talon earring

“Renaissance (Without Catastrophe)”

my grandparents said that there was a sad song lodged in my eyes and i shrugged it off and smiled through my aching teeth, there was no irony in anything just a whole lot of agony

how could anybody manage to laugh, really laugh, in times like these? i guess i’ll never know, but we’re not here to know are we?

(nobody really knows anything, not really…)

last week, a certain day, flashback so fast i get whiplash, i see a skull protruding from your chest, another skull making its way out of your backdoor, one was humming, one was silent

what the hell did any of it mean?

(i just don’t know but i guess this goes back to the point how nobody really knows anything, not really, and i guess that’s okay…)

you knock on my door but i know you won’t wait for me to answer, you’ll just walk right in anyway, and that’s alright so i just stay quiet, waiting for you to stick your talons right into my ears and pull me up beyond the clouds,


to see some funerals for stars whose light still gets caught in our eyes, to see new stars get born out there by the pillars, to see and breathe without catastrophe

(for once)


Practicing drawing my version of Dragonblade Talon so I can memorize the design I gave him in the previous drawing. I guess you could consider this a ref sheet? I dunno, I didn’t change too much stuff, but there are a few differences

Also bonus cat-eared Talon because I’m reliving my days from when he was first released and I drew him with cat ears

Just a Nip

RWBY, Monochrome, ~1.2k words, silly fluff.

When caring for your Blake, try to remember to hide the catnip. Failure to do so may produce interesting results.

Blake coiled her body like a spring,curling her fingers into talons on the floor, ears perked as high as they would reach. She watched her prey with an unyielding golden stare, practically daring a movement to go unnoticed. The space between them narrowed in her mind,reduced to a single, perfect arch that would deliver her to her target. There was a pause, a brief second in which she remained completely and utterly still – no twitch, no breath, not even a thought. And then her hips began to rise into the air as if pulled by some invisible force, and she gave a single, determined wiggle before releasing the tension.

For a moment, her aim was perfect. She flew through the air with fury and grace, lips pulled back over her teeth in a brilliant hunter’s snarl, fingers reaching out to tear her prey to shreds.

And then Weiss made the mistake of moving a little to the left at exactly the wrong instant, causing her teammate to half-crash into her back, nearly knocking both of them off the heiress’s bed and onto the floor.

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vanoodle  asked:

Fenders prompt: Anders keeps teasing Fenris' ears so Fenris takes revenge by teasing Anders' ears. Turns out they're actually more sensitive than Fenris'!

OKAY VAN. YOU GOT YOUR EAR PORN. well not really porn, but a little smutty. and fluffy. You better enjoy it xD

Fenris cursed the day Anders found out that elven ears were quite sensitive when being touched. But Fenris had not been the reason of how the mage had found out. He had been treating Merrill’s wound on her face and accidentally brushed her ear. The reaction must’ve been so good that the first thing Anders did when they were alone was touching his ear with the soft tip of his finger. Fenris remembered how he had shuddered with a small gasp, how this little touch had sent sparks down his spine and almost made him purr. Almost. Fenris would never purr.

Ever since that day Anders had turned into a wicked mage who tried to stroke Fenris’ ears in the most inappropriate situations. Fenris would never forgive him for that one time during wicked grace when he had been so unprepared for the sudden touch, that he moaned in front of anyone. Another time Fenris had been trying to sleep and Anders kept nuzzling his ear until Fenris got so mad that he mounted the mage and fucked him senseless. Anders had been all giddy and grinning…

And even now Anders was touching him. Hawke explained the details of tomorrow’s mission and Fenris couldn’t fucking concentrate. Anders’ finger was there, following the shell of Fenris’ ear until he reached the tip, then he would stroke it a little between his thumb and forefinger. Fenris swallowed. It took every willpower he possessed to not give in, to not bend his head and let him do some more. He had to admit, he was a little used to those attacks by now, which only made Anders try harder.

So Fenris was not surprised when he suddenly felt Anders’ teeth nibbling at the outline of his ear. He still had to press his hand against his own mouth though, claws digging into his cheek. It was a miracle no one had noticed yet and… oh shit. Fenris locked eyes with Isabela who was sitting across the room, not looking at Hawke, but with the widest grin on her face and there was way too much glee in her eyes. Fenris scowled at her and pushed Anders away, but the moment he did it he realised that he shoved him too hard, so in the next moment everyone was staring at them, Hawke frowning, Isabela laughing, and Anders… was on the ground, blinking up at Fenris owlishly.

“I…” Fenris swallowed. “There was a bee.”

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The very first clutch of griffin chicks has hatched! You can bring one of these sweethearts home for $350 USD plus $15 shipping (within the US). Please contact me here (my ask box is always open) or by email at tina@biliousworks.com if interested or have any questions. First-come-first-served, please specify which critter you would like to make your new little pal!

  • Green Chick - (clutch 1, #1)
    This parrot-like chick is the runt of the litter, but his siblings are happy to look out for him. He’s full of curiosity and has a habit of getting into things he shouldn’t.
  • Pink Chick - (clutch 1, #2)
    The iridescent sister is proud of her plumage, and knows very well she can get away with most anything with one look from her big silver eyes. She has a penchant for shiny things and might have a bit of dragon in her, so if anything goes missing, simply check her nest.
  • Blue Chick - (clutch 1, #3)
    This Jay-like chick is the laziest of the bunch, enjoying lounging about and getting tummy rubs. His favorite food is grapes, so beware when you have them around him!

Each original art doll is hand made and one of a kind! These art pieces are meant for display and enjoyment by adult collectors and not intended for children.

Heads and feet are hand cast in urethane plastic then hand painted. Bodies are made of high quality feaux-fur, hand stitched and colored.  Contains a wire armature in the neck, arms and wings for poseability. Wings are made of painted felt. Hind legs are weighted with beans so griffins may stand up on all fours if desired!

Chicks measure 14-15 inches in length from beak to tail tip, about 6-7 inches tall from talon to ear tip.

Please contact me if you have any questions!

anonymous asked:

Okay-I /really/ need a fic where Todd just storms into the Shack totally drunk and has a shouting match with Dipper about Toby. After a couple minutes, Bill comes in and gets involved and just scares him off with demon powers and Toby peeps through the door like 'what was that' and dip and bill are like 'nothing you need to worry about anymore, stardust'.

Oh damn…that’s cute… It was so cute I broke down and wrote it.

With My Life


“You’re cheating…” Dipper decided, staring down at his newly adopted son. Toby Pines only looked up with a smile, cards held haphazardly in his hands. “I don’t know how…but you are…” In answer Toby only laid down his hand, which had four aces and two kings. Dipper sighed and folded, Toby happily taking the pot of candy pieces and starting to munch on them. “Mabel taught you how to play, didn’t she?”

“A-And Grandpa.” Well shit. There was no winning once Mabel and Stan taught the boy their tricks. They were weak, those two. Seeing Toby happily munching on the candy, and being careful of his braces, he decided that they were all weak. Hearing a loud banging knock from the back door as he dealt their new hand Dipper raised an eyebrow.

“It’s almost nine at night…” he mumbled, looking down at his watch. “You stay here Toby, I’ll go check it out.” Toby nodded, watching as Dipper walked around the corner before checking the new hand that had been dealt on Dipper’s side.

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