Empress Ki ▶ Prime Minister Taltal

His Majesty approves. He wants you to be his regent. It is not my place. It was meant for a man like you. Men like El Temur and Bayan nearly ruined this country. I trust you’ll make the right decision.


I honestly never believed I would ship this but boy, was I wrong. I think I want Taltal and Seung Nyang to have a relationship more than any other ship I’ve shipped in the past.
The amount of chemistry between these two is mind-blowing. It really pales in comparison to her relationships with Wang Yoo and Ta Hwan. And to think they’ve never even been hinted as having feelings for each other! (at least not Seung Nyang -Taltal on the other hand..I felt this scene made it clear that he did in fact have feelings for her, just repressed…like all of his emotions)
And good gravy, Taltal’s tears. He’s cried before but there was something almost special about it now. This scene on the whole was just amazing.


An “In Heaven” scenario that popped into my head. I just always thought a conversation about Seung Nyang between these three would be very intriguing.

Evidently I have problems letting go of this drama.


Oh. My. God.

Again. I mean, the first time - I understand why but if you know Taltal, then you KNOW that he hardly ever shows emotion. The fact that there were TEARS STREAMING DOWN THIS MAN’S FACE because he couldn’t do anything to help Seung Nyang - does this not show that he clearly has feelings for her?! (Might I also mention that he killed his uncle too, just saying) And it sucks that those feelings will most likely go unrequited.
I know I started off this drama feeling bad that Ta Hwan never got any love but it seems I’ll end this drama grousing about poor Taltal here.
Seriously though, my favourite character of Empress Ki is Taltal, hands down. I’m sorry Wang Yoo and Seung Nyang, you were close but nope, it’s Taltal. If I thought this man was attractive before, I think he’s done the impossible and become even more so.
Empress Ki finale

Wang Yoo

Tal Tal!!!

The emperor

It was a hard ending…

I will just think that TalTal escaped alive with no one knowing and met Seung Nyang after the emperor died. He took her with him and run away to live together and have beautiful and smart children…this is my only comfort right now.

Still one of my favorite dramas ever. I will miss them.