Giving Shoes A New Life

Parisian leather care expert Talon Rogue show what a little TLC and elbow grease can do for beat-up, uncared for shoes. Their blog shows hundreds of restorations like these. Shoes coming in looking like garbage, then leaving the shop looking brand new. Imagine how much better these photos would be if Mr. Pierre-Paul-Marie Hofflin didn’t use a camera phone. 

What I like about these photos is that they demonstrate how well-made things can be made to look new again if you know where to send them. Obviously, in Paris, there’s Talon Rogue, but for our readers in the United States, you can try B. Nelson or Cobblestone. You can also search the Shoe Service Institute of America for someone local, or try contacting the original manufacturer. Depending on the maker, they may have the capacity to do a full restoration service, beyond just a standard resoling. 

To prevent your shoes from ever looking this bad, make sure you give them the proper care. Jesse goes through how in our first season's episode on shoes. If you’re too busy (or too lazy) to do things like polish your shoes, I strongly recommend you at least do the bare minimum: Rotate your shoes (that is, wear each pair no more than every other day). Insert cedar shoe trees when your shoes are not in use. Always use a shoe horn when inserting your foot, so that you don’t damage the heel counter. And apply leather lotion every couple of weeks (or just whenever your shoes look dry). Your shoes might not gleam like they would if they had a little polish, but at least they won’t ever look as bad as the neglected pairs you see above. 

*Rogue*, the second book in the *Talon* series by Julie Kagawa is out in stores today also, Bookworms!!

For some reason, I’ve never looked at the end papers in my copy of Talon before, so imagine my utter delight when I opened Rogue, then Talon, and found these awesome end papers!! #latetotheparty. 😆

Now I just need to find time to read both books!! 😊

#juliekagawa #talon #rogue #harlequinteen

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Sleep Sound 3

Synopsis: Pharah and Mercy have trouble sleeping. A series of chance encounters prove that the solution might be each other.

Pairing: Rocket Angel (Fareeha “Pharah” Amari/Angela “Mercy” Ziegler)

Gabriel Reyes, founder of Overwatch; leader of Blackwatch; and now Reaper — a man made of rage and hate, intent on wiping out the remainder of the organization he’d founded. He’d slipped through their fingers again, little more than smoke and a mask. Oxton had clapped a hand to her shoulder and assured her that they’d kept him from taking what he wanted, but, but…

In her mind, there was Youssef Amari, her uncle, patting her head and saying:

“Reyes. He might’ve been your father, little warrior.”

Pharah slammed her fist down on the bedside table hard enough to make the lamp shake, throwing the covers from her body with enough force to send them to the floor.

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((After working out a personal “skin” for Talon all day, I can finally say I’m satisfied with what my brain decided to shit out.

Might end up going with this design more than his original design, we’ll see. I guess I’ll just have to draw this one a bit more to see if it actually works. Soooo that being said I hope none of you mind me trying it out in the next few asks I draw replies for.))

“I probably love you,” she said. I let out a surprised laugh. “Probably?” She laced our fingers together and tugged me toward the shuttle, glancing over her shoulder. “Probably. It’s hard to tell with me, you know?” I laughed again. “I probably love you, too.” Rebel, Amy Tintera 



So there’s this beautiful Y/A book series by Julie Kagawa called The Talon Saga.
I really hate doing book review type things but seriously this series is REALLY good.
I’m really not all that into reading, and it takes some seriously detailed action stuff to get me to focus on a book for more than a week. Suprisingly, this 350~ page book has really snagged my attention and won’t let go.
So, this series follows a girl named Ember, who is emotionally torn between two (really cute!!!) Guys that she met. Yes, the dumb love triangle bit, except one of the boys is a human! A dragon loving a human! Crazy right? Overtop of her love problems, there’s a war that she’s desparatly trying to get out of. The only thing that really kept her involved was her twin brother, Dante ( I don’t really like him, so he doesn’t get a cool description). But when she meets Garret and Riley, and also finds out what her organisation has planned for her, she can’t continue preparing for the war anymore and decides to run away with Riley, getting in more and more trouble, and weaving her way deeper into the war she was trying to outrun!

Aand that’s all I’m gonna say for now :b


(Also I made myself a cute phone background with my favorite line from book 3! It’s free to use, even of you don’t read the series)
Overwatch: Hanzo and McCree

I just want to share that I have this headcanon that I hope happens but I don’t know if the canon lore already goes against it.

Basically going off of the end of the Dragons animated short and the end of McCree’s comic, unless more story has been given since both of those points in time, as it stands McCree and Hanzo are not with Overwatch in the overall story yet (speaking of the story within the comics and the shorts, not the fact that they are in fact in the game, obviously).

In my happy little head space I want to believe that these two actually meet outside of Overwatch, before joining up with the rest of the team. I like to believe it as one of those two strangers in the wrong place at the wrong time and some big shit goes down kind of deal, whether it be Talon or some rogue Omnics or whatever else is wrong in the world, and much like in McCree’s comic it comes down to a “Well, someone should probably step in and stop these assholes… might as well be me.”

I want McCree and Hanzo to just not get along when they first meet, at all. I want their alliance to be built on a “This asshole is capable and not trying to kill me like the rest of these assholes so I should probably watch his back too.” I want McCree’s line of “You’re pretty handy with that bow.” to have originated from these two fighting side by side against some enemies and having no prior knowledge of each others skills leading to McCree being genuinely surprised that Hanzo is, indeed, really handy with that bow coming from a guy who is used to everyone around him using guns. 

I want them to bond over combat, whether it be brothers in arms or some sort of romance I really don’t care, but I want it to be canon so badly that they are “friends” even though Hanzo would probably deny it as I’m sure no matter which way the relationship goes McCree would still annoy the hell out of him.