tally art


i had a specific song in mind for this, that i (after melting my brain by painting and rendering shit for 3 years) cannot remember at all lmao

absolutely unrelated to the drawing itself: i did, however, listen to this on repeat for the last 2h of finishing this and the beginning of the song STILL startled me each.fucking.time. (has some sort of build-up that feels more like a build-down, because the rest of the song is more chill, kinda)

also up on twitter c:

dipping my toes into the contributing part of the overwatch fandom, h ello

A birthday gift to myself, promised to get some r76 done until then to justify buying the Reaper Statue 😭

anonymous asked:

Fat isn't healthy, and it shouldn't be normalized. I'm fat and losing weight so that I can be healthier and live a healthier life. Why argue against actual science?

You mean the science that says long-term weight loss is not sustainable?


Or the science that says weight-cycling is so bad for your health that you’re better off not dieting in the first place?


Or the science that says health is a complex concept that is relative to many specific situational factors and that over-focusing on weight as equivalent to health is actually harmful to health?


Or the science that shows estimates of the effect of obesity on public health were greatly inflated?


Or the science that shows body size diversity is completely natural and normal?


 You do not get to project your issues onto others just because you are making a choice for yourself relative to your situation.

You are not morally or otherwise superior to people who do not make the exact same choices you do. 

My life is full of happiness and love and fulfillment, and I am fat.

I hope your pain eases soon, but I will not make your pain my own.


“Mercy for the elves
 who guard their lives with faith
 our hands do weigh them down
 but their kind hearts will forgive the weight” 

@chlove-art Here’s the guest strip as requested!

ID #15016

Name: Alicia
Age: 18
Country: USA

Hi! My name is Alicia and having a pen pal is always something I’ve wanted to try. The idea of having friends all over the world is pretty cool.

I love reading and am currently working my way through Frank Tallis’ Vienna series. My favorite tv shows are Psych, the Office, Parks and Rec, and Bob’s Burgers, and right now I’m super into the new show Midnight, Texas. I love art and science (and listen to like a million podcasts on both those subjects) as well as things like skincare and beauty products. Animals and kids are my passions and I volunteer at hospitals and animal shelters regularly.

Im currently taking a gap year to be a nanny in Portland, Oregon, but plan on getting a doctorate in clinical psychology eventually. I love outdoors, especially the beach, and when I lived in California I went almost every day. I’m very outgoing and am super excited to make new friends!

Preferences: 17+ preferably, and no other preferences. LGBTQ and all race and religions welcome 💕