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Tony stark is A N G R Y at the team for civil war and he goes off on them

“You… You think that I’m just going to let you back in, after all of that?” Steve stared, seemingly in shock. Tony ignored Bucky nodding in the background. “Are you fucking kidding me? You could’ve killed me, Steve. You could’ve killed Spider-Man – he’s a kid, did you know that? You didn’t care, did you. Rhodey almost died. T’Challa could’ve pressed charges against me for the things you guys did. That’s the second and last time Natasha will ever betray me. Clint left his fucking family and blamed it on me – like it’s my fault the stupid ass couldn’t stay in retirement, at least I was here for you and my family.”


“Fucking don’t. I don’t want to hear what you guys have to say. I don’t want to hear about what a bad guy I am. How I locked Wanda up for no reason – how I treated her like a child which is what you were doing as well, for no reason. No, because there wasn’t a vicious crowd of bloodthirsty citizens waiting for her outside the compound. Of course not. I don’t want to hear about how I’m the bad guy anymore. You’re not getting back in my life. You’re lucky you got on my jet.” 

“Stark, what the fuck?”

“What the fuck? What the fuck you. What the fuck were you thinking. You didn’t even read the Accords, no no, don’t deny it, I know you didn’t. You have no idea what they were about. And you blame me. I didn’t fucking write them, did I, hm? One-hundred and SEVEN countries wrote them. And you say I’m not accountable, not a team player – but when I try to be accountable? When I try to be a team player.”


“Fuck off, Romanoff. You clearly made your choice. I don’t need any of you anymore, even if the world does. So just remember – you’re working with Iron Man now. Not Tony Stark. And Iron Man is a lot less forgiving than Tony. Good luck finding jobs and apartments.” 

Tony stalked off, still fuming, his hands clenched. The rogue Avengers stood in shock. Bucky and Sam glanced at each other, and knew, for once, that they were in perfect agreement. 

“He’s right, you know.” 

Chronic Foot Pain- An Overwatch Imagine Series featuring Zenyatta, Hanzo and D.va

Written for the lovely @overwatch-reader-imagines: thank you for all of the work you do for the community!


When Zenyatta noticed that you hadn’t been attending the Friday night parties with the others like you commonly did, he was concerned. It wasn’t like you to miss a party, or an opportunity to see your friends. The caring omnic gently hovered his way into your room, his orbs carefully swirling and glowing around you.

“Greetings, y/n. How is my favorite operative doing today, on this beautiful evening?”

As soon as you turned, Zenyatta knew that something was entirely wrong. After a quick scan, he saw that your feet were wrapped in bandages and covered in chilled rags, and that your bedside table was covered in painkillers. Zenyatta has seen chronic pain before, especially with Commander Morrison’s resurrection aches, but nothing to this level of secrecy.

“Oh my goodness, y/n… I am so very sorry. I didn’t know…” Even a computer could get flustered, apparently.

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How Gabriel Reyes Became King of Memes

Gabriel isn’t sure who started it, but it somehow became the latest trend in the base to try to make him laugh. Now, what’s worse is that someone also spread the rumor (and it’s just a rumor) that the quickest surefire way to do it was through stupid outdated memes.

(or how Gabriel Reyes finds his place in Overwatch once more)

((also on ao3))

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Recruit. A McCree x Male Reader fic.

Hey boys and girls and assorted others, this is another one of those things i wrote in return for something else and RVB x reader will be posted tomorrow! It’s overwatch again, but here it is in case you wanted to read it :D

“Hey, kid, there’s a new recruit partnering with you. Show him where everything is and then fuck off for the day.”

Reyes’s voice floated through the open doorway of the training room, and you wiped the sweat off your brow with your sleeve as you snorted. You started unwrapping your hands, ignoring the tapping foot you could hear from the door, before you froze and turned slowly. Did Reyes say new recruit? Finally, after a long, long year you were no longer the ‘new guy’. Still, you had a mission later today, Reyes knew that!

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Talon Recruitment! Jesse McCree:

Was feeling down and none of the requests really fitted my writing mood right now. Will probably delete this later…


There’s a constant soft buzzing noise in the background of the footage, which only showed a battered, mahogany table with a few knife nicks in it, from somebody digging the sharp object into the wood. There’s a soft scuffle and husky voice calls out, into the chilled room.

“Jesse McCree, please sit down.”

There was a soft jingling of spurs, a soft tongue click and the bounty hunter steps into the scene, dragging the chair out and slumping into it, resting his elbows on the worn table.

Seemingly fresh from an arid wasteland, there’s still speckles of dirt and sand on the gunslinger’s clothes as well as small splashes of blood, that will probably stain the fabric forever, until the shirt is burned. His mechanical arm gleamed dully in the harsh light, a lit cigarillo resting between his rusted fingers, the pinprick of fiery red gazing into the camera. His tangled beard hasn’t been clipped for months, his knotted hair in need of a brush.

Despite the rest of his figure looking worn and patchy, like his serape that hangs snugly around his frame, his eyes still burn with the gleam of a young man, ready to take on the world and still be home in time for Papa’s cooking.

“Mr. McCree, would you kindly take off your hat for this process.” The soft voice asks, a slightly miffed tone interlacing with their voice.

“Not sure I’d like that, ma'am. Scarier men have tried to separate us and I sure as hell ain’t gonna give ya’ll the satisfaction of being the second people to forcibly remove this hat.” Jesse drawls, looking out from underneath the brim of his hat, smirking.

“Take off the damn hat, ingrate.” A hoarser voice comes on, soothingly familiar yet so alien to the cowboy’s ears.

A husky chuckle bubbled up Jesse’s throat, obediently lifting the battered cowboy hat from his head, and setting it down on to the table.

“Anything for you, Jefe.” He hummed, leaning backwards in the chair, boyishly tilting the metal legs so they balanced precariously.

“Mr.McCree, please tell us why you left Overwatch.”

“Gonna simply skip the niceties, then? A'ight.”

Jesse lazily gazed into the camera, lifting his cigarillo to his mouth to lightly chew on the end, before inhaling the fumes in.

“Well, let’s see…

“The easiest way to start… Is with Blackwatch. Was sorta adopted into the cozy, murderous family, y'know, we kill together, we live together, we die together. Sorta like the Deadlock gang, but… With people who were like family. And better meals too. Hell, I remember comin’ in, a lil whelp of a kid, wearing clothes that always seemed too big for me. Ole man Reyes told me to change into something that was my size, but everything was far too big on me. Tell ya what, I thought I had just told him that I liked drownin’ puppies or somethin’, from the look in his eyes. He started making me eat double servings at each meal, even ones that don’t count, like Brunch and Reinhardt’s Sunday Coffe and Cake.”

The gunslinger chuckled softly, looking down at his slightly protruding waistline and playfully poked his stomach.

“Guess all that eating did somethin’, though I doubt Reyes meant me to grow this much.”

The intercom crackled to life, a protesting voice heard in the background.

“Bullshit, ingrate, there’s nothing wrong with your body-”

“Agent Reaper, either quieten down or leave.” The other voice scolded. After an angry silence, the voice returned. “Please continue.”

“Yeah, well, I was close to Commander Gabriel Reyes. He kinda blended into the Pa I never really had. Hell, the whole of Overwatch became family! But, Reyes and me were more close than anyone else in my life-”

There was a soft ‘fwumpf’ and Jesse leaned forward, obviously reading something from afar, eyes squinting. The cowboy suddenly snorted, rolling his eyes.

“I’ll worry about correcting my grammar another times, jefe, bit busy at the moment.”

“Anyway. A few years in, I’m officially adopted into Blackwatch, and more importantly, Reyes. If Gabe was my father figure, hell, then Ana was the mother figure. She taught me Dead-Eye and I’ve never forgotten her for it since.

But, yeah, I’ve learned the ropes, know who to answer to and whatnot. Reyes… Reyes begins to change. He becomes… Paranoid. He’s certain that there are… Terrorist spies in Blackwatch, in Overwatch. He kinda became obsessed. Jack and him start to get a huge crack in their relationship. Jack just didn’t believe him.

"I left Blackwatch… Left Overwatch cuz, like an animal, I sensed that danger was fast approaching. Whether or not there were spies, things in Overwatch were breaking down. Miss Amelie was gone, Ana was left behind, Reinhardt was being forced to retire, Angela… She was changing. Everyone became weary of each other. Tail between my legs, I got outta there.”

The gunslinger mused in silence for a moment, examining a torn patch in his serape.

“You do know now that there were Talon spies planted in Overwatch and Blackwatch, correct?”


“So why are you willing joined us?”

Jesse McCree stubs out the cigarillo on the mahogany table, leaving a scorched mark. His mark.

“Because a lil birdie told me that those infiltrated Talon agents have gone rogue. Fucked Overwatch over and gone. But now, with Overwatch recalled, they’ve slunk back in and are practically running it. Right?”

“Correct.” The voice sounded uncomfortable.

“Well, I ain’t looking to go back to Overwatch. Just looking to put those bastards who took my home away from me down.”

“Anything else?”

“Well… I’ve also missed jefe’s cooking.” Jesse let a boyish smirk take over his face.

There was a few minutes of silence, seeming like hours. Then;

“Welcome, Agent McCree. Satya here will show you to your new quarters. Trim that god forsaken beard, ingrate, then meet me in the mess hall.”

“Glad to be here, Reyes.”

The footage is stopped, then the disk holding the event of the meeting is placed inside a black folder. On the front there is the name “McCree, Jesse” and an image. Trimmed beard, new clothes. Not at all like the man that had put out his cigarillo on the table. Except for the eyes.

Still ready to kick ass and be home in time for Reaper’s cooking.

Sleep Sound 3

Synopsis: Pharah and Mercy have trouble sleeping. A series of chance encounters prove that the solution might be each other.

Pairing: Rocket Angel (Fareeha “Pharah” Amari/Angela “Mercy” Ziegler)

Gabriel Reyes, founder of Overwatch; leader of Blackwatch; and now Reaper — a man made of rage and hate, intent on wiping out the remainder of the organization he’d founded. He’d slipped through their fingers again, little more than smoke and a mask. Oxton had clapped a hand to her shoulder and assured her that they’d kept him from taking what he wanted, but, but…

In her mind, there was Youssef Amari, her uncle, patting her head and saying:

“Reyes. He might’ve been your father, little warrior.”

Pharah slammed her fist down on the bedside table hard enough to make the lamp shake, throwing the covers from her body with enough force to send them to the floor.

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I gender swapped people again because it’s fun. If you want anyone else swapped or whatever, send in a request. :)

(Also, I’m learning how to draw cuts/burns/scars, so please try to be patient as I figure it out, they’re a work in progress, thanks!)

“I probably love you,” she said. I let out a surprised laugh. “Probably?” She laced our fingers together and tugged me toward the shuttle, glancing over her shoulder. “Probably. It’s hard to tell with me, you know?” I laughed again. “I probably love you, too.” Rebel, Amy Tintera 


A masterpost of YA books (and a few crossover MG titles) to be released in April 2015. Check out this month’s new releases below. Feel free to use this as a guide to this month’s releases, but please do not repost it in its entirety elsewhere. If you found this masterpost helpful, a like, reblog, or link back to Paperback’d would be much appreciated! If you know of a YA book to be released this month that isn’t on the list, drop me a message and I’ll update it!

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((After working out a personal “skin” for Talon all day, I can finally say I’m satisfied with what my brain decided to shit out.

Might end up going with this design more than his original design, we’ll see. I guess I’ll just have to draw this one a bit more to see if it actually works. Soooo that being said I hope none of you mind me trying it out in the next few asks I draw replies for.))