An “In Heaven” scenario that popped into my head. I just always thought a conversation about Seung Nyang between these three would be very intriguing.

Evidently I have problems letting go of this drama.

squeee!!! absolutely priceless!!! 

TalTal seems to be a very discreet guy … but wait … look!!!


oohh now i really believed SN possesses such great power!!! > U <

(making the impossible possible as they say) ~teehee

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~shammy O v O


I know Seung Nyang already has her one true love Wang Yoo and smitten soon-to-be husband Ta Hwan but I watched episode 24 and you could almost FEEL that chemistry between Taltal and Seung Nyang. It’s probably just me but Taltal is an intelligent crafty man who’s most likely never met someone like Seung Nyang. She’s smart, cunning, adept to master both female and male skills and well, obviously she’s beautiful. She’s also WELL READ. You can tell Taltal was impressed by that at least. Not to mention, I saw him SMILE for the first time ever in the last 24 episodes after talking to her.

There’s probably never going to be anything there but damn, I kind of wished there could be. That would be one unbeatable couple.


“Even if he’s pricked with a needle, he won’t bleed.”

“He has taught me a lot.”