line. He grins and gives her a wink in return.
Nesta huffs and watches both sides as the coin toss occurs, “Where’s your lover boy, Feyre?”
I snort but find myself searching for Tam’s broad shoulders and blonde hair. Though I’m not going to let her know I’m looking.
“He’s NOT my lover boy anymore and I don’t know. I’m not the type to control my boyfriend even though I don’t have one currently.”
Nesta gives me a glare, “Cassian isn’t my boyfriend. Enough said.”
I smirk and nudge her arm with my elbow, “I’ve heard he’s got the hots for you.”
Nesta bristles at this and straightens her cheeks turning red for only a few seconds.
“Why would I care? He’s just a jock.”
“He’s not really a jock.”
“He’s cocky-”
“That’s debatable.”
“Feyre just because you and Cassian are friends and he tells you some petty lies just to get in my pants doesn’t mean they’re true…” She lets out a big sigh. “He’s friends with Rhys anyways.”
I frown and turn back to watching the game.
I find Tamlin in his stance before sprinting and tackling two guys who tried to tackle the quarterback. Rhys.
I find him next and see him sturdy on his toes before perfectly arching his arm through the air sending the ball across the field. An opponent nearly takes him down, but he steps aside as if their nothing but air.
Across the field Cassian is running towards the touchdown spot his legs carrying him with some unknown speed. He catches the football and triumphantly grins as he scores a touchdown.
I see Nesta roll her eyes as he flicks his nose at our opponents and slams the ball into the ground with his wicked grin.
This goes on for a while and eventually the game ends. We win by a landslide and Elain races down to see Lucien as Nesta and I make our way back up to the concession stands to wait.
“Cassian made a lot of touchdowns,” I say.
“Tamlin made a lot of tackles.”
I groan. Tamlin and I broke up during the summer due to his constant needy antics and his constant need to be my shadow. After a while it got so bad he started coming over when I didn’t want him to, and I’d try to force him out but to no avail. He’s huge. I’m not.
The last night we were together we got into a heated argument that basically ended in him slapping me. I slapped him back but not before the tears and my screams raged through the house. Luckily only Elain was home to kick him out and not Nesta because my wrath would pale in comparison to hers.
So it ended.
Elain glides back up to us grinning like a fool,“ I’m going home with Lucien and his friends, so you guys can go!” She waves before dashing back down the bleachers out of sight.
Nesta and I maneuver around the concession and strangers before getting out to the parking lot. I check my bag to make sure I still have my sketchbook and other essentials. My phone dings.
I see a message from Cassian and begin to read it when I hear my name.
Nesta and I stop. I glance over and then frown.
Trudging towards me is Tamlin.
I force down a groan and cross my arms.
“Give us a second Nes.”
She looks at me then him suddenly a tad protective then squeezes my arm and drifts a little ways away.
Tamlin stops in front of me still sweaty as can be,“ Fey…”
“What do you want Tamlin?”
I frown.
“No Tam?”
I glare.
He sighs and runs his hand over his face flicking sweat off his body.
“We need to talk-” he reaches for my arm and I hit it away.
“Don’t. Touch me.”
His eyes grow wide and he opens his mouth, but a velvety voice that isn’t Tamlin’s speaks.
“You should listen to the lady.”
I turn and meet eyes with Rhysand.

Behind Rhysand are Cassian and Azriel. Cassian lifts his eyebrows in question then glances at Tamlin. His eyes go to slits. Everyone knows how Cassian handles people who are a little to rough to others.
Tamlin looks between the three guys and then me confusion then anger mangling its way onto his face, “Feyre I didn’t think of you as the type to let OTHER people fight your battles. Never was you to be honest.” His eyes find their way back to meet mine.
“I didn’t ask them to come Tamlin.” I snarl back then turn to the three of them. “This is a private conversation.”
“Not if you touches you without permission,” Cassian grumbles. “And he was.”
I roll my eyes and bark at them, “I didn’t ask for some brotherly or manly or just any protection in general. This isn’t the 1600’s where women couldn’t fend for themselves.”
Rhys meets my gaze and cocks his head a slow smile spreading across his face. He chuckles softly.
Tamlin tries to speak again.
“Did you get Cass’s text?” Rhys asks.
I blink, confused then glance down at my phone.
~Need to talk~ it read.
I frown then glance up at the three guys standing in front of me.
“Why do you-”
Tamlin grabs my wrist suddenly, pulling me towards him as he calls my name again. My legs fumble in surprise as I turn to snarl at him when I hear the loud clicks of booted heels approaching fast.
We all turn slowly to see Nesta marching her way over. Her golden brown hair sways insanely around her head like a halo, and her eyes are roaring in malice. She’s wearing black today, which only further enhances her scariness and blazing eyes of fury.
“Take your dirty, sweaty ass hands off my sister before I grind your balls into the concrete,” she snarls and throws his hand off my wrist. I stand there stunned then meet the other guys eyes. Rhys and Azriel have their eyebrows raised in surprise while Cassian smirks watching her like a king watches his queen.
“You think you even should have the nerve to speak to Feyre? Buddy you’re so happy and thankful I wasn’t there to throw you out a window and not cut off your sweet, sweet chances at pleasure and reproduction!”
My eyes widen as my mouth slides to the floor. I thank god Elain isn’t here to see this.
“Maybe next time you grow some balls and have the courage to not be a coward and hit a woman then I’ll let you speak to my dear ol’ little sister.”
Nesta straightens and spits at his feet very elegantly if I do say so myself before circling her arm through mine and pulling me away.
I let her drag me before glancing behind and meeting Rhys’s eyes. His eyes are like Elizabeth Taylor’s such a different shade of blue that they actually are violet in certain lights. He snarls something at Tamlin then mumbles something to his friends before they stroll off. Again he meets my eyes but longer than a usually glance would hold.
Butterfly wings brush the insides of my stomach.
I sigh and hurry to keep pace with Nesta.

ACOTAR fan theory


Okay, so I am re-reading ACOTAR (finally reading it to my Fiance) And although we are only halfway through the book there are some things I have noticed that Feyre has commented on about her dreams and thoughts pretty early in the book back when she had just arrived on Tamlin’s estate and it was so hard to keep from squealing aloud in excitement so my Fiance wouldn’t find out what is going on. But basically, look at this shit:

Remember the scene just as Feyre is beginning to get comfortable around Tamlin and Lucien, right after the Bogge incident? Feyre has a nightmare about the Fae Wolf (Andras)  that she killed in the woods. But here, let me pull this part straight out of the Chapter.

Behind me, a shadow lurked – no, watched. I didn’t dare turn to look at it, to see who might be within that shadow, observing, not as the wolf stared at me across the clearing.

Just staring. As if waiting, as if daring me to fire the ash arrow.

Okay. Well. here were my thoughts on this at first: There are two options in my mind. The shadow behind Feyre that she seems to describe as a physical person watching could definitely be multiple things. It could be a metaphor of Andras himself watching. It could be a hint at what happens later in the book, when she finds out that the wolves were intentionally out there looking for a human for Tamlin to find. So, it could have been Tamlin. But let’s look at this part, several chapters later when Feyre has just gotten out of the scene with the Suriel and the Naga.

I jerked awake in the middle of the night, panting. My dreams had been filled with the clicking of the Suriel’s bone-fingers, the grinning naga, and a pale, faceless woman dragging her bloodred nails across my throat, splitting me open bit by bit. She kept asking for my name, but every time I tried to speak, my blood bubbled out of the shallow wounds on my neck, choking me.

Now, I have a very over-active imagination, and this is just me throwing more crazy fan-theories of mine out there, but bear with me for a moment. 

So, in the first scene of Feyre’s dreams, she describes a shadow behind her, watching, that when I read it again to my Fiance, had me thinking it might be Tamlin or a metaphor right? Well, what about in the next dream? She describes a faceless woman asking for her name. 

What if it’s Rhysand? What if, ALL this time, as soon as Feyre entered into Prythian, somehow, he knew all along. Don’t you find it strange that Rhys, who can enter people’s minds and force them to do things, see things, randomly showed up on the night of Calanmai? Like… WHY? Why would he go there and do that? He obviously wasn’t there to relay a message to Tam or Lucien. From the sound of it, he never even ran into them. He also mentions to Feyre upon their meeting that he had an obvious dislike for the Spring court. Why the hell would he go there at all? Yes, there is renewed magic and all that, but he is a High Lord himself. He can do that in his own COURT. Isn’t it weird that he just happens to randomly show and as Feyre’s “Savior” As she calls him, at LEAST TWICE?! And he wasn’t in the crowd. He was in the woods, off to the side, where those three Faeries took her. He had been WATCHING her. Waiting for her. What if it was a set up?

Here is what I think: I think that Rhysand had been monitoring Tamlin. And when he found out that he had brought a human into his manor, Rhys got curious. I think in that first description of the dream, Rhys was somehow able to watch and kind of get an idea of what kind of human Tam was harboring. I then think that he entered her dreams AGAIN right after the incident with the Suriel and the Naga, and tried to get her to tell him her name, of which she somehow didn’t. THEN he showed up on Calanmai, seeing as it is “The one day out of the year where he can roam freely from court to court” JUST to get a first hand glimpse at Feyre. 

I also do not think that the Queen was not involved at ALL. I know that later on, she finds out about Tam’s “weakness” And searches for her, even so far as to cross the wall and take another human girl, but I think that in the beginning, ONLY Rhys knew about her. Why he was so curious, who knows. It could have been for information to give to the Queen, or maybe something deeper, but I do know that Tam was not the only one who saw Feyre as something special.

Last thing here, on the night of Calanmai, Feyre does actually plan on staying inside like she is told to do. She was in her room, watching the fires from her window, curious but willing to stay indoors. She sounded resigned. What then happens? She states that a VOICE in her HEAD told her to get up and GO SEE. Go see. go go go. 

UHM….?!?!?! Yeah. That wasn’t just Feyre’s curiosity. I think that Rhys fucking lured her out there. Either because he was too lazy to go get her at the house, or because he couldn’t physically enter it. DUDE. Rhys has been in the game the entire fucking time, he was just watching from a distance.