tally up everyone

The whole Batfamily loves comic con. It’s the best time of the year for them and Bruce takes everyone every year.

They love it because there are so many Batfam cosplayers and they get the biggest kick out of seeing everyone having so much fun. Plus, most of them are total nerds themselves and love getting to go to all the panels.

Every year they have a contest to see which member of the Batfam is cosplayed most. They used to just tally up everyone they saw but after Jason got caught cheating they changed the rules. Now they’re required to present pictures of each cosplayer as proof.

Batman is usually the winner, with Robin as a close second (no one can ever tell ‘which’ Robin anyone is cosplaying so those votes usually go to Damian), and Nightwing coming up in third. But this year, Batgirl turns out to be the winner. There are so many girls cosplaying her it’s crazy. Babs even found a few guys dressed in the Batgirl suit.

They also all cosplay. It’s tradition that everyone has to make his or her own outfit. Alfred started this tradition after refusing to create new one time costumes for everyone just for comic con. This starts another mini competition between all the fam to see who makes the best costume.

They really like to do group costumes, because there are so many of them and they can cosplay large groups easily. They’ve been as the Rouges Gallery, The Justice League (with the rule that Bruce had to pick someone other than Batman) and themselves. When they cosplayed the Batfamily everyone was required to be someone other than themselves.

Some other random Batfam comic con facts include:

Tim nerding out over EVERYTHING. He’s literally a kid in a candy store. He stops at every tech display in the whole place, buys way too much merch, and can usually be seen with some kind of video game themed coffee drink. Tim asking the hard questions at the panels, as well as the ‘but what if someone were to say buy the rights to Firefly…’ kinds of questions

Damian and Dick dragging each other to everything they think is cool, Damian insisting that Dick buy him this great looking tabletop game, Dick insisting Damian try on this hat, Damian really really wanting all the weapons (I don’t care if it’s not real, it would look amazing on my wall Grayson) them trying to find the most embarrassing fan art of the other one (Damian always wins this one), basically Dick and Dami enjoying comic con

Jason finding every Deadpool cosplayer and posing and joking with them. Jason selfie-ing with every grim reaper cosplayer. Jason walking around with a sign that says “But Did You Die?” Jason high fiving every little kid who cosplays either him, Robin, or Arsenal. Jason literally standing up for any of his family members when they get shoved a little too hard or someone tries to cut in line. Jason staying by Cass’s side the whole time because she’s having fun, but a little uncomfortable with the crowds.

Steph and Babs buying all the plush dolls they can. Dick asking only once if maybe they’ve bought enough, and is then handed them all after Babs tells him that they can never have too many, not when he’s helping carry them. Them also always winning the cosplay contests because they’ve got mad sewing skills and are super cute.

Steph and Babs going to every panel, and all the late night events while dragging Tim, Dick, and Jason with them. (Dami and Duke choose to sit a lot of these out and go to game testing or movie showings instead)

Bruce just enjoying himself for once? He buys everyone something, whether they ask for it or not. If they take interest in it he buys it. Bruce also on the lookout for promising new creative types to help fund. This author was super nice, and Damian seemed to like him so sure I’ll buy all your books and give you an endorsement, this is Comic Con where anything is possible.

Bruce also just watching his kids be, kids? And has all these proud dad moments, especially when he sees Damian hitting it off with another kid close to his age, and Dick chatting happily with a Nightwing cosplayer, Jason’s smile is all Bruce could ask for out of the weekend, and the girls enjoying themselves? All wins in his book.

Kagerou Daze Manga - Chapter 44: Yobanashi Deceive IV


Comic GENE 6 issue (read right to left)
Manga by: Satou Mahiro
Original by: Jin (Shizen no Teki-P)
Character Designs by: Shidu, Wannyanpuu 

Disclaimer: Only the scanning of the pages belong to me.

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“From about three years ago…when I died.”

Comments: And we are officially up to date! ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* \(◕ヮ◕✿)/ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ The next chapter will come out in Fall, so expect it to come out in either August or September!

Aaaah, finally the fandom can read/see where the manga is up to with the RAWs at least and can someday be translated (any messages relating to using this will have to wait until Friday when I am back btw), which I am so glad to do because at least I can do this much for the fandom, despite it being so quiet lately…that and I am glad I finished this before my holiday ended, before I have to finish my final semester. If I updated around that time with this much to scan, I would be slow again.

But! Anyway, I was wondering! Are anyone interested in me scanning other comics? I have Kagerou Daze and Nirvana to work on, but don’t mind throwing in one more. So far I have…

  • Forest of Drizzling Rain (Chapter 9 to the final chapter)
  • Mikagura School Suite (Chapter 17 to final chapter)
  • Shuuen no Shiori (Chapter 24 to final chapter)
  • Angel of Slaughter (all chapters to current)
  • Angel of Slaughter shorts (all chapter)

And since I’m away on the cruise trip till Friday, how about everyone decide what they would like through their reblogs? Tag in the manga you want me to scan next and I’ll tally up what everyone wants. Does that sound alright?

Oh, and of course that means Nirvana will have to be updated after I come back. This month’s subscription of Comic Gene is out but it hasn’t arrived yet. Also I’m planning to stream the Mekakucity Actors anime from the DVD I bought. Share some things, I guess.

I’ll make a post on that later, but enough rambling from me (sorry)! Let’s continue to the last current chapter, shall we? 

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