Empress Ki ▶ Prime Minister Taltal

His Majesty approves. He wants you to be his regent. It is not my place. It was meant for a man like you. Men like El Temur and Bayan nearly ruined this country. I trust you’ll make the right decision.

yes, it is the best one we could get from the morally upright Tal Tal and the not-so-expressive Seung Nyang … but 
TalNyang shippers let’s celebrate!!! lol expecting for more… kekeke~

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~shammy ( ^////////<)

squeee!!! absolutely priceless!!! 

TalTal seems to be a very discreet guy … but wait … look!!!


oohh now i really believed SN possesses such great power!!! > U <

(making the impossible possible as they say) ~teehee

NOTE: feel free to share this pic but please give credit to empresskifandomfeels.tumblr.com

~shammy O v O


This was beyond amazing. A week ago I would have hated this ending but that last scene showed all the love I wanted to see between those two. The emotions just flew off the screen and I doubt it would have been this beautiful if they were both alive at the end and smiling at each other. The saying you don’t know how much you love someone until you’ve lost them comes to mind. Simply breathtaking!


Without any doubt, it’s an unforgettable historical drama. I sincerely cried a lot to the last episodes when all of them died especially Wang Yu, the Emperor and TalTal, maybe years may pass but I can’t forget this drama….



TalNyang <3 <3 I ship them so much <3 <3 only 2 more episodes .. I will miss TalTal T__T :(

squueee!! THE HIDDEN TRUTH!!!
tsk tsk tsk how could PD-Nim kept this epoch-making info from us!

See?! It’s a two way street! They’re the OTP! lol 
TalNyang Fighting!  

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