I got up early this morning and passed some time by crying over mole skulls. I’ve managed to place most of the teeth and my biggest progress is shown in those top three photos - I have a mole skull for my shelf now!

These are quite frankly one of the weirdest skulls I’ve had the (dis)pleasure of owning. Such a tiny, alien head for something I thought was a relatively normal creature.

Le Desman des Pyrénées

Galemys pyrenaicus

Pyrenean desman 

On connaît peu le Rat-trompette, ce petit mammifère subaquatique essentiellement nocturne. Il est présent dans les rivières pyrénéennes du sud-ouest de la France, ainsi qu'au nord-ouest de la péninsule ibérique (Espagne et Portugal)

Sa population est actuellement “quasi menacée” en France : “L'aire de répartition du desman a chuté de 60 % en 20 ans.”

C'est pourquoi un plan de sauvegarde a été mis en place :
Le projet “Life desman” s'inscrit dans le programme européen Life.  "Son objectif est de conserver les populations de Desmans et leur habitat"

About this Desman

source : L'Indépendant (presse régionale)


Sometimes things are as simple as whatever it says on the tin. I had a clear out of my crafting drawer over the weekend and rediscovered a few skulls from last year. I’ve decided that any skulls smaller than a rabbit absolutely terrify me to glue - needless to say these moles went straight back into the (now more organised) drawer.

My backlog of skulls to finish is ever growing. On the small scale, there’s these three moles, two stoats, two squirrels and a weasel who need a final clean and teeth glued in. Perhaps I’ll get it done next weekend. Perhaps everything can just go back in the drawer for another year.

Out of sight, out of mind.