A sweet fuck-ton of owl references.

Before anyone asks, yes, that skeleton at the top belongs to an owl. It’s not a chicken, it’s not a hawk, it’s an owl. Owls are all puff and no bone. That’s why they’re the silent killers of birds. They blend in, swoop without sound… they’re frickin’ ninjas.

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KickThePJ’s Tiny Monster Collection #13

Future Pterodactyl is part of the Lost Creatures race. Its talons are metallic andsturdy, much like the rest of his body. Its all seeing eye looks into the past, the present and the future at the same time, deciding the safest place for it to teleport to, as he is a defensive creature, he won’t attack unless provoked.

Its power, upon gazing into the eye for 10 minutes without blinking is the ability to teleport through time and space, far too dangerous to get into the wrong hands.

Future Pterodactyl is featured in the film PlanetKid which can be watched here!

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Meet the three Barn Owl sisters, in order, Doodlebug, Ruby, and Scarlett!

These lovely birds will be a year old in July, and I remember when they were just fluffy clouds of feather! These girls are so calm and so content around people, Ruby is always prone to falling asleep if you gently pet her head! All three are awesome birds and are always popular with the visitors!

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